National Brothers Day – Monday, May 24, 2021


National Brothers Day 2021: Date, History, Facts, Theme, Celebration Ideas, Memes, Wishes, Images & Quotes! If you are an avid music buff, then you probably have heard the song by Avicii called “Hey Brother”! Well, the reason we have brought the name of that song is that, just like the lyrics of that song, the brothers in our life does matter to us a lot. Every year on the date of May 24, national brother’s day is observed. Your brother might be an annoying one, but you love that crazy dude anyway.

The bond between brothers is naturally strong. Due to sharing almost anything starting from growing up together, playing games, competitiveness, and getting into fights from time to time. Doesn’t matter whether you have one or lots of brother or none at all if you don’t have one call that friend who feels like a brother this national brother’s day and tell them you love them. It might feel a bit awkward but you would be glad that you did! This day is a reminder of how our brothers have enriched our lives as a whole by just being there for us.

When is National Brothers Day 2021?

Monday, May 24 is the official celebration date of National Brothers Day 2021.

Happy National Brothers Day 2021
National Brother’s Day 2021

History of National Brother’s Day:

A person named Daniel Rhodes of Alabama first organized the national brother’s day. However, the day should not be confused with the siblings’ day. Brotherhood is an amazing bond any person can have in their life. Some of the greatest examples of brotherhood can be seen in history. For instance, the famous Wright Brothers who launched the first flight in the sky.

Some of the famous bands of American music industry consisted of amazing brothers like- the Bee Jees, Jackson five, etc. Grimm’s brother who published world-famous fairytales has made people’s life enjoyable through their stories. It doesn’t matter if you got the fame like those famous brothers. The only thing that matters is your bond with your brother.

How to Celebrate National Brothers Day 2021?

You can celebrate the day in many ways which might be already known to you. However, you can take some cues if you don’t have any clue.

  1. Do what used to make you and your brother tick during childhood and the teenage period. Barbecue, beer, cinema, football, rugby or basketball- whatever might be the activity indulge with your brother on that favorite activity on this day.
  2. Let your brother know how much you love and appreciate his presence during difficult times in your life. It won’t have to be something like a eulogy or corny. But expressing genuine appreciation would surely make your brother feel appreciated and the bond will likely become stronger.
  3. Share your favorite pictures with your brother with the hashtag of BrothersDay and celebrate it on social media to encourage the celebration of the day. Or you can call or meet up with your brother if you haven’t met for a long time.

National Brothers Day Quotes, Wishes Pic

Why We Celebrate National Brother’s Day 2021?

There are very few persons who understand you as your brother does. You can simply communicate without uttering a single word. Remember those times when all your brother had to give you a kick under the table or raised his eyebrow and you both would what that means. Brothers feel protective over each other and always seemed to have each other’s back. Brothers are in this journey called life always. So, however, distance there might be, you would always care for each other.

Best Happy National Brother’s Day Quotes & Wishes 2021:

There are very few things in the world in which I take huge pride, one of them is you brother. I wish you Happy Brother’s Day!

Our goals are different. Our visions are poles apart and Our interests have never matched. But, our childhood was special. Happy Brother’s Day!

The best part about having a little brother is you can order him to do a lot of trivial works that you don’t want to do. My best brother’s day wishes are with you bro!

National Brothers Day 2020 Quotes & Wishes

There is no competitor and no great friend like a brother. I wish you Happy Brother’s Day!

There is no denying that a big brother is your first friend, a first tutor, a first coach, and the best caretaker. Happy brother’s day!

I feel delightful because you are my brother and I also cry because I can’t do anything about it. Anyways, happy brother’s day!

Sometimes, you don’t need a superhero but a big brother to get over from the rock-bottom life gives you.

National Brother’s Day Dates:

Day Date Year
Sunday May 24 2020
Monday May 24 2021
Tuesday May 24 2022
Wednesday May 24 2023
Friday May 24 2024

Conclusion: So, let’s come forward wholeheartedly this brother’s day to celebrate the bond we brothers share with each other. Let this day be a reminder to all of us what Home (in this case, it would be our amazing brothers) feel like and celebrate the blessing of having enjoyed brotherhood while we still could.


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