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National Brownie Day 2020: Why, When & How to Celebrate?


December 8 is the official celebration of National Brownie Day 2020. Brownie enthusiasts come from everywhere every year to celebrate National Brownie Day. Brownie can be considered as a tasty treat that is a crossover between a cake and a smooth cookie. The brownie is a snack that’s been consumed since at least the early 20th century in America.

Brownies, the rich, delicious, solely libertine cake and cookie blend which really tastes great to the taste buds and leaves the consumer to want more. A nice chocolate brownie is sweet, doughy, and rich, the ultimate treat to finish the night with. Engage in gooey goodness for a delightful moment and have the whole world magically disappear alongside you on the coming National Brownie Day.

History of National Brownie Day

Brownies have become famous since the 20th century. But the origin regarding the when and where factors about the invention haven’t been finding out yet. Some think that Brownies has its origin in the year 1893 associated with the Palmer House Hotel.

While brownies were widely known by the early 20th century, no one knows exactly when or where the brownie was invented. One of the legends about the brownie’s origin goes back to the Palmer House Hotel in 1893. Bertha Palmer, as per the tale, requested a pastry chef for a cake that would fit in a boxed lunch and was best suited for women attending the Colombian World Exposition in Chicago.

The concoction formed by the chef was made from walnuts and an apricot glaze. It was title as the ‘Palmer House Brownie”. Nobody really knows who formed National Brownie Day. Probably some brownie lovers who wanted to enjoy the goodie that is brownie formed the day to satisfy his taste bud.

How to Celebrate National Brownie Day 2020?

  1. Get Greedy and gulp down them brownies

If it was possible for us we would be eating brownie every day as much as possible. What else would we do, since they are so good to eat? So, don’t forget to be greedy on National Brownie Day by eating your heart’s content.

  1. Share Your Celebration on Social Media

By sharing your best photos on social media regarding your celebratory manner, spread the message of National Brownie Day. Encourage your friends and followers to check out diverse sort of fresh brownies for themselves by getting out there.

  1. Have a brownie themed celebratory party

Invite your foodie friends and serve them with diverse sort of brownies. You can serve them brownies of your own making or bought ones from the restaurants nearby your area that sells the best ones.

Why do we love to Celebrate National Brownie Day?

Brownies make us feel incredible to eat since they release serotonin in our brain after we consume them. They are also fun to make. So, we love a day which celebrates sour favorite food.


Brownies are meant to be celebrated each day. However, we suggest that you go to the extra length to celebrate this amazing food on the upcoming National Brownie Day on 8th of December, 2020.



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