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Marine Corps Birthday 2020 – Tuesday, November 10


Marine Corps Birthday 2020 – When, Why & How to Celebrate? The United States Marine Corps, which is considered an integral part of the United States Armed Forces has its birthday observed on the 10th of November. The day has its origin in the year 1921. The US government wanted to show its gratitude and token of honor through the establishment on 10th November on that very year. The Marine Corps has played a significant part in US history for a long time since then. Marine Corps Birthday is a reflector in honor of everything that the force stands for and continues to do for the US.

History of the Marine Corps Birthday

This year the Marine Corps would celebrate its 245 birthday. So, it is only sane to assume that it has a long and rich history. The revolutionary war of October 1775 has a connection to the origin of the birthday of the Marine Corps. Back at that time, the Continental Congress reared a scheme to use Marines for obstructing the ammunition shipment by Britain. This particular scheme along with a November resolution was the founding pillar behind the formation of the Modern Day US Marine Corps that we observe today.

The plan to annex Nova Scotia by attacking it through the usage of US Marine never saw fruition but it makes one wonder how long the force was kept going then? The answer lies in the context. The force was neglected so much and the lack of legislation made it border in the range of extinction in the year 1785. Later in 1794, the US Marine Corps was reborn like a phoenix when Congress issued the first legislation emphasizing the need for a Navy and Marine Force.

The Birthday of the US Marine Corps saw the light in 1921, on behalf of Major General John Lejeune. On his order during 10th November’s 1775- the US Marine Corps Birthday was recognized and initiated.

How to Celebrate the US Marine Corps Birthday 2020?

  1. Spend Time with Your Marine Acquaintances

If you happen to have a Marine family member, relative, or friend- then the US Marine Corps Birthday is the perfect scope for you to reach out to them. You can express your gratitude toward them and be a good listener to their experiences.

  1. Make a visit to the Marine Corps War Memorial

You can take this day as a chance tk visit the Marine Corps War Memorial and gain some historical perspectives as well.

  1. Spend Time with Fellow Marines

If you are a marine whether be it in the present or previously, you can take this day as a way of spending time with fellow marines and have some quality time together- doing the things you guys love to do.

Why we did Love to celebrate the US Marine Corps Birthday?

The Marines are loyal, fierce, and unstoppable on the battlefield. They have a rich history of contributing to the country. So, we love a day which helps us celebrate their contribution.


US Marine Corps Birthday is a day that exists for the purpose of paying homage to the rich history, tradition, and heritage that the force possesses. So, let’s make sure that we do that on the coming 10th of November.



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