Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 – When & How to celebrate Moon Festival 2020

Mid-Autumn Festival / Moon Festival 2020! The Mid-Autumn festival is a celebratory day for many East Asian Countries, in which people use an excuse to worship the moon for the blessings it provides and also to spend time with family. So the next time someone tries to become a smarty pant and ask you questions like- what has three names and celebrates the moon, simply show your best smug smile to them and reply that it is a Chinese festival revolving the moon!

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival also is known as the mooncake festival or moon festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. It is when families in china gather around to taste and express gratitude for the autumn harvests, lighten up all the lanterns at their disposal, and worship & admire what is believed to be the fullest moon of the year.

The celebratory day is not limited to China though many east Asian country like Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea etc. also celebrates the day in their own fashion. Though in China the celebratory day is the second most significant day after Chinese New Year. This year the celebratory day falls on October 1st.

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We have gathered a brief overview of the interesting celebratory day!

History or Legend Behind the Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival

There is a widely famous legend associated with the celebratory festival. Legend has it a hero bearing the name Hou Yi shot down 9 of the 10 suns which were making the earth burn due to their compounded overheating! This incredible feat. Earned Hou Yi a reward from the Goddess of the heavens. She gave him an elixir that had the potential to take him to the throne of heaven and make himself a God. However, to protect the elixir from an evil man, wife of Hou Yi, Chang’e drank the elixir and flew to the moon with a rabbit afterwards. From then onwards, the shocked and broken Hou Yi, used to place his wife’s favourite food on a table on the day of the fullest moon waiting with the hopeful wish of seeing his wife return to him.

The moon worshipping festival can be traced back to 3000 years ago during Zhou dynasty, however, during the Song Dynasty it was officially selected as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the date was decided to be fixed on the 15th Day of 8th Lunar March.

How the Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival is celebrated?

If you want to celebrate the Moon Festival, you can take cues from the mentioned activities-

  1. Visit China to participate in person:

You can simply visit China if you love travelling or in need of a break. If you can be physically present during the festival, you can relate with the essence and nuances of the festival in a more jovial and heartfelt way.

  1. Have a break, have a moon cake:

Well, we got cheeky there, did you see!

You can take this day as a chance to taste the infamous Chinese mooncake which they make in order to celebrate the day. You can prepare such cakes and enjoy with family and friends or can simply buy some from stores where it’s available in your neighbourhood.

  1. Arrange House Party with the moon being the theme:

You can simply cash on the idea of celebrating the day by sky gazing at the moon with family and friends and enjoy delicious delicacies, as a way of celebrating the day.

Why We Love the Mid Autumn Festival:

Hello, did you check the word festival? If you still don’t get it, ok its a day based on moon-gazing  and you can enjoy with family and friends and the festival encourages expressing gratitude. So, what’s not to like, mate!


Well, what are you waiting for. Start making preparation to make the festival the most happening one for you this year and enjoy like your death is near!

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