National Bubble Tea Day 2023: When & How to celebrate?

National Bubble Tea Day 2023 – Sunday, April 30! National Bubble Tea Day, which takes place around April 30th, has only been observed for a brief period, however, the mere thought of it makes us giddy in the anticipation of it! Bubble tea connoisseurs can’t get enough of the creamy sweet tea beverage sprinkled with tapioca balls which resemble sparkling bubbles floating on the surface. The National Bubble Tea Day 2023 also known as Happy National Boba Day 2023, The inclusion of National Bubble Tea Day in the schedule validates both the drink’s Taiwanese origins and its fashionable pop culture appeal.

When is National Bubble Tea Day 2023 USA?

Sunday, April 30 is the official celebration date of Happy National Bubble Tea Day 2023 in the United States (US).

National Bubble Tea Day 2023
National Bubble Tea Day 2023

Brief Illustration of National Bubble Tea Day

National Bubble Tea Day: Overview

Name of Day (Event) National Bubble Tea Day
Created By The Kung Fu Tea company
Observed On 30th of April Each Year
Significance To boost the immune system while providing aficionados with the opportunity to have a good time while drinking their favorite tea!
Celebration Location US, Taiwan, etc.

History Of National Bubble Tea Day

“Bubble tea,” alternatively referred to as “boba” or “pearl tea,” sparked a cult-like craze that swiftly became ingrained in Taiwanese youth pop culture and grew exponentially across Asia. We cannot side for sure regarding which tearoom initially topped the list in terms of adding tapioca balls, known as “pearls,” to the foamy tea and milk drinks favored among night market audiences is debatable, but two tearooms in Taiwan proclaim to have invented bubble tea.

When the creator of the Chun Shui Tang tea establishment in Taichung, Taiwan, saw the prevalence of cold coffee offered throughout Japan in the 1980s, he decided to start selling cold Chinese tea. Proprietor Liu Han-Chieh attributes the invention of bubble tea to his teahouse product development manager, Lin Hsiu Hui. It was during a meeting around the year of 1988, she was fiddling with her glass of iced tea when she dumped a little pudding containing tapioca balls in there without much thought. The ensuing cocktail was so popular with other participants that they had to mix it on the tearoom’s menu, which only lead to more satisfaction levels among the customers!

Tu Tsong, who happens to be a proprietor of the Hanlin Tea Room throughout Tainan, Taiwan, claims to have invented “pearl tea” around 1986.  he was inspired by white tapioca balls which resembled pearls. He mixed several of the “pearls” with cold tea to create the very first “pearl tea.” The pearl tint turned to black once he put brown sugar in his tapioca ball concoction. His clients were thrilled when he started offering his pearl tea with both black and white pearls.

Whoever invented the first wonderful sweetened milk tea beverage with tapioca “pearls” swirling merrily above the frothy texture, one thing for sure bubble tea has turned out to be Taiwan’s most emblematic export of the twenty-first century. Bubble tea made its way to America around the 1990s, accompanied by Taiwanese students. Initially, the drink was available exclusively as a dish on the menu in localized Asian restaurants. However, with time it spread across the whole of America!

How to Celebrate National Bubble Tea Day 2023?

Blow’em bubbles, yo!

If we are being honest one of the most significant reasons behind our liking for bubble tea would be the fact that you can bubble out of the tea and have fun doing so with nobody to throw the “behave like an adult” judgment around your neck! So, get to blowing bubbles as much as you can while sipping on that favorite tea drink of yours!

Make Your Own Bubble Tea.

Perhaps you feel that bubble tea which is served in tea houses or shops in general contains too much sweetness in them and the ingredients aren’t up to your taste, then maybe this is the perfect day for you to try your hand at homebrewing! The making of bubble tea isn’t even that difficult. All you have got to do is gather the ingredients and choose a particular recipe online. Just a slight catch though makes sure that the version of tea that you choose contains strong flavor so that the original taste can be experienced once making is done!

Spread the Enthusiasm

Maybe it’s about time your pals and online followers also get familiarized with the tea you can’t help sipping! So, post over social media feeds with the #NationalBubbleTeaDay containing pictures or your feeling of contentment over sipping Bubble Tea on 30th April on the coming National Bubble Tea Day!

Why We Love National Bubble Tea Day

More often than not we overlook that our country is a melting pot of many incredible cultures whose flavorings are intertwined together which also preserves the distinctive features of each one. Americans get to enjoy the youthful vital taste preference of an exotic culture’s tea drink. It is all too simple to become so centered on difficulties that we fail to see the globe around us as a source of potential. Bubble tea keeps reminding us that motivation can be found anywhere if we care to look closely. Bubbles bring out the joyful child in us and by sipping this tea we can experience our child for a while, which isn’t a simple feat in our opinion!

What is the celebration date of National Bubble Tea Day?

Year Date Day
2022 April 30 Saturday
2023 April 30 Sunday
2024 April 30 Tuesday
2025 April 30 Wednesday
2026 April 30 Thursday

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