National Cousins Day 2021 – Saturday, July 24 (Happy Cousin’s Day)


National Cousins Day 2021 – Saturday, July 24 (Happy Cousin’s Day)! You have probably heard of the famous phrase “WHAT’S UP, CUZ”. You might even practice it within your circle as a greeting. Whatever your reason for using the phrase might be, we’re here to talk about cousins! Yes, those siblings from our uncle or aunt with whom we have spent a significant portion of our life! We meet them at family reunions, weddings, anniversaries or countless other functions.

Many of us all grew up with them during childhood and get nostalgic from time to time about those golden periods in our life! And the good news is there is a day to acknowledge and celebrate that cousin’s share. National Cousins Day is celebrated on the 24th of July each year. It’s a perfect day for cousins to let each other know how much they care and mean to each other.

History of National Cousins Day:

National Cousins Day 2021

The origin of the day was hard to figure out. Some like to believe that it was started by companies as a marketing trick to sell their products and some others find relevance to the belief that cousins themselves started this day to celebrate their special bond. However, who and when it was started they cannot lay claim on that!

How to celebrate National Cousins Day 2021?

As we grow older with time, life gets in the way and we seem unable to find the right time to spend with people that matters. So, on the national cousin day call on your cousin, arrange a get-together party, and enjoy like it is the last day of you all’s life. You can reminisce with each other by sharing your favorite childhood bittersweet memories.

That will surely bring a peaceful and joyful feeling among you. Or, you can visit your cousin who lives far away from you and surprise them. Trust me, the smile of surprise on their face will make your effort worth it. You can send gifts or visit your favorite places together and form some new memories, on this day. Share your celebratory moments on social media sites with the hashtag of #NationalCousinsDay.

Why did We love to celebrate National Cousins Day?

Cousins are people with whom we share some of life’s most beautiful moments. They know us through our thick and thin and be there for us when we need them. Cousins are the people with whom we get the true taste of freedom as the nature of cousin manifests that way. Without them, life would be utterly boring and tough, to say the least. So, I guess you get the drill why we would love to celebrate this day to the fullest.


Cousins are our siblings and they matter a lot in our life! I guess you would agree on that, wouldn’t you? So, on the national cousin’s day, celebrate with your favorite cousin like there is no tomorrow. After all, it’s the people that matter in life to make it a wholesome worthwhile life, right?


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