National Avocado Day 2021 – Saturday, July 31 (Happy Avocado Day)


National Avocado Day 2021 – Saturday, July 31! Avocado is great food with much versatility. They have diverse values to both inside and outside of the body. Each year on the 31st of July, National Avocado Day is celebrated.

The creamy, vitamin-rich food with amazing deliciousness comes at a relatively cheaper price than and is a win-win situation for the body all the way. It’s a unique food with many health benefits. Some people confuse avocado as a vegetable but in truth, avocado is a fruit. Bear along with us if you want to know more about the food and the day!

When is National Avocado Day 2021?

Saturday, 31st July is the official celebration date of Happy National Avocado Day 2021.

National Avocado Day 2021

History of the National Avocado Day:

The exact date and person responsible for initiating the day as a celebration matter hasn’t been found. The relevancy of history doesn’t matter much to be honest in our opinion.

How to Celebrate National Avocado Day 2021?

You can apply some of the mentioned activities here to celebrate the day. Well, first of all, you can start by getting creative with guacamole in your kitchen. You can various types of mixer foods including avocado in them. Don’t worry about getting fat, since avocados contain healthy fats. Bananas when mixed with cocoa powder with the mash-up of avocado will become chocolate pudding. You can also prepare salad through it.

Avocados can also be turned into make-over material. Banana, avocado and olive oil blended together will form into amazing hair conditioning. Not just that, when you blend avocado with yogurt, oil from olive and honey, you will get the much needed facial mask you have been seeking. So, without further ado treat yourself with these self-made makeover materials containing avocado in them on the upcoming national avocado day.

You can also take this day as an opportunity to grow avocados by yourself and also do much more research about the health benefits of avocados and how they can be used for versatile purposes. Then share your knowledge with your friends, family and social media sites as good knowledge should be spread.

If you don’t know how to grow avocados in your front lawn, take suggestions from someone who already has done it. If you don’t have such a person in your life, then become a trendsetter and do it all by yourself by researching online. Try out a different avocado menu on this day and make a vow to include avocado in your everyday food menu since this fruit contains too many benefits to be left behind.

Why did we love to celebrate National Avocado Day?

Avocados make you healthy, look good and they are incredibly beneficial with much versatility. So, there is no reason for us to hate the day or question the reasoning behind the existence of such a day.

Conclusion: So, take out that avocado, shop or grow them on this day and enjoy the healthy perks of it.


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