National Lineman Appreciation Day 2020 – Saturday, April 18


National Lineman Appreciation Day 2020 – Saturday, April 18! The 18th Aril of each year is a special day for the Americans. Since this is the day when National Lineman Appreciation Day is held and celebrated in the US. Lineman is someone who installs and maintains the electrical energy, telephone, or telegraph lines. It’s a tough and dangerous job. They do the honorable job of keeping current flowing to homes and businesses.

National Lineman Appreciation Day

Their round the clock workflow keeps the power to flow in our households. National Lineman Appreciation Day gives us the unique opportunity to express our utmost appreciation to those honorable linemen or woman who work the hardest, brings innovation and dedication to their work field. Let’s dive into the later part of the article to find out more about those brave and honorable men and women who put their lives at danger for keeping power flowing throughout the diverse neighborhood in the United States.

History of National Lineman Appreciation Day 2020

The initiation of the National Lineman Appreciation Day happened on 10th April of 2013 in the US. The occupation of Lineman got started by the spreading of the telegraph during 1840. Ezra Cornell was the first lineman in the US. He built the Morse Telegraph line and later founded the Cornell University. There is over 115000 lineman in the US who works diligently and puts their life in danger to make sure that the power line is active so that light is never far away.

How to Celebrate National Lineman Appreciation Day 2020?

Well, you don’t need to know a lineman to appreciate them. You can simply give a shout out to a lineman online on this day or show your gratitude and bring attention to the celebration of this noble people on the social media sites with the #NationalLinemanAppreciationDay or #thankalineman. Next is, You can also reach out to NGOs who work for the betterment of injured lineman. You can also do your research on the day and bring out heroic attempts of our lineman across the country and put them on the spotlight they deserve to be in.

Why We love to celebrate the Lineman Appreciation Day?

The very fact that we can write this article and you can read it without interruption or lack of light has been possible due to effort put in by our lineman. They have built the above and underground grid which helps to maintain power over the country. Whenever nature gets furious, the lineman bears the wrath since they have to build up the power supply all over again. They have to sacrifice family time for us and that is too in a hazardous time. So, we don’t see any reason not to celebrate the awesome occasion which helps us to show our gratitude to the valiant heroes that are lineman.


So, make sure that you don’t forget to show some love and appreciation for the people who are always on the watch for us. May our lineman live long among us and we can show them the appreciation they very much deserve on 18th April each year.


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