National Chip and Dip Day 2022: When & How to Celebrate?

National Chip and Dip Day 2022 – Wednesday, March 23! Chips would not be the same without them, regardless of whether you enjoy dense cheesy dips, spicy vegetable-packed salsas, chilled cream-cheese-based dips, or inventive baked dips that blend all kinds of flavors. There really are hundreds of various chip dips served with potatoes, corn, and, more lately, vegetable chips around the world, therefore a holiday honoring the habit of dipping chips is probably inevitable. Chips and dip are oftentimes the perfect party snack duo, hardly anything exists which can be better than that.

Millions of people enjoy the taste of chips containing a variety of different flavored dips as a snack. Nothing compares to the tempting mix of chips and dip that is so simple to make. The ever-popular snack meal deservingly receives a specific day of commemoration, and thus National Chip and Dip Day are born. A staggering million of people enjoy dipping their potato chips which is why it would be hard to not find some people anywhere in America who don’t enjoy the taste chip and dip combo! Bear along with us for several entertaining ways to commemorate the occasion today, as well as some unique chip-and-dip trivia to mention at your next get-together on the upcoming National Chip and Dip Day on 23rd March!

History Of National Chip and Dip Day

We haven’t been able to figure out many solid data regarding the invention of this day. However, we have some interesting insight into chips and dips though. A chef known as George Crum started producing potato chips in New York in 1853. The recipe that he made is known as Saratoga Chips these days which happens to be a famous chips brand among consumers! When Mikesell’s Potato Chip Company launched the industrial manufacture of chips during the 1900s, the snack’s demand soared in the United States.

Each year, Americans consume 1.2 billion pounds of potato chips, which is an amazing feat we think! Label as nasty if that suits you but we would still think chips without dips seems plain naked! The Super Bowl has become associated with chips and dip. The Super Bowl, America’s second-largest food day, causes people to form a huge crowds in the chip and dip section. Chip & dip sales have extended by 16 percent to 36 percent throughout the week that led up to the Super Bowl! Therefore, it’s only fair that we have a day devoted to our beloved finger foods. So, dive into some chips and dips with gusto.

How to Celebrate National Chip and Dip Day

  1. Prepare a brand-new dip

On the upcoming National Chip and Dip Day, you can celebrate this amazing snack by opting for a homemade brand-new dip!  You can make the buffalo chicken dip if you haven’t tried it before. To prepare it in the coziness of your own kitchen all you have to do is search for the ingredients online and visit your local shop to buy the necessary groceries and get into cooking after coming home. Once you are finished making enjoy and lick your fingers at your amazing chef skill!

  1. Decorate A Chip and Dip Bowl With Paint.

Plan a night out with your buddies at a local ceramic painting studio. They usually include a nice and practical chip and dip serving dish. You would be able to paint it in a manner you prefer, serve it to your guests at the parties, etc.

3. Invite Guests to A Dippable Feast

Your pals probably wouldn’t mind carrying a combo to join in a dippable feast since chips and dips are so easy, cheap, and popular. There’s no disgrace in buying anything pre-made, but encourage them to try out new crackers and vegetables to pair with creative dips.

Why We Love National Chip and Dip Day

The options for chip and dip combinations are infinite. In fact, the most snob person will find will something to their liking. However, because variation is the ultimate aphrodisiac, it’s simple to provide an array of choices whilst becoming incredibly artistic with cultural themes, healthy selections alone, or several other themes that you can think of. They can be a great option for being used as party appetizers since the varieties are endless! Planning parties becomes a whole lot easier with these food items! So, why shouldn’t we love a day which celebrates this amazing food item!

What Are the Upcoming Celebratory Dates of National Chip and Dip Day?

Year Date Day
2022 March 23 Wednesday
2023 March 23 Thursday
2024 March 23 Saturday
2025 March 23 Sunday
2026 March 23 Monday

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