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Every year on September 21, the International Day of Peace otherwise known as World Peace Day is observed with the goal of advancing the values of peace inside and across countries and citizens. The International Day of Peace serves as a motivating reflection of what we might accomplish as a community in an era where conflict and violence frequently dominate our media stories. How about we give it a chance, shall we?

What is the International Day of Peace?

The United Nations General Assembly launched the International Day of Peace during the date September 21, 1981. Its goal of it is to “give an internationally recognized day for all of mankind to pledge to peace at the top of our priority or consideration list and to help create a peaceful culture.

The theme varies for every event. Taking the years 2020 and 2021 as examples, the themes respectively were “Shaping Peace Together” and “Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World.” The theme of the 2023 International Day of Peace is “End Racism. Build Peace.”

When Is International Day of Peace 2023?

The world finds itself celebrating the date of September 21 as the International Day of Peace.

International Day of Peace 2023
International Day of Peace 2023

The International Day of Peace 2023 Theme

“End racism. Build peace” is the theme for the International Day of Peace in 2023. On this, individuals are urged to support the UN’s initiatives to eradicate racism and racial prejudice from the world. a society where compassion and kindness prevail over prejudice and hostility. A  world in which we may actually take pride.

In order to promote peace, each of us must play a part. And one important way to participate is to combat racism. We may fight to undermine the institutionalized racism in our society. All across the world, we may help initiatives for human rights and fairness. We have the power to condemn hateful rhetoric, either online or offline. Education alongside reparatory justice for past wrongs are two major ways, we will be able to march forward by hailing the flag of anti-racism.

History Of International Day of Peace

The 3rd Tuesday in September was designated as International Day of Peace by the United Nations General Assembly around the year of 1981. The first day of the General Assembly’s yearly sessions fell on this day. Strengthening the values of peaceful coexistence was, and continues to be the day’s principal goal. In 2001, the assembly shifted the date to be celebrated on September 21 every year, 20 years after establishing this day of observation.

Thus, starting in 2002, September 21 is observed as both a day for reflection on how to advance and uphold harmony across all peoples and a 24-hour phase of worldwide nonviolence for armed groups engaged in ongoing hostilities. There is hope for peace. Several societies have experienced periods of calm across history. Compared to our ancestors or grandparents, we are significantly less inclined to perish in a heated battle. Life is more enjoyable in a peaceful society, and nowadays, we turn toward those who have worked to maintain that peace to discover what we may all can do separately and collectively to contribute to peaceful coexistence.

 FAQs About International Day of Peace

  • When Was the First Peace Day Celebrated?

The first International Day of Peace was celebrated in 1989.

  • What is the symbol of International Peace Day?

The dove is a symbol often associated with the International Day of Peace.

  • Why is International Day of Peace celebrated?

We commemorate to honor people who have worked and are still working hard to bring a halt to hostilities and foster peace.

  • Who Created the International Day of Peace?

The International Day of Peace was established by the UN to raise awareness and spread the peace principles.

  • How Do We Celebrate Peace Day?

Whatever you want to do to celebrate, just make sure it’s peaceful! It is a good idea to observe the daily minute of silence at noon, which sends a “peace wave” throughout the world.

  • What Can Youth Do to Get Involved in The International Day of Peace?

According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), youths are crucial in raising awareness, encouraging a sustainable way of life, leading educational initiatives, assisting renewable energy sources, protecting the environment, carrying out adaptation and mitigation projects, and embracing eco-friendly lifestyles.

  • What Are the Hashtags to Celebrate International Day of Peace?

You can use the following hashtags on your social media feeds to spread the vibe or peace and become an ambassador of peace- #DayofPeace, #InternationalDayofPeace.

How To Celebrate International Day of Peace 2023?

  1. Participate in the worldwide “Minute of Silence”

The Minute of Silence was first used in 1984 by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Pathways to Peace. This period of stillness at noon in each time zone generates a “Peace Wave” around the globe. Participants in this cooperative and useful act of promoting peace are individual people, groups, neighborhoods, and countries.

  1. Hold a feast for world peace.

A “global” potluck can bring more people together via asking your pals and neighbors to serve a distinctive cuisine from many nations or cultures. One of the oldest and most powerful strategies to promote harmony in your life is to share a meal together. Conversations amongst people of different faiths and cultures can enliven the evening.

  1. Plant a Tree

Since the establishment of Peace Day, millions of trees have been planted for peace. Trees provide more than simply symbolic purposes for peace; they also serve a practical purpose. The destruction of our environment is the root cause of so much strife. A crucial component of sustainable growth is personal security and social cohesiveness.

