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Martin Luther King Jr Day 2021 – When, Why & How to Celebrate?


Martin Luther King Jr Day 2021 – Monday, January 20!  The Martin Luther King Jr Day is also called MLK Day, King Day, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Martin Luther King, A name which reflects the love for all kind of people. A name that influences and motivates us to stay against racism. Today we see the USA as a country where all kinds of people are equally treated. But once that was not very normal.

Black people used to be considered as a minority and they were not treated as human beings. That unethical practice was changed because of one single human being and he is non-other than Martin Luther King. He is someone who helps people to fight for own wright. So to show respect to his work, January 20 is celebrated as Martin Luther King’s, Jr. Day.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day History:

The day was firstly introduced by the labor union of the USA as part of contract negotiation. They wanted a national holiday on this day. So a bill was introduced in Congress to make Luther King’s birthday as a national holiday. That was not easy to make it a national holiday as some people stayed against the decision. But as this person is someone special so this day was announced as a national holiday all around the nation.

How to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2021?

If you love Martin Luther King then you should do something different on this day. As it’s a national holiday you get a huge amount of time to so. Let’s discuss what you can do on this special day-

  1. Read Martin Luther King’s History: He was a complete human being. If you can study his whole life, then you will learn how to live for others. You will learn how to do something for people. So you can do some research on the internet. You will find a lot of blogs on the internet that will help you to know more about Martin Luther King. You can also watch some videos which are made on this special person.
  2. Do something for the black community: It is said that, black people are getting the same rights but still you can do something on this day for them. Martin spent his entire life for this community, you can at least spend one day, can’t you?
  3. Talk about racism: Yes, you can have a conversation with each other about racism. You can talk that, how cheap it is to be a racist. On this special day find out people who use to do a study on this issue, start a conversation about it. You will know a lot.

Why we Celebrate Martin Luther King’s Jr. Day?

The reason is pretty simple. This individual spent his whole life fighting against racism. So let’s find out the reasons why we celebrate this day-

  • He worked for the right of the black community: As we said, he always worked so that black people can get their full rights. Because of him, they are getting equal rights. As he ensured a huge amount of people’s wright we should celebrate this day.
  • He is an inspiring character: He is such an inspiring character, isn’t he? Martin Luther King showed us how to raise a voice against injustice. He fought against the powerhouse of the USA and brought the wrights. From his life history, we get inspiration.

Conclusion: Martin Luther King’s, Jr. is like a book full of knowledge. If we want to know the ultimate meaning of life then we should respect him and try to uphold the facts which he established by his hard work.



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