National Dance Day 2023 – Saturday, September 16

National Dance Day 2023 – Saturday, September 16! It’s National Dance Day on September 17! Dancers all across the world are eagerly anticipating and proud of this occasion. Dance is a constructive art form that aids in resourcefully channeling inward energy. Dance used to be a primitive method of expression and interaction via movements, but it has since evolved into a type of performance art that stirs the audience’s emotions.

One of the best ways to tell a story, express sentiments, and engage with others is through this medium. You supply the motions; we’ll deliver the music! Bring your own music if you’d prefer. We don’t really care who provides the rhythms or what kind of music is played. We are very excited to meet you on the dance floor! This is the moment for everyone to blast out their favorite dancing moves or go-to routines on the dance floor.

When is National Dance Day 2023 USA?

Saturday, September 16 is the official celebration date of Happy National Dance Day 2023 in the United States (U.S).

National Dance Day 2023
National Dance Day 2023

History Of National Dance Day

In order to inspire Americans to appreciate the art of motion as a creative medium and to support a healthy lifestyle, this cool day was established. In addition to being a creative outlet, dancing helps to build strength, balance, flexibility, and bone density. Politicians and dancing pros who were national dance lovers formally began it in 2010. The day was celebrated in July up until 2019, but beginning in 2020, it will be recognized on the third Saturday in September.

The American Dance Movement and “So You Think You Can Dance” co-creator Nigel Lythgoe collaborated with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton to launch this celebration ten years earlier. National Dance Day was proposed by Congresswoman Norton as a resolution to encourage creative expression and physical activity. Additionally, dance is a fantastic approach to enhancing one’s emotional and mental wellness. Regular physical activity is a terrific method to reduce pressure and anxiety, gain muscle, and generally feel better. Our overall health is intertwined in all ways. We all require that cash because health is prosperity.

How to Celebrate National Dance Day 2023?

  1. Attend a course

On National Dancing Day, some cities host day-long dance events! Find out if there are any local establishments offering dance classes during the day by looking via the listings in your neighborhood. If so, we firmly advise you to step out and dance! This is the day among all days to enroll in a class and start moving, whether it’s tap, hip-hop, ballet, step, or something else.

  1. See a movie about dancing.

Perhaps a little motivation is needed to get rolling on National Dance Day, and a fantastic method for achieving that is to watch a flick involving dancing! Despite the probable lack of much of a narrative, the movie is an excellent method to start dancing. In order to get started, watch one of the following dancing movies: Birds of Paradise, Step Up, Magic Mike, Dirty Dancing, Step Up 2, Step Up 3, Billy Elliot , Black Swan, Footloose, La La Land, Feel The Beat, etc.

  1. Check out a dance performance

Perhaps you’d prefer to be an audience member. Taking in a dance performance on National Dance Day is a perfect way to celebrate the day!

  1. Make a donation to a local dancing troupe.

A wonderful way to celebrate the day is to donate to a regional or international dancing group. Another option to promote dance expression and movement on National Dance Day is to make a donation to the dance company or group of your choosing.

  1. Begin a dance.

Pick your preferred style, maybe just hit the dance floor! It could simply be a quick jig in the living area, or it could involve dressing up to go ballroom dancing. Or go freestyle at a nearby dancing club! Cha-cha, samba, tango, ballet, or perhaps even breakdancing are all enjoyable exercises that keep the body and soul moving in the right direction in unison!

  1. Read a dance book

Numerous publications concerning well-known dancers, the development of dance, and even tuition can be found at your local public library or on A wonderful approach to honor dancing is to read a book about it!

  1. Don your previous dance attire.

Bring out an old costume to cheer everyone up and promote dance awareness. Unless you don’t already have one, build one yourself or purchase an outdated dancing costume from a nearby thrift shop.

  1. Unscheduled improv jam in a public setting.

Why not Have a little fun? Your rhythm will undoubtedly make someone smile, including yourself. Consider performing somewhere a little unusual if you really want to spark several creative ideas.

  1. Spread the word! 

Share that it’s #NationalDanceDay on your social media profiles. Talk to friends about why dance matters to you, the benefits of dancing for health, fitness, mental well-being, expression, self-confidence, creativity, or just for the fun of it.

  1. Get the word out!

On your social media pages, mention that today is #NationalDanceDay while posting anything! Discuss with friends why dance is important to you, and the advantages of dancing for physical health, psychological health, expressiveness, self-confidence, inventiveness, or just for enjoyment.

Why We Love National Dance Day

It’s definitely a smart idea to use methods for leading a healthier life. Dance is a terrific method to strive toward improving your health in general through exercise. You don’t enjoy dancing on your own? You can observe a lesson, attend a dance party and observe as a wallflower, see a show, see a dance video, and more without an issue. There is undoubtedly a way for everyone, whether they are 2 or 102, to participate in National Dance Day. All of us can participate in this joyous celebration if we are all healthy, active people.

Health Benefits of Dance                   

Dance offers the advantages of both aerobic and weight-bearing training. Numerous physical and psychological advantages of dancing include:

  • “Improved Heart Health
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Improved Balance and Coordination
  • Bone Density
  • Lower Chance of Dementia
  • Concentration And Memory
  • Stress Reduction
  • Greater Energy
  • Better Mood.

FAQs About National Dance Day

  • Is dance an activity?

Yes. Dance is both an artistic discipline and a sport that calls for talent, competitiveness, and entertainment.

  • How many different dancing types are available?

Presently, 21 unique dance genres are practiced all over the world.

  • What kind of dance is most popular?

Today’s most popular dancing styles are contemporary and hip-hop.

  • Who is the world’s most well-known dancer?

The most well-known dancer is regarded to be Mikhail Baryshnikov, a Russian-born American.

  • What kind of dancing is the most difficult?

Ballet is the most difficult genre to learn and the foundation of the majority of dance instruction.

  • What are the most demanding dance moves in the world?

Grand Jete, En points, Pirouettes, Fouettes, and Gra Adage are the most challenging dance steps ever.

National Dance Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Images, Memes, Gif, Sayings, Status, Captions 2023

“Dance is like breathing, it is like catharsis…. Enjoy it to the fullest and let your feelings flow…. Best wishes on National Dance Day.”

“On the occasion of National Dance Day, I wish that you always dance to the tunes you love and live life at your own terms.”

“Dance is the way to express your emotions and feelings and dance is also the way to enjoy your body…. Wishing a very Happy National Dance Day.”

“There are only two kinds of people in this world- those who can dance and those who cannot…. Happy National Dance Day.”

Best National Dance Day Quotes

“Dance like no one is watching you…. Dance like there is no tomorrow!!!”

“All of us can dance…. It is only that some of us are hesitant and some of us have passed that stage.”

“Dance surely adds more fun to parties and more joy to your happiness.”

“Dance is the best way to connect with someone and also to connect with your inner self.”

Cute Dance Quotes and Sayings

“Dance is the language of soul that is hidden deep inside.”

“Never dance to impress but always dance to express and you will impress everyone.”

“Dance is an art to some but it is living life to some.”

“Those who can dance to any tune are the ones who love dancing beyond conditions.”

Celebration Dates of National Dance Day

Year Date Day
2022 September 17 Saturday
2023 September 16 Saturday
2024 September 21 Saturday
2025 September 20 Saturday

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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