  1. Watch PeaceCast.

You can stream PeaceCast TV to view free, live-streaming Peace Day programs online for the full 48 hours. PeaceCast is a fun method to interact with the international community and the principles of peace without getting up from your computer. It is a gathering of individuals, places, and art works from all around the globe.

  1. Start Harboring Peace Everywhere

Start building peace in your home with your family. Instill in your children important peace-promoting ideas including dispute settlement, nonviolent communication, consensus-building, and the decision to use non-violence.

  1. Spread the word

Call your neighborhood newspaper, radio station, TV station, or any other media outlet you can think of to raise awareness of Peace Day. Social media posting can be a great way to join the movement. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #PeaceDay.

Why International Day of Peace Is Important

All across the globe, individuals and countries deal with issues like healthcare, education, and poverty. The International Day of Peace serves as a reminder that despite our differences in origin and tongue, we are more similar than we are unlike. We could become mired in the routine of work and family life. However, it can be beneficial to occasionally consider how societies as a whole need to step outside of their comfort zones.

If we try to understand another person’s viewpoint or, to perceive differently, to “walk a mile in their shoes,” we can find the ground to give peace its due chance to tread. Every one of us may help create a culture of peace around the globe by praying, advocating, educating, and honoring others. Imagine the effects on the world if every one of us took one modest step toward peace even once a week!

International Day of Peace Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, Memes, Gif, Greetings, Sayings, Status, Captions 2023

-On International Day of Peace, let us reach out to all corners of the world that have been struck by violence.

-Let the ideals of peace reign supreme in the world on the International Day of Peace.

-We should abandon all the thoughts of violence on International Day of Peace.

-On the International Day of Peace, we should participate in all kinds of efforts to maintain peace and stability in this world.

-On International Day of Peace, let us fight against all the forces that are trying to disrupt the peace of this world.

-On International Day of Peace, let us reach out to all those people who have lost their dear ones to violence.

-Let us all pray for the peace and prosperity of this world on the International Day of Peace.

-Let us stop spreading violence and focus on spreading love in this word. Happy International Day of Peace.

-Let each one of us become the ambassadors of peace on International Day of Peace.

-Forgive all your enemies and abandon all thoughts of revenge on International Day of Peace.

-Let us remember the fact that in order to have justice and equality in a society we need to have peace. Happy International Day of Peace.

-Peace and stability is an absolute prerequisite for the overall development of any country. Happy International Day of Peace.

-Let us seek inspiration from the twin principles of truth and non-violence on the International Day of Peace.

-A generous person who is compassionate towards the feelings of others can be a symbol of peace in this world. Happy International Day of Peace.

-On International Day of Peace, we should try to seek motivation from the works and ideas of famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

-Let us forget all our differences based on religion, caste, and gender on International Day of Peace and work together to create a better tomorrow.

1. A smile marks the starting of peace….. Keep smiling and keep spreading peace around!!!

2. Peace cannot be kept forcefully….. All you need is understanding to keep up peace.

3. If you want to bring peace with your enemy then you must work with him because then your enemy becomes your partner.

4. There is no point talking about peace and we must come in the action mode to bring some peace in this world.

5. You can be happy but not satisfied if you don’t have peace in your life….. It is more important that happiness!!!!

World Peace Day Messages

6. On the occasion of World Peace Day, I wish that there is just peace and happiness in this world so that we have a better and happier place to live in…… Wishing you a Happy International Peace Day.

7. International Peace Day reminds us that no matter how busy we are but we must always do our little bit to bring peace in our lives and lives of those around us….. Best wishes on International Peace Day to you!!!

8. You can have a better life if you have peace in your life….. So on the occasion of International Peace Day, I am sending my best wishes to you and hoping that there is peace in the world we live.

9. Life is not just about living, it is about living peacefully and happily….. Let us take an oath on International Peace Day to contribute in our own ways towards a peaceful world…. Best wishes to you!!!

10. International Peace Day is a celebration of efforts and motivation to hearts to restore the peace and happiness in this world…. Sending my best wishes on this wonderful occasion!!!

Peace Day Quotes in English

“Peace is not just the relationship between town nations but it is also the mindset.”

“Peace is what we all are striving for…. Peace is what we all long for.”

Peace Day Poster Messages

“Peace is most precious and it doesn’t come easy.”

“Peace for the world is the dream for all of us.”

Celebration Dates of International Day of Peace

Year Date Day
2022 September 21 Wednesday
2023 September 21 Thursday
2024 September 21 Saturday
2025 September 21 Sunday
2026 September 21 Monday

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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