National Black Dog Day 2023: How to celebrate?

Happy National Black Dog Day 2023 – Sunday, October 1! Are you aware that due to their color, black dogs are much less prone to get adopted from shelters? This problem continues irrespective of the breed, temperament, size, age, or other characteristics of a specific dog, and it leads to a large number of good dogs rarely discovering their permanent homes. Look at that image. Say it out loud: “Awwwww!” Who could not like that cute black dog? However, there are still a few people who erroneously think that black dogs are cursed and signifiers of bad fortune.

Every year on October 1, National Black Dog Day strives to change that. We adore black canines! When you’re out having fun in the warm sun, their gleaming coats seem like satin. Sadly, too many black dogs linger in shelters since prospective owners are reluctant to take them home. Offer black dogs the affection they need today!

When is National Black Dog Day 2023 USA?

Sunday, October 1 is the official celebration date of Happy National Black Dog Day 2023 in the United States (US).

National Black Dog Day 2023
National Black Dog Day 2023

Brief Illustration of National Black Dog Day

National Black Dog Day: Overview

Name of Day National Black Dog Day
Created By Colleen Paige
Observed On 1st October.
Significance To adopt Black Dog and remove the stigma.
Celebration Location The USA.

History of National Black Dog Day

Colleen Paige invented Black Dog Day who happens to be a pet lifestyle expert and animal rights activist. This day was first observed in 2013 when Colleen Paige visited an animal shelter to adopt a companion dog and was overcome with emotion when she saw a severely damaged black dog pleading for assistance with wistful eyes. The dog was severely hurt, weighed just 28 pounds instead of her regular 60 pounds, and was practically a carcass wrapped in fur. The dog’s state made it obvious that her prior owner had brutally battered the poor creature until he suffered such serious wounds.

Colleen was informed by the animal shelter personnel that “because nobody likes a black dog, we ought to not worry regarding the dog’s welfare”. Colleen Paige first learned about the deplorable stigmatization to black dogs at that time. “Sailor” was the dog’s new name after Colleen accepted her. She attended to each of her requirements and gave her the finest treatment possible, including the best meals, living conditions, and medical care. It required the sailor a year to move beyond her tragic background.

Unfortunately, Sailor lost her battle with liver cancer on October 1st, 2014, at the age of 14. In order to raise awareness of the suffering of black dogs worldwide, urge individuals to take in black dogs, and honor Sailor’s memory, Colleen Paige created Black Dog Day, which is observed on October 1.

FAQS About National Black Dog Day

  • When Is National Black Dog Day?

National Black Dog Day, observed annually on October 1, raises awareness of the need to make black shelter dogs more visible. Colleen Paige, a renowned pet lifestyle specialist, founded this pet holiday around 2012. The holiday is also known as World Black Dog Day.

  • On What Day Is National Black Dog Day Celebrated?

One day in October is designated as National Black Dog Day. Today is all about showing love to our favorite black-furred canine.

  • Who Founded National Black Dog Day?

The day was created by author Colleen Paige, who is also the founder of National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day, and National Cat Day.

  • Where is National Black Dog Day?

National Black Dog Day is celebrated in the USA.

  • What is the Hashtag for National Black Dog Day?

Use the hashtag #NationalBlackDogDay, when posting to social media.

  • What is Black Dog Syndrome?

Black Dog Syndrome is the term used to describe the difficulty Black Dogs have in finding homes. Though black cats are more frequently believed to bring ill luck, it appears that black dogs are also susceptible to this superstition. If you attach the perception that dark-colored dogs are frequently depicted unfavorably in literature and film—just think of the terrifying black hounds in Harry Potter or The Hounds of the Baskervilles—and it becomes clear why certain folks might unconsciously hesitate to acquire a dog of a dark hue.

How to Celebrate National Black Dog Day 2023?

  1. Obtain a black dog.

The good news is that there are several black dogs available at a shelter close by. The unfortunate thing is that fewer black dogs are adopted as a result of the infamous “Black Dog Syndrome,” a phenomenon that is frequently unconscious.

  1. Inform Others as Well 

Lots of folks out there might be looking to adopt a dog.  Inform people about the condition of these gorgeous black dogs so that they will be more motivated to adopt one.

  1. Volunteer at a Local Shelter

Take considerable time with the dogs at the animal shelter in your area if acquiring a dog is not a possibility. Inform the staff if you’d like to spend a little time strolling or interacting with the black dogs they are presently caring for. Although if you are unable to bring them back home with you, you may still make their day wonderful! There may be additional ways in which you may assist.

Taking quality images is crucial because prospective adopters are more likely to disregard black dogs in internet listings. Propose to take high-quality pictures of the shelter’s residents who are darker in color for use in internet posts if you have a nice camera and strong photography abilities. For their photograph, black dogs should wear colorful handkerchiefs or collars to highlight their stunning coloring. Locating a dog, a loving home often benefits from making the effort to gather pictures demonstrating their personality.

