National Burrito Day 2020 – Thursday, April 2


National Burrito Day 2020 – Thursday, April 2! Well Well Well, burrito lovers! Clap your hands on and drool your saliva out because the celebration day of your favorite food is back. National Burrito Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of each year. Burrito is a heavy tortilla which is wrapped with meat, cheese, vegetables, rice, beans, tomato and sauce. Burrito can be modified due to its flexible nature. On the upcoming national burrito day visit your favorite restaurant which makes the burrito of your choice and eat as many as you can! After all, who’s going to judge when each of us going to commit the same sin (wink wink)!

When is National Burrito Day 2020?

Every year, the first Thursday of April month is officially celebrated as Happy National Burrito Day. This year the Burrito Day falls on 2nd April 2020.

National Burrito Day

History of National Burrito Day:

Burrito can be claimed as almost everyone’s favorite food. People love this Mexican dish and it is customizable since some prefer it with beans, while some with cheese, lettuce, vegetables, etc.

Burrito the word itself first appeared in the “Dictionary of Mexicanisms” in the year 1895. The meaning happens to be “little donkey” if converted into Spanish. While American burritos contain many ingredients in them, Mexican ones tend to contain only meat and beans. Burritos can be consumed any time of the given day and that is just one of the amazing perks of it.

The exact history behind how the day came to be and who was responsible behind its initiation, haven’t been able to discover by us.

How to Celebrate National Burrito Day 2020?

National Burrito Day 2020
National Burrito Day 2020

Make burritos of your own

Well, you can start celebrating the day making your own burrito! You can find all the necessary information regarding how to make a burrito. So, start preparing already since the only way any food day can be celebrated is by consuming them to the maximum!

Arrange a party

Well, if you arrange a party as burrito being the main dish, all your invited guests going to love their favorite Mexican cuisine and you also going to receive tons of appreciative compliment for arranging the party with the addition being spending memorable time with people that matters. What more can a burrito maniac can want, right?

Check out the local burrito restaurants

Check out those restaurants in your area that serves burrito. You might get your favorite new one if you do. Also, don’t forget to google the offers available to you on national burrito day from various restaurants and just barge into one that offers the one of your expectations.

Why did we love to celebrate National Burrito Day?

First of all, the burrito is a great conversation started. Since everyone has their own opinion regarding what is the perfect burrito and where the best burrito is served, the topics for debating is endless. Also, the burrito is a customizable food. Not just that one of the most amazing perks of it is that it can be consumed without fork. No need for petty social standards. Who needs more reason than that to love celebrating the day, haan?


We hope you have got a burrito staffed in your mouth as you read this! Don’t forget to celebrate the day on the coming day!


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