National Black Cat Day 2020 – Tuesday, October 27


National Black Cat Day 2020 – Tuesday, October 27! You would agree to the fact that lack cats looks elegant and exert sort of an Amazonian jaguar vibe, wouldn’t you? However, this beautiful feline kind is often faced with a lack of adoption rate. Black cats faces sort of image problem in many people’s mind around the world as many people think that black cats are an omen of bad luck. Some would even go one step further with the sort of thinking where they believe this creature are witches themselves with the ability to shape-shift.

So, there is a day specially reserved to flip the negative perception people might possess regarding black cats and increase their adaptation and caring rate. Due to their negative perception, people are least likely to adopt them. So, on the coming October 27th be a little more appreciative of lack felines, adopt them if you are a cat lover and participate in changing people’s perception towards this unique cat kind. If you already possess one, shower them with love and care.

When is National Black Cat Day 2020?

27th October is the official celebration date of Happy National Black Cat Day 2020.

National Black Cat Day 2020

History of National Black Cat Day

In the year of 2011, a charity organization in the UK known as “Cats Protection” founded the National Black Cat Day to help to celebrate the uniqueness of black cats as well to raise awareness among pet lovers to increase adoption of the black cats as they are not adopted as much as they should be. It has been found statistically found that lack cats have to wait longer than seven days for adoption in comparison to other cats with different colors.

It’s not a bad situation for lack of cats in every part of the world though since in countries like Great retain and Japan, black cats are considered as ringers of good luck. But the rest of the world likes to adopt the notion where black cats are associated with evil, witch or ringer of bad luck. So, it’s no wonder that a day like this would get invented to protect the species from going extinct!

How to Celebrate National Black Cat Day 2020?

On this day you can celebrate in many ways. First of all, if you don’t have a black cat, you can adopt one. If you happen to possess one, show it off on social media sites with the #NAtionaBlackCatDay. You can also choose to watch a TV show, movie or documentary with lack of cats in it and your feline companion would surely like it. Don’t forget to show some extra care or love to your feline buddy!

Why we did love to Celebrate National Black Cat Day 2020:

Why should a particular color be neglect? We are not in the Stone Age and if people happen to have a misconception, then we the people should work towards removing that misconception as well. So, we love national black cat day as it stands for a just cause.


Congrats in advance for celebrating as we believe if you happen to have shown curiosity y reading this article, then you would surely take participation in the upcoming National Black Cat Day.


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