  1. Presently, Help A Black Dog Live.

When visiting animal shelters, some people ignore black canines in favor of those with paler coats. Accordingly, black canines are more prone to be euthanized. This frequently occurs as a result of people’s unfavorable perceptions of black dogs of all breeds.

  1. Consider Donating

The majority of shelters and rescue groups depend on contributions to stay operational. Donate cash or dog food to your neighborhood shelter, or look for a group that specializes in placing black dogs with loving families. Your donation will be utilized to support needy dogs in either case and will be much acknowledged.

  1. Describe Some Positive Aspects Regarding Black Dogs.

If you’d prefer to take a more upbeat tack, think about revealing some amazing truth surrounding black canines and the justifications as to why every animal lover ought to acquire one. And if you currently own a black dog or have lived with one, you probably have a ton of anecdotes about why they form such wonderful companions.

Why We Love National Black Dog Day

They’ve been bred for thousands of years to love and to serve us. That’s why they quiver with excitement when they see their human buddies heading their way. We love dogs of all colors. Black, tan, white, patched, brindled, marbled. But there’s something special — classic, even — about a jet-black pooch that sets them apart from the pack. Black dogs are often the least-adoptable pets in shelters, simply because of their color. This is sometimes, but not always, the result of superstition. Some people think black means bad or evil, so they opt to adopt an animal with a lighter-colored coat.

National Black Dog Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, Memes, Gif, Greetings, Sayings, Status, Captions 2023

On the occasion of National Black Dog Day, we must come together and celebrate this day by adopting a black dog and giving him a home. Warm wishes to all.

Wishing everyone on National Black Dog Day. They wear a shiny black skin and they are as adorable as any other dog. Let us love them and take them home.

We must spread a positive message on the occasion of National Black Dog Day and encourage people to love black dogs just the way they love other dogs.

Warm greetings on National Black Dog Day to everyone. Let us adopt a black dog on this day and take good care of him to make this day a memorable one.

There are so many black dogs that are waiting to get adopted and today is the day to go ahead. Warm wishes on National Black Dog Day.

– Go on, adopt that cute black puppy who has been looking at in all these times. A very happy Black dog day to you and your dog.

– Happy black dog day to you, and I hope you will celebrate the day by spreading the positive message of the day.

– A dog is a man’s best friend. This black dog day, adopt a dog, and make sure to take proper care of it. Happy black dog day.

– All my good wishes and love to you and your dog on this National black dog day. I’m sure you’ll  have a great day ahead.

– Many many happy greetings on this wonderful day for you and your little black friend. A very happy National Black Day. I hope your dog will bring all kinds of happiness to you and your family.

-To all my friends who own a black dog, make sure you take care of them like your own family. Have a great day ahead.

– Sending lots of warm and happy wishes on this day. Shower all your love and care for your cute friend. I wish you a very happy National Black Dog Day.

– Many lovely wishes for you and the one with the black fur on this very special day of National Black Dog day. Love your dog and make him feel special.

-Your dog deserves all kind of love and affection in this world, regardless of skin color. Have a great day ahead.

Black Dog Day Messages:

– On this black dog day, spread the positive message of adopting dogs irrespective of their colors. I hope you’ll spend a great day ahead with you dog.

– In our busy lives, we often ignore our pets and do not pay enough attention to them. On this black dog day, let us all promise ourselves to take care of them in a better way.

– Often, darker shade dogs are ignored and do not get adopted because of their color. This black dog day, make people aware of adopting dogs irrespective of their color.

– Skin color means nothing and hence on this national black dog day, let us all spread this important message and let us help all the darker shade dogs get adopted—cheers to this significant day.

– This day, give us this message that black dogs are not less than any other dog. They are beautiful in their elegant way. We should give them all our love, care, and support.

– National Black Dog day is a way to encourage everyone to adopt and take care of black dogs, as in many cases, they are not chosen for their skin color. It would help if you avoided this practice.

– A black dog is equally faithful and robust as a white dog or a dog of any other color. There is not a single reason to hate them.

Happy National Black Dog Day Quotes 2023
Happy National Black Dog Day Quotes 2023

Happy National Black Dog Day Quotes 2023

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” ― Groucho Marx

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” ― Mark Twain

Dogs are usually loved more than wives, as dogs bark only on strangers. ― (V. Gavelya)

Dogs talk, but only with those who can listen. ― (Orhan Pamuk)

If people have naivety to believe in God, then dogs have naivety to believe in man. ― (Eric Emmanuel Schmitt)

“No one appreciates the very special genius of your voice communication as a result of the dog can.” – Saint Christopher E. W. Morley

“Scratch a dog and you’ll understand a permanent job.” – Franklin P. Jones

“A dog is that the sole factor on earth that loves you over you’re keen on yourself.” – Josh Billings

“No matter however you’re feeling, a bit dog gonna love you.” – Waka Flocka Flame

“There is not any religion that has ne’er nevertheless been broken, except that of a very devoted dog” – Konrad Lorenz

Celebration Dates of National Black Dog Day

Year Date Day
2022 October 1 Saturday
2023 October 1 Sunday
2024 October 1 Tuesday
2025 October 1 Wednesday
2026 October 1 Thursday

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