International Yoga Day – June 21 Happy International Day of Yoga 2020: Theme, History, Significance, Facts, Celebration Ideas, Wishes & Quotes


International Yoga Day – June 21 Happy International Day of Yoga 2020: Theme, History, Significance, Facts, Celebration Ideas, Wishes & Quotes! International Yoga Day, the celebration of which falls on 21 June, celebrates the minds and spiritual excellence that yoga has brought to the world at large. Yoga is a great way to let go of the earthly tension, worries, anxiety, depression, and various other problems if it can be practiced in a genuine and effective manner.

International Yoga Day – June 21 Happy International Day of Yoga 2020 Theme, History, Significance, Facts, Celebration Ideas, Wishes & Quotes

While many who don’t practice it perceives it as another fraud scheme to manipulate people but in truth, it does have many benefits and legit grounds for claiming so. Millions of people worldwide practice it and International Yoga Day is the establishment that aims on keeping the momentum going and make more people interested to join in on the functions of yoga. The day aims to increase the level of awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.

International Day of Yoga History:

Many people around the world simply bring out their yoga mats and don’t delay much to start their daily practice dose. Though many of these practitioners might not be aware that the celebration of yoga goes a long way back.

The origin of yoga is traced or thought to be about 5000 years ago in India. The assumption goes that it was invented as the pathway for enlightenment by synchronizing the body, mind, and soul to perform as a singular unit. With time it evolved and got popularity in the west.

It was India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi who initially suggested the concept of International Yoga Day on the date of September 27, 2014, during his speech at the UN General Assembly, in which India’s Ambassador Asoke Kumar Mukerji submitted a proposal for the celebration of June 21 as International Yoga Day. The June 21 date was selected because it is the Summer Solstice when the sun’s light lingers on earth much longer than any other day. Overall, 177 nations have supported it and what is even more interesting is that it got the largest amount of co-sponsors for any UN resolution, professing June 21 as the International Yoga Day.

During the year 2015, on the date of 15th June, on the first celebration of International Yoga Day, India’s Prime Minister Modi along with various other political figures worldwide went through a performance of 21 yoga postures which lasted for 35 minutes.

The theme for International Yoga Day 2020:

“Yoga for Health-Yoga at Home” is the ongoing theme for the celebration of International Yoga Day 2020. While social distancing measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic have closed down numerous studios that taught and practiced yoga, practitioners have turned to home as an alternative for practicing their favorite exercise and gathering various online resources, according to the United Nations. The theme emphasizes that yoga is a vital instrument for dealing with the aftermath of uncertainty, isolation and helps us to maintain the wellbeing of our body.

How to Celebrate the International Yoga Day 2020?

Choose a natural place for Yoga practice

Many people like to practice in an outdoor environment which is not too noisy or crowded for obvious reasons. The places vary starting from the beach, local park, the backyard of one’s own home, local yoga studio etc. Choose any place which makes you feel calm.

Om it away

You can also take this day as a chance to try to create your own flow of moves and find new music combinations along the way. A shift in the rhythm or music will also help you to center your attention and properly synchronize your breathing to musical changes. Let all the things that hold you back vanish with the air you let out.

Inspire others to join the bandwagon

Friends are a great way for the sustenance of enthusiasm in any activity. So, bring a friend onboard with you and have fun while indulging yourselves in the practice of yoga.

Share on social media

You can also become a self-recruited advocate for Yoga on social media platforms by putting the hashtag of #InternationalYogaDay on your social media accounts and inspire others to join the herd.

Why did We love to celebrate the International Day of Yoga?

All you need to do is Google on the benefits of yoga and you will literally be amazed to know the endless benefits it provides. So, we don’t think we need to provide much reason here.


Let’s make a vow to ourselves to never stop practicing yoga on the coming International Yoga Day and work diligently to keep our promise.


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