Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023 – Friday, May 12

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023 Date, History, Significance, Celebration Ideas, Theme, Facts, Quotes & Wishes! Being the wife of Military personnel is not an easy job when you belong to a country like the US. The Friday which precedes Mother’s Day in the US is known and celebrated as Military Spouse Appreciation Day. This day is a wonderful scope to acknowledge the contribution of the significant others of Military Personnel. They are the ones who hold down the fort at home like a strong commander while their partners are busy saving the country from potential enemies. This year the celebration of the day falls on the 12th of May.

When is National Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023 USA?

Friday, May 12 is the official celebration date of Happy National Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023 in the United States (US).

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023
Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023

History of Military Spouse Appreciation Day:

It was President Reagan who realized the importance of creating a day for celebrating the spouses of military personnel of the country, during the year 1984, he established the Military Spouse Appreciation Day to acknowledge the contribution, dedication, sacrifice, and emotional support spouses of military personnel provide.

Reagan felt the need to create awareness regarding the amount of spousal commitment it takes for the wives of military personnel to possess which helps the military personnel to make it through some of the most awful times in their lives. Not just that it’s a day that also works as a reminder of the immense amount of love these couples have for each other to make their mutual commitment to each other work.

The celebratory day was first got held on 23rd May of 1984. Since then the celebratory day was standardized to be celebrated on the Friday just before Mother’s Day. However, it wasn’t until the year 1999, that Military Appreciation Day belonged to National Military Appreciation Month by making it an integral part of the celebratory month.

How to Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration of this year’s national military spouse appreciation day will be a bit different than usual. Military Spouses are being invited to join in a virtual town hall gathering which is supposed to begin at 3 pm on the 8th of May. This is getting done to discuss the challenges, as well as the experiences of military spouses, are going through due to the pandemic, and find ways to support them as well.

Generally, the celebration of the day gets started with a ceremonial speech either by the President or the first lady herself. Loneliness can be a terrible thing spouses of military personnel goes through due to the continuous movement they have to do for the sake of their husband’s profession. So, taking the initiative as a neighbor to get to know each other by going to the spouse and inviting them for a movie night, spa day or simple coffee or beer is a good way to celebrate the day. It’s a genuine win-win situation for both involved parties.

This way they can know that their struggles are seen, appreciated, and honored for the sacrifices they have to make. There are many local events and ceremonies done to celebrate the day. You can also participate in them to show your appreciation or just to find out what is it all about. You can also donate in the fund created for the welfare of military personnel’s spouses as a way of paying your homage.

Why did we love to Celebrate Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

We always get to hear or see the sacrifices our military personnel make for the safety and well-being of our lives. The spouses of these personnel spend their time constantly fearing, praying, or calmly waiting like a true stoics for the safe return of their partner. If the partner gets killed in the war, they are the ones left alone to find ways to go on living despite the hollowness or hardships they might come across.

Spouses are the most integral part of the life of military personnel. They help the soldiers to remain focused on their mission and provide immense support once they return from performing their duty. The unshakeable courage and strength of the soldiers originate from the strength of their families who gets taken care of by their loving spouses. Spouses are the backbones that are vital to the strength, resilience, readiness, and commitment soldiers bring in their work field or battlefield depending on the situation. So, this is the perfect day to show that sacrifice and strength are appreciated and honored.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Sayings, Memes, Images, Status, Captions 2023

Happy military spouse appreciation day. I hope your soldier returns home safe and sound.

You’re the best military spouse. We appreciate your ability to hope and your uniqueness. Today take our heartfelt gratitude.

It’s a tough job to be a military spouse. Your man is blessed to have such a strong woman by his side! I appreciate everything you did for his family.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023
Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023

No one can comprehend the struggle a military spouse have to make. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all of the brave souls!

You’re half of my soul and always will be. Thanks a lot for managing home and kids so well.

Military spouses are braver and bolder, more resilient than we think. Salute to them, salute to their sacrifices!

