Indianapolis 500 2020 – Sunday, May 24

Indianapolis 500 2020 – Sunday, May 24! Indianapolis 500 Also known as Indy 500. The name itself makes your heart beat fast with anticipation right! After all it’s called “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” for a reason. It is the world’s most iconic automobile race. We are here to give you some vital informational aspects about the racing sports event!

When is Indianapolis 500 2020?

24th May is the official celebration date of Indianapolis 500 2020.

Indianapolis 500

Indianapolis 500 History:

During the year 1909 on the date of 19th August, the first race was held in Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is built on 328 acres of farmland. It is situated in five miles northwest of Indiana. The speedway was an initial business testing project started by local businessmen. The idea was to race different manufactures cars against each other and make profit out of the spectacle. The rectangular 2.5 mile track attached 4 turns, each exactly 440 yards from start to finish, by two long and two short straight sections.

From the year 1911, the Indianapolis 500 has been held every year except for the year of 1917-18 and 1942-1945, as the United States was involved in two world wars during that period. An average crowd of almost 400,000 people attends the most hyped sports events! In 1936, asphalt was used for the first time to cover the rougher parts of the track.

It is held on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The racing fans around the world knows it as the Brickyard. If you want to give it a visit, then go there early. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen while witnessing the motorsports history.

How to celebrate Indianapolis 500 2020?

  1. Watch

Grab lots of popcorns, get comfortable on your couch and join the excitement over TV if you cannot be physically present in the place. I mean why anybody would want to miss out the blood racing spectacle!

  1. Be a part of something amazing at the Brickyard

You don’t have to be an automobile racing fan to have the Indy 500 on your bucket list. Like Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby, it’s kind of a once in a lifetime experience.

Why We Love to Celebrate Indianapolis 500?

Well if you think the name itself isn’t enough to make you interested, then let us give you some reasons regarding why it’s hard to hate the Indianapolis 500! Do you know, a racing legend AL Unser won the race during the year 1987 at the age of 48 and you thought older people can’t win anything? It is a huge event with a sitting capacity of that is more than amazing. You could simply watch people rushing with huge speed and people going bonkers at some of the breathtaking moments during the racing game!


If you don’t have it on your to-do list yet, then write it down this instant. We can guarantee you won’t regret the decision and come back with some great memories!

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