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Halloween 2020 – Happy Halloween Day: When, Why & How to Celebrate?


Halloween 2020 – Happy Halloween Day: When, Why & How to Celebrate? Halloween is a celebratory day for which both adults and children wait eagerly. It falls on the 31st of October. It’s one of the most macabre celebratory days for obvious reasons. Children’s wear their favorite costume involving horror themes or superhero characters and people decorate their houses in a creepy manner to exert the Halloween flavor.

If you are not seeing houses decorated with fake cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, graffiti or images of witches, ghosts,s or black cats- then probably you live in a sorry or wrong neighborhood- in case you live in the western countries! Due to the distressing events that unfolded, the celebration for this year might be a bit different. But worry not, because we the American’s will celebrate Halloween by keeping its spirit intact on October 31st.

When is Halloween 2020 in the United States?

31st October is the Official celebration date of Happy Halloween Day 2020.

History of Halloween / Halloween Day

The history of Halloween goes back to the time of the Celtic people. For November 1st was considered New Year and it marked the end of the summer season for them. They believed that the dead people’s soul return during this transitional period and thus they did everything within their caliber to keep their dead satisfied through various sorts of rituals and celebratory manners. With time tat celebration turned into the modern-day celebration that we currently witness.

In the US, Halloween became famous during the 19th century through the effort from the European diaspora community that entered the US. In the 20th century, it became a household celebration due to the enthusiasm among kids. Many might wonder why the particular date of 31st October- well, we have mentioned that it was the transition period for the celebration by the Celtics and thus this day is being celebrated from that time.

How to Celebrate Happy Halloween 2020

  1. Bring the Scare On

Halloween is supposed to be bizarre, spooky, and scary, right! So, it is only fair that you make the celebration as scary as possible. Wear the scariest costume you got, arrange scary music in your give and decorate it with a dark theme filled with witches, lanterns and shades that give creepy vibes.

  1. Become the Santa for Halloween

Well, you can entertain children’s trick or treat game by getting lots of candies for them. Chances are both parties that will feel sort of inner satisfaction for different reasons though!

  1. Share on Social Media

Share on social media the ways of your celebratory manner. After all, happiness increases when shared and since Halloween is supposed to be spooky fun, lets share the happiness.

  1. Maintain caution and take tips from the official site

Since there is a pandemic going on, we should maintain cautiousness in our celebratory manner. You can take tips on how to celebrate the day in a safe manner for 2020’s Halloween celebration. After all, life comes first!

Why did we Love to Celebrate Halloween Day?

We love to celebrate the day for various reasons among which some are- it’s fun for everybody. Either you can celebrate the day by actively participating or reminiscing old memories. Halloween brings out a different version of ourselves even for a little while. We don’t see why anybody except for grumpy ones with no life should hate Halloween!


Halloween is supposed to fun, scary, bizarre. So, let’s celebrate it in a manner that serves as a tribute on the coming 31st October 2020.



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