National Boyfriend Day 2020: When & How to Celebrate National BF Day?


National Boyfriend Day 2020! Just like there is a National Girlfriend Day, there is also a day for boyfriends as well. Though the date differs from each other. While the National Girlfriend Day falls on August 1st each year, National Boyfriend Day falls on 3rd October each year. This is a day girlfriends try to make the day special for their boyfriends. They try to make them feel pampered, loved, appreciated, valued, respected- in short, make them realize their importance in life to their better half or partner in crime. If you would live to find out some more, stick with us as we ride!

National Boyfriend Day

History of National Boyfriend Day

Our research was unable to figure out the mastermind behind who came up with the idea to celebrate the day. We don’t think it matters much either, maybe it was a girlfriend who wanted to make her partner feel as much appreciated as he tried to make her feel or maybe it has been a corporate attempt to sell their agenda through made-up holidays!

Be that as it may, National Girlfriend Day was created to celebrated the bonding between girl pals but later it devolved into a celebratory day for relationship bonding as well. So, our suggestion is that National Boyfriend Day might be a day for relationship bonding among boys and girls, but it can be celebrated by chatting or meeting with a male friends with each other.

When the National Boyfriend Day 2020 is celebrated?

The Happy National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on 3rd October of each year.

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How to Celebrate National Boyfriend Day 2020?

  1. Go on a holiday

You can simply keep it a surprise for your boyfriend and arrange a holiday reserved for only the two of you and spend time with each other in special ways that seem fit to you.

  1. Arrange a surprise party

Arrange a surprise party for your boyfriend. Invite both of your close friends. You can prepare foods of boyfriend’s liking and give him some time worth remembering.

  1. Chill by doing his favorite activities

You can also keep the day a simple day by chilling at your boyfriend’s favorite activities at his favorite spot. All that matters is the time that makes you both feel good about each other.

  1. Share on Social Media

You can also post nostalgic times or the present way of celebrating regarding the day in social media sites to make him feel pampered.

Why did we Love to celebrate National Boyfriend Day?

Boyfriend also deserves to feel appreciated and pampered. So, we don’t see any reason to hate the day.

Do We Really Need a National Boyfriend Day…?

Well, if our opinion counts we would like to say that there was no need for National Boyfriend or Girlfriend Day since Valentine’s Day already exists. The relationship of every kind should be nurtured every day, not for a single day. However, we are not completely against it either. We are ok with whatever keeps one’s boat to float!

National Boyfriend Day Quotes, Wishes, Sayings & Text Messages 2020:

National Boyfriend Day Wishes Quotes Pics
National Boyfriend Day Wishes Quotes Pics
  • My life changed the day you walked into my life. I have no words to express how special you make me feel each day. Thanks for bringing so much love in my life. Best wishes on National Boyfriend Day to you.
  • Today is National Boyfriend Day, the day when I can make you feel special. On this day, I just want to tell you that I want to spend all my life with you because you are my soul mate in every sense.
  • You are the one who has taught me to love and made me feel like a princess. Love you!!!
  • To the man who has brought in my life happiness and smiles. Happy National Boyfriend Day.
  • I would love to get married to you because for all my life, I want to see you when I wake up in the morning and see you before I end my day. With lots of love, wishing you Happy National Boyfriend Day.
  • Words fall short when it comes to expressing my feelings to us. All that I can say is that you are my world, my sunshine, my smile, my happiness, and my life. Love you forever and ever. Happy National Boyfriend Day.
  • I find myself extremely fortunate to have such a loving and caring boyfriend like you who pampers me, loves me and cares for me like no one else. Wishing you Happy National Boyfriend Day darling.
  • Thanks for coming in my life and making it so beautiful. Best wishes on National Boyfriend Day.
  • Happy October 3, my sweet boyfriend. I love you so much, thank you for making all my bad days sweeter.
  • Happy Boyfriend Day to the light of my life, my best friend, boyfriend, and sunshine. I love you, goof.
  • Honey, my love, my Prince Charming… how blessed I am to have you as my boyfriend and the best man I could ever have dreamed of pairing up with. Happy Boyfriend Day my beloved. My heart is ever yours.


Let’s give a day that he will never be able to forget in his lifetime. So, start weaving your magic, you!


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