International Youth Day 2023 – Saturday, August 12

International Youth Day 2023 – Saturday, August 12! On August 12, International Youth Day concentrates on the difficulties that certain younger folks face around the world. Half of the children aged six to thirteen lack basic math and reading skills, and childhood poverty remains a global issue. The United Nations established International Youth Day to raise awareness about these problems as we look for answers to problems. It’s a time for introspection, but it is also a day for the initiative, so get engaged.

Lots of concerts, seminars, and cultural events occur on this celebratory occasion, so check out what’s going on in your neighborhood. It is an initiative that recognizes the characteristics of young people while also honoring the difficulties that today’s emerging youth face. To aid in the eradication of these problems, it is critical that youth have access to appropriate resources for schooling, well-being, medicine, and other needs.

A scholar is a platform that has consolidated scholarships from all over the world in order to assist the world’s youth. The United Nations established International Youth Day in 2000 to recognize the contributions of young people to education, community building, environmental groups, and voluntary work for multiple social projects. The date of International Youth Day 2023 is set for August 12.

When Is International Youth Day 2023?

Nobody can remain carefree all throughout their life and youthful days do not last forever. Regrettably, countless youngsters around the world face challenges and have restricted access to resources that could assist them to build a better future. On August 12, International Youth Day, these issues are highlighted.

International Youth Day 2023
International Youth Day 2023

History Of International Youth Day

The United Nations General Assembly started making a coordinated effort to have an influence on young people in 1965. They supported the Statement on Promoting the Ideals of Peace, Mutual Respect, and Inter-Peace among Youth. By identifying emerging leaders and providing them with resources to address global needs, they started dedicating time and resources to empowering the youth. On December 17, 1999, the UN General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, and International Youth Day was formed.

It was first celebrated on August 12, 2000, and ever since the day has been used to educate society. Engage young people in politics and oversee resource allocation to deal with current affairs. The day frequently includes important events. International Youth Day 2021’s previous year’s theme was “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health,”

International Youth Day 2023 Theme

The theme of International Youth Day 2023 is “Green Skills For Youth: Towards A Sustainable World”

International Youth Day 2022 Theme – “Intergenerational Solidarity: creating a world for all ages”.

The goal is to get the word out that all generations must take action in order to fulfill Agenda 2030’s 17 SDGs and ensure that no one is left behind. The celebration will occur in the form of a podcast-style discussion led by young people for young folks, in addition to autonomously organized events held all over the world to emphasize the importance of young people’s involvement in political, financial, and social lives and mechanisms.

How To Celebrate International Youth Day 2023?

  1. Participate in International Youth Day activities

Participate in a Global Youth Day. Young people’s accomplishments are displayed in parades, sports competitions, music events, and mobile expositions. Their talent will both motivate you and keep you amused.

  1. Be of assistance

Education is the best gift we can give children. Investigate mentoring initiatives to learn what you can pass on to the following generation. Programs for big brothers and big sisters, music, helping with speech therapy, and more are available.

  1. Have a conversation between the generations.

Participate in and convene a roundtable discussion with adults and youth. This can happen between students and teachers or between parents and kids. Prepare discussion topics centered on the year’s theme while paying close attention to what the youth of today has to tell.

  1. Watch a movie about youth issues.

It doesn’t have to be tedious to learn about the problems today’s youth are dealing with! The struggles faced by today’s teens and children have been depicted in a wide range of movies and television shows. Numerous movies have been released to raise awareness of and foster empathy for the young people of today, whether they are focused on racial prejudice, economic hardship, feelings of hopelessness, abusive behavior, suicidal behavior, bullying, drug use, overweight, or a variety of other issues.

To learn more, think about watching one of these: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, All the Bright Places, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Spectacular Now, American History, Dazed and Confused, Trainspotting, We Need to Talk About Kevin, etc.

  1. “Info points” should be made.

establishing a youth-related information point in a town or village center, or in a high school or university. As a result, people would become more sympathetic and involved in efforts to collectively improve the lives of young people.

  1. Put together an exhibition.

Obtain permission before using a public space for a cultural exhibition that highlights contemporary youth challenges or their contributions to development. To increase awareness of issues affecting young people, try to engage young folks in the fields of culture, the arts, and music.

Why We Love International Youth Day

International Youth Day does more for young people than just giving them encouragement. It also outlines a prioritized list for concentrating on making real advancements in children’s lives. The UN set fifteen priorities, among them lowering HIV/AIDS cases, battling childhood hunger, and expanding educational opportunities. Many kids miss out on a healthy breakfast that would help them concentrate better in class or go to bed hungry every night. Only in the United States, do 13.1 million children experience food insecurity, which prevents them and their families from having sufficient access to wholesome food to live healthy lives. Children all over the world experience similar difficulties, and a lot of them may become caught in a poverty cycle that is challenging to escape as they mature into adults. We can collaborate more quickly to help solve these problems the more informed we seem to be of them.

The list of achievable goals from International Youth Day inspires others to consider concrete actions they can take to significantly improve the lives of children. The UN has recently placed a strong emphasis on cutting emissions, utilizing local goods and services responsibly so that they’ll be around for the next generation, and making sure as many communities as conceivable have resources available to them. It serves as motivation for all of us to consider effective measures we can adopt to make these lofty, but achievable, objectives a reality.

Happy International Youth Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, Memes, Gif, Captions 2023

1). Everything has a beautiful ending….. If it is not beautiful then it is not the ending….. So keep working hard until you experience a beautiful ending…. Wishing you a very Happy International Youth Day.

2). Youth is energetic, hopeful, fearless, smart, and determined…. Youth is the future of a country…. Youth is making the impossible possible…. Celebrate this amazing phase on International Youth Day.

3). Youth symbolizes high energy, positivity, and spirit to make things happen. Wishing you a very Happy International Youth Day…. May you are blessed with all of these!!!

4). Life starts when you start believing in yourself…. So before anything else, start believing in yourself and the world will believe you….. Warm wishes on International Youth Day.

5). Let us cheer to the cheerful years, times to create beautiful memories in life, and times to do chase the unattainable…. Sending lots of wishes on International Youth Day to you.

6). The future of the country is in the hands of the youth. On International Youth Day, sending warm wishes to you because you are the hope for the generations to come. All the best!!!

7). The energy and talent of the youth of our country is unmatched. We all are hopeful that with your efforts, you are going to lead our nation to new heights. Happy International Youth Day.

8). The youth are the young guns of the country who are going to bring the new change to lead a new transformed life for better. Warm wishes to you on International Youth Day!!

9). The attitude and approach of the youth of the nation is the reflection of the future. So always be positive in life and live it with happiness and hope. Wishing you a very Happy International Youth Day.

10). On the occasion of International Youth Day, promise yourself to become a responsible youth…. to work for the development and brighter future of the country. May you always shine bright!!

Celebration Dates of International Youth Day

Year Date Day
2022 August 12 Friday
2023 August 12 Saturday
2024 August 12 Monday
2025 August 12 Tuesday
2026 August 12 Wednesday

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy, and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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