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National Cat Day 2020 – Thursday, October 29 (How to Celebrate?)


National Cat Day 2020 – Thursday, October 29! On each year’s 29th October National Cat Day is celebrated. It’s the PURRfect day to bestow all your precious attention to your furry little four-legged friends. Cats are amazing pets undoubtedly. They most of the time act like they don’t care for you, but when they do you would surely feel it in their approach to you.

You might think at times they are too much engaged in their world when they are seen to be engaged in chasing red dot lights, balls, chasing mice or staring out into the void like experienced philosophers, be that as it may, these are some of the essences you deal with but the truth is they can melt your heart any moment they want with their cute antics. Days like this provide us with the much-needed picture regarding why pet lovers should be adopting them at local shelters as there are too many of them being neglected around the world.

History of the National Cat Day:

The day was invented by an expert in family lifestyle and pet & animal welfare advocate known as Colleen Paige. Her purpose was to help galvanize people to think about the number of cats that need to be rescued every year and also as a way to cheer upon the cat lovers to celebrate the presence and unconditional love these furry friends bestow upon us.

Cats are really close to human beings whether they are pets or feral animals. They have been a joy to millions of people worldwide. Cat Day was later adopted by the American society which works towards preventing cruelty towards humans.

How to Celebrate National Cat Day 2020?

  1. Adopt a cat

Since the main reason behind the origin of this day is to increase awareness regarding abandoned or unwanted cats in shelters, it’s a good idea to adopt one which matches your vibe, and don’t you think?

  1. Donate to your local cat shelter

Well, if you are one who can’t adopt cats, you can still help in bettering their lives by donating to the local shelters with money, toys, food or blankets, etc. Those unwanted kitties need every kind of help they can get.

  1. Volunteer in a cat shelter

You can also volunteer in cat shelters in your spare time by playing with the cats, cleaning their potties or help with any additional chores.

  1. Encourage others to adopt cats

You can also post in social media sites with #NationalCatDay to increase awareness and acceptance of this day by influencing people to adopt cats or reducing cruelty inflicted upon cats by people.

Why did we Love to celebrate National Cat Day?

Cats make amazing pets. They will give you attention when you need them the most, they might not be as clingy as dogs but they are unique companions undoubtedly. They also need little maintenance, unlike some other pets. Most importantly since this day works as a reminder to reduce the suffering of an animal that loves our companionship, we don’t see why we shouldn’t love this day.


Let’s spread our love for kittens around the world and celebrate their presence and importance as they deserve to in ways that deem right to us.



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