It’s the hardest thing to say goodbye and leave half of my heart to you. Take care.

Military spouses are the best example that love knows no distance. Best wishes on Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Not everything will stay in our life except our love that will not change ever. Stay strong.

Distance is just a trial to see how strong the love is. Hold on to your memories. better days are coming.

I will never abandon us. God knows my love for you. It stays here in my heart and will always remain. Happy military spouse appreciation day to my love.

Even in the storm, they don’t let the winds blow them away. They adjust their sails. Indeed military spouses are the strongest!

Distance implies so little when you love someone the most. I hope you will meet your love soon. Thanks for your sacrifices and patience.

They only know how to get a strong cause; that’s their only option. A big salute to all the Military spouses.

Appreciation Messages for Wife From Husband

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I will be eternally grateful for having a wife like you who is taking care of our families while I can focus solely on fighting as a military officer.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day, my love. When I think of you, I gain greater determination and strength to fight because I want to ensure that you are always safe and protected.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Wives are soldiers in the same manner that we are. Your unwavering devotion at home is what keeps me going here on the battlefield.

I admire how, even when you’re worried, you find encouraging words to tell me to keep fighting for our country. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day, my wife.

Life in the military would be even more difficult if I didn’t have such a loving and supportive wife at home. You are everything to me. Thank you for everything.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! You are my inspiration to fight in battles and wars.

Without your support, I wouldn’t be able to come this far. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day, my love.

Appreciation Messages To a Military Wife

You are braver than you believe. And way more strong than you think. A big salute to you.

You deserve the appreciation. Salute to the fact of how you serve our nation! Thank you for serving the home front.

It isn’t easy to say goodbye to your man, knowing he might not be in a safe place. You are indeed the strongest. Best wishes on Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

You are a strong woman, maybe stronger than a man. Salute to you for your own battle that you fight every day.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day reminds the strength and patience a soldier’s wife holds inside of herself. Happy Military Appreciation Day!

Only a military spouse knows the depth of love even in the hour of separation. Best Wishes on Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Happy Spouse Appreciation Day! May you get all the courage and strength to keep moving on like a brave soul.

You’re also our unsung hero. You work a little bit hard and love a little bit stronger. Salute to your sacrifices!

A military wife’s life is all about worrying about her husband when he is apart from her. Military spouses are the strongest!

Military Spouse Appreciation Quotes for Husband

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to the most supportive husband in the entire world.

Patriotism isn’t a rush of emotions. But the tranquility and the steady dedication of a lifetime. And I am proud of you for dedicating your life to our country.

You’re my adoration, defender, hero, protector, and perfect one and only.

Wishing my man a happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day. When I think how fortunate I am to be married to such a valiant and selfless man, my pride in our marriage grows.

Most people look up to their heroes, and I got mine. I love you!

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day, my love. May you continue to win battles as you have in the past.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to the man who makes me feel protected while I protect the country.

Thoughts of you heal me in times I want to give up. Wishing you a happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day, my dear husband.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day. You are the man of my dreams. You are my pride and joy.

It amazes me how even being a military officer myself, I feel safest when I am with you. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! If I could fight the country on your behalf so you could be safe at home, I would.

Best 7 Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2023 Quotes:

“Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation” — Kahlil Gibran

“A thing is mighty big when time and distance cannot shrink it.” — Zora Neale Hurston

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” — A. A. Milne

“Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars.” — Gilbert Parker

“Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” — Adlai Stevenson

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” — Elizabeth Edwards

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength. Loving someone deeply gives you courage.” — Lao Tzu

What is the celebration date of National Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

Year Date Day
2022 May 6 Friday
2023 May 12 Friday
2024 May 10 Friday
2025 May 9 Friday
2026 May 8 Friday

Only by recognizing each other struggles and being there for each other is the only way we can make the world a better place. It’s high time came together to show our support for these lion-hearted people who go through so much.

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy, and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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