Happy Labor Day Memes, Funny Images, Quotes & Captions 2023

Happy Labor Day Memes, Funny Images & Quotes 2023! Happy Labor Day memes has become a popular way to celebrate and commemorate Labor Day, which is a holiday dedicated to honoring the contributions and achievements of workers and the labor movement. Memes are a popular form of content on social media platforms. Sharing Labor Day memes is a fun and engaging way to connect with friends and followers and spread the message of Labor Day.

Happy Labor Day Memes, Funny Images, Quotes & Captions 2023

Happy Labor Day Memes 2023
Happy Labor Day Memes 2023
Labor Day Memes 2023
Labor Day Memes 2023
Happy Labor Day 2023 Memes Funny
Happy Labor Day 2023 Memes Funny
Happy Labor Day Meme 2023
Happy Labor Day Meme 2023
Labor Day Meme 2023
Labor Day Meme 2023
Labor Day Meme Funny 2023
Labor Day Meme Funny 2023
Happy Labor Day Quotes 2023
Happy Labor Day Quotes 2023

Funny Labor Day Jokes & Quotes

Labor Day celebrates the contribution of workers to our economy. We celebrate it by not working.

My wife came home from work yesterday and was raging about her boss. She said to me, “I’m never going to work for that man again!”.

I asked her, “Why, what did he say to you?”

She said, “You’re fired.”

“If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end… it would probably be Labor Day Weekend.” ~ Doug Larson

I’m going to spend Labor Day putting my liver to work.

If a train station is where the train stops, and a bus station is where the bus stops, what is a work station?

If today is Labor Day, how many babies were born?

“Labor Day is a glorious holiday because your child will be going back to school the next day. It would have been called Independence Day, but that name was already taken.” ~ Bill Dodds

Did you hear about the Labor Day joke? It doesn’t work for me.

The best way to celebrate Labor Day is by filing for unemployment.

In the week before Labor Day, Eli, a dirt-poor country farmer won the Lottery – half a million dollars.  So to celebrate, he treated his wife and their four kids to a trip to see the Labor Day parade in New York.

He booked them rooms in the Sheraton International at the corner of Park Circle and Central Park North.  They’d never been to anywhere like New York before, in fact they’d never traveled further afield than their local town, so when they got there they were completely bowled over by all the glitz, glamor and excitement of the “Big Apple”.

Eli and his son Clem were particularly mesmerized by a shiny box with silver walls in the hotel reception. They’d never before come across doors that could move apart, and then automatically close again, as neither had seen an elevator before.  So they were totally amazed when a little old lady entered the shiny box and the doors closed on her. The lights on the wall by the doors flashed for a minute or so, then the doors opened and out stepped a beautiful young woman.

Eli turned to Clem and said, “Son, go get your mother.”

Can you still “work it” on Labor Day?

My boss made me go into the office on Labor Day. Halfway through the day, he came in to check up on me and caught me having a beer.

He said to me, “You can’t drink while you’re working.”

I said, “Oh, don’t worry – I’m not working.”

I said to my son, “Do you know, most people don’t have to work today, because it’s Labor Day?”

He replied, “If people aren’t working, shouldn’t it be called “No-Labor Day?”

I wish I made enough money from my labor to be able to afford a Labor Day vacation.

Happy Labor Day! Oh wait… we live on a farm. Never mind!

The Labor Day holiday means I get my unemployment check a day late.

This Labor Day let’s salute American corporations for keeping the Chinese gainfully employed.

This Labor Day, take comfort in the knowledge that the pressure to have fun this summer is finally off.

If all wealth is gained through labor, why is it that the wealthy never have to do any?

I wish Labor Day was 9 months after spring break.

I had a terrible Labor Day weekend.

My wife was in a horrible car crash and lost her left leg and left arm.

She’s all right now.


Happy Labor Day Wishes & Messages Funny

Happy Labour Day! I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend. Thanks for all your hard work and let’s take some time to rest and recharge!

Don’t forget to get out of work a little early on Friday. You’ve earned it! Happy labours day!

You would never understand how it feels when you haven’t worked a day in your life. Happy Labour Day!

This is the first labour day we’re spending apart. Hope we don’t end up becoming a statistic on this day. Enjoy!

You either do or you don’t. You’re either lazy or a workaholic. I’m necessarily both. Take care! Celebrate Labour Day in style!

Labour isn’t something we should celebrate when it’s easy, but when it’s hard! But when your work is over today you better have some fun to make up for it!

Happy Labour Day! The day we remember those who have fought and died for our right to party on Labour Day.

May your labour be light, and your work enjoyable. But most importantly, may your paycheque cover all of your bills at the end of the month. Happy Labour Day!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Make it count by really getting on with what you want to do.

The work we do is valuable but so inessential. Today, we celebrate the inessential! Happy Labour Day!

You can lead the greatest team in the world, but you cannot get them to do any work when it is sunny outside. Happy Workers Day!

May your muscles ache and your back feels stiff, and most importantly may you enjoy every moment of it. Happy labours day!

The worst day of working at my desk is better than the best day at someone else’s beach.

Hope you have a Labour Day that’s as enjoyable and lazy as possible!

Happy Labour Day! I hope you get to celebrate by doing as little work as possible!

May your hammerers be heavy and your nails strong. Happy labours day!

Happy Labor Day 2023 Funny Messages

1. You are the one who works with utmost hard work and passion and therefore, I wish you a very relaxed and Happy Labour Day…. May you enjoy this day without having to think about work and enjoy best of celebrations.

2. Today on this day, I pay tribute to all those who struggle at office on each and every day…. And wish a very Happy Labour Day to those who enjoy their work and do it with the best of dedication and enthusiasm.

3. If you are the one following the policy of early to bed and early to rise then you are definitely an unskilled labour…. So work hard and get up late when you are tired and enjoy the wonderful occasion of Labour Day.

4. Congratulations on Labour Day to you….. You are truly a hard working soul who is also an inspiration to many people….. May you have a relaxed and carefree Labour Day full of celebrations.

5. Labour Day is all about letting your body and mind relax as you don’t have to work but it is also a day when you have to put your liver to work because it is one hell of a day to celebrate with everyone…. Happy Labour Day to you.

Happy Labour Day Funny Quotes

6. Labour Day is a celebration of the hard work done by all our workers and we celebrate this special by doing nothing…. Happy Labour Day.

7. The day when all the cars in USA are placed back to back then it is a sign that today is Labour Day…. Wishing you a wonderful holiday!!!

8. The place where bus stops is called bus station….. The place where train stops is called train station….. Wondering what is the logic behind calling place of work a work station!!

9. Some people choose to celebrate Labour Day by putting their liver to work….. Happy Labour Day!!!

10. I pray to God to give me work till my life ends and give me life till my work ends…. Best wishes on Labour Day.

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