National Cake Day 2020: When, Why & How to Celebrate?


National Cake Day is an annually celebratory holiday in the US. It is observed on each year’s 26th of November. The cake can be undoubtedly considered as everyone’s favorite dessert unless they have got diabetes. The cake is present at every sort of birthday, wedding party, corporate celebration, school graduation, etc.

National Cake Day

Therefore, it’s only natural to celebrate the centerpiece of all occasions that is cake on the 26th of November. Cakes come in various sizes and shapes to cater to the needs of diverse customers. So, dive deeper into delicious celebration on the coming day-staring with knowing more about the celebratory day.

When is National Cake Day 2020 in USA?

Thursday, November 26 is the official celebration date of National Cake Day 2020 in the United States.

History of National Cake Day

There is little awareness of the roots and past of National Cake Day. But whoever created this festival must be a lover of this unique and delicious dessert and we owe our gratitude to a fellow foodie. Cakes are almost everybody’s beloved desert since ancient times as it is assumed the tracing of 1st cake was supposedly made in Ancient Greece and Egypt. As the molding of those cakes was done through hands- the cakes were very dense, plain and round in shape. Some also credit the invention of cake to the Vikings.

It is said they used the term kaka for cakes, which was made through baked flour covered with honey on top. The invention supposedly happened after the invention of bread. With the invention of baking technologies, – the size, shape, taste of cakes have changed dramatically to amaze the taste bud of foodies. It doesn’t matter to us much who invented the day, as long as the celebratory day exists.

How to Celebrate National Cake Day 2020?

  1. Become a baker

National cake day gives you a wonderful opportunity to become a baker of cake. It is the most common and a bit fun way to celebrate the day. All you have got to do is put on an apron or don’t as long as getting flours all over your body turns on your partner! Now get to preheating the oven and start to bake. If you need help their always ever-helping internet for you!

  1. Arrange cake decorating competition

To have some fun on a celebratory day, all you need is to invite your friends to join in a cake baking and decorating company. Let them get as creative as they can and all of you get to have laughter, baking fun, and judge and complementing each other cakes after having a mouth full.

  1. Surprise the sullen faces

Your co-workers might get sullen over the routine nature of their work. You can bring on a simile on their face by bringing homemade or bought up a cake from the store. In case, they want to know about the occasion, you get to give them the sarcastic duhh look and wink by replying its National Cake Day.

Why We Love National Cake Day?

We know our readers are not as silly as to ask this bizarre question. Cakes come in so many different sizes, flavors and decorative manners- that it is able to cater to individuals diverse taste preferences and other criteria. Very few foods are as flexible and as deliciously moist as cake. So, we are only excited to celebrate National Cake Day.


National Cake Day is the perfect chance to have your favorite cake to the maximum limit fo your stomach. So, without further ado, go have some cake and lets us know in case that’s what you feel like doing.


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