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National Chocolate Day 2020 – Wednesday, October 28


National Chocolate Day 2020 – Wednesday, October 28! If you are like us, you probably start salivating at the mere mention of the word chocolate. Well, there is good news for you then because National Chocolate Day is here. It is celebrated as both a National Holiday and World Holiday and the reason being its celebration in the US on October 28th and worldwide celebratory holiday as “International Chocolate Day” on the 4th of September.

It is an open secret that chocolate is made from cocoa beans and if you can make chocolate at your own home; then you have all the more reason to rejoice at the advent of National Chocolate Day. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating any one or both days, as long as you cannot help these endorphin-releasing velvety layered chocolates which feel like a blessing from Mother Mary to our taste buds.

The history behind the National Chocolate Day:

There is hard-core proof regarding who came up with the idea to celebrate the day and we don’t want to make a false claim regarding the day. We think it doesn’t matter much as to who created the day, as long as we can’t help munching on the sweet delicacy that is chocolate.

How to Celebrate National Chocolate Day 2020?

There is not much to ponder over the celebration of National Chocolate Day.

  1. Create home-made chocolate

Well, there are some pretty neat and simple chocolates which can be made easily at home. On the upcoming National Chocolate Day, try creating chocolates of your own! There are plenty of recipes available on the internet, pick the one that raises your interest.

  1. Visit a local chocolatier

If the curious bug in you wants to gain in-depth knowledge regarding the making of chocolate, maybe it’s about time you took a tour at the local chocolate making factory and find all the steps involved in the making of chocolates.

  1. Tap that with a friend!

There are probably very few people on earth who hates chocolates and bonding with another person due to your mutual love for chocolate can be amazing. So, invite your friends on this day and enjoy your favorable chocolates together and get lost in enjoying the good things that life has to offer.

Why did we Love to celebrate National Chocolate Day?

Chocolate has provable health benefits of various kinds. It also triggers the feel-good neurotransmitters like- endorphin, dopamine after eating. That’s why after a stressful or depressing episode in everyday life, consuming chocolate makes us feel so better. Most importantly, dude if you need reasons to love chocolate- maybe you shouldn’t have been reading this article so far. Come on, it’s chocolates- to hell with reason!


Chocolates should last forever as long as humans exist- that’s what every chocolate lover hopes! So, if you are one of us- then get to work for munching on your favorite chocolate on 28th October.



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