National Black Cat Day – Tuesday, October 27, 2020


National Black Cat Day 2020 – Tuesday, October 27! The National Black Cat Day- though weird may it sound, but exists in reality for sure. The history behind the birth of this day stands for a noble cause as well. National Black Cat Day usually comes round on the 27th of October each year. Black cats are a bit in need of image makeover since they have earned a bad reputation due to the superstitious portrayal of many people.

Many people consider black cats as the instrument of the devil or witches and bring bad luck to people who pets them. Following the precedence of Halloween, National Black Cat Day is a momentous day for feline lovers to remove the illogical and false allegation that has been attached to the image of the iconic animal that is black cats.

We have gathered a brief illustration regarding how the day came to be, how it is celebrated and cues for celebration, why we love the day in a manner that shall satisfy the curious bug in you!

The history behind National Black Cat Day:

National Black Cat Day 2020

The organization named Cats Protection is responsible for the creation of National Black Cats Day. The origin of this day dates back to 27th October 2011 and since then the day has been celebrated on this particular day. The organization found that the black cats and black-white striped cats had to face discrimination in the adoption process. Black cats are adopted almost one week after in comparison to other colored cats.

What is even more saddening is that not only they face a lower adoption rate but also have a higher rate of being euthanized. Harbingers of doom, evil agents of witches- these sorts of negative connotations are the reason behind them facing harsh illogical consequences. So, National Black Cat Day is the perfect scope for an image-makeover for cat lovers around the world.

How to Celebrate National Black Cat Day 2020?

  1. Put your black cat on a pedestal

If you are a black cat owner, this is the perfect day to utilize and remove the negative perception people possess in their minds regarding black cats. You can show off your black by especially highlighting the color of its fur with the hashtag of the name of the day and put it in your social media accounts.

  1. Watch something based on Black Cats

If you are the person who hate this sort of cat for their colour, well maybe on this day you should watch something based on black cat- whether be it movie, series or documentary etc.

  1. Adopt a Black Cat

If you love felines and don’t have any allergy due associated with cats, maybe it’s about time you adopt a black cat and shower it with the sort of love and belonging it deserves. You can also keep advocating the people around you to adopt black cats and illuminate them with your Knowledge if they seem to harbor any superstitions toward them.

Why did we Love to Celebrate Happy National Black Cat Day?

We love to celebrate the day because it has been created with a noble intention and we should all be responsible to illuminate people who harbor negative perception towards black cats and this day celebrated that fact.


Every sort of animal has a right to love, live and belong. On the upcoming National Black Cats Day let’s ensure that we can do something similar for our black feline friends.


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