Cinco de Mayo 2021: Wednesday, May 5 (Fifth of May)


Cinco de Mayo 2021: Date, History, Significance, Meaning, Facts, Theme, Celebration, Party Ideas, Pics, Meme, Wishes & Quotes! Cinco de Mayo which is meant the Fifth of May in Spanish has another name, did you know about this? It is also known as the Battle of Puebla.  It’s an annual celebration in parts of Mexico and the United States which is held to honor the military victory over the French forces of Napoleon III during the year 1862.

Though to most Americans, this day is an excuse to enjoy Tacos, margaritas, and have fun all day night, but this day is related to more than that due to its historical significance. What exactly happened on this day which caused to it becomes an event of celebration. Let’s hop along to find out some more!

History of Cinco de Mayo:

cinco de mayo 2021
Cinco de mayo 2021

After Mexico imposed a temporary moratorium on repaying foreign debts in 1861, the country was occupied by British, Spanish, and French forces. Though the English and Spanish withdrew by April of 1862, the French had other things in mind. They wanted to set up a monarchy under the ruling of Maximilian of Austria and thus become able to curb the power of the US in North America. A poorly armed Mestizo and Zapotec force on 5th May of 1862, went to war under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

They defeated the French troops at the Battle of Puebla, which was on the southeast of Mexico City. Almost one thousand French troops were killed. However the fighting didn’t stop until five years, The Puebla victory became a sign of the Mexican rebellion to foreign control. The city was later renamed as Puebla de Zaragoza, has presently become the site of a battle-devoted museum, and the battlefield itself is preserved as a park.

This day gets celebrated in the state of Puebla and it is done by reenacting the parades, speeches of the battle of 1862. It doesn’t get much notice in most of the rest of the country though. Throughout the mid-20th century in the US, Cinco de Mayo turned into a means to celebrate pride among the Mexican immigrants about their Mexican heritage. Some people confuse Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Independence Day, they are utterly wrong. Independence Day of Mexico falls on 16th September, whereas Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on 5th May.

How to Celebrate Happy Cinco de Mayo 2021?

Here are some ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo-

Learn about Mexico

Now is the time to detoxify the mind junk you have developed over the years due to the negative portrayal of Mexico in Hollywood movies and shows. Learn more about Cinco de Mayo and that way you will be able to increase your appreciation for your neighboring country.

Learn to make Margarita

The cocktail margarita based on tequila is generally associated with Cinco de Mayo. So, it would be a great chance to learn to make Margarita on your own for celebrating the day, don’t you think?

Crank up the Music and Dance your heart away

Music is a great way to celebrate anything. So, play some famous Mexican music and dance by matching the traditional dance style. If you don’t know how to dance in the traditional Mexican dance form, maybe it’s a sign you can master one or two dance forms in this free time. This shall come handy when you want to impress someone later on with your dance moves!

Cook traditional Mexican food

Food is one of the greatest ways to learn about a culture. Make some traditional Mexican food and enjoy it on this day.

cinco de mayo meme 2021
cinco de mayo meme 2021

Why We did Love to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Mexico is and will continue to be our neighbor. Cinco de Mayo presents us with the wonderful opportunity to learn and accept all that Mexico has to offer and make the bond between the countries stronger. Also, it’s a perfect event to try out Mexican food, know about their culture, dance to Mexican songs, or simply enjoy yourself through performing in traditional Mexican dance forms. So, it’s a win-win situation for us all to take part in the celebration and we see no reason to hold on!

Cinco de Mayo Dates:


Date Year


May 5 2020
Wednesday May 5


Thursday May 5



May 5 2023
Sunday May 5


Monday May 5



Let’s make this year’s, Cinco de Mayo celebration as one worth remembering and have fun while it lasts!


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