National Daughters Day 2022: When & How to Celebrate?

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National Daughters Day 2022 – Sunday, September 25! National daughters’ day is a day to celebrate the presence of daughters as they are a wonderful gift from nature. It falls on the date of September 25th. Daughters make our life joyful. We love them and love to be loved by them in return.

Life would be really boring in case you didn’t have a little angel at the home waiting to delight you when you get back home, wouldn’t you agree? Daughters are to be cherished and they bring whole new dynamics to parents’ lives. They are to be celebrated not to be shunned as some countries tend to do so!

When is National Daughters Day 2022 USA?

Sunday, September 25 is the official celebration date of Happy National Daughters Day 2022 in the United States (U.S.).

National Daughters Day 2022
National Daughters Day 2022

National Daughters Day History:

The day came to be in existence as in many countries the birth of daughters is not welcomed. It is thought to be shameful and a curse for parents to give birth to daughters in countries like India. While many countries tend to be unwelcoming, most countries love daughters, and hence to celebrate the presence of daughters in our lives, daughter’s day came into being.

How to celebrate National Daughters Day 2022?

The celebration of the day can be done in many ways. Fathers can take the lead and head to dance on the floor in front of family and friends. Fathers and daughters share a special bond. Let this day be a wonderful opportunity to make your daughter feel like the princess she actually is. Arrange a house party for your daughter. Invite all her friends and family members. Make her favorite foods and let the party be a surprise for her. Take her out to her favorite place or to an exotic place.

Make lots of memories during that time. Fulfill those demands of hers which she has been asking for the last few months. Watch inspirational movies based on books or women’s movements. Make her realize any way you can to feel special and loved and inspire them in a way she never takes her life for granted or feel some lack in herself. In short, simply make her feel good about her existence. You can also adopt the ideas which you have come upon by yourself as long as those make your daughter happy.

Why do we love to celebrate National Daughters Day?

Life can get in the way of reminding our wonderful, witty, supportive, lovely, amazing, responsible daughters how much we appreciate their presence and how blessed we feel that she came into our lives. This day gives us the opportunity to remind her that by expressing our love for her in ways that deems fit to us and delightful to her.

Happy National Daughters Day 2022
Happy National Daughters Day 2022

National Daughters Day Wishes, Quotes, Greetings, Sayings, Messages, SMS, Captions 2022:

“I have seen you grow and I have seen you become a lady from a little princess that you were. Warm wishes to you on Daughters Day.”

“To my sweetest niece, I wish a very Happy Daughters Day. You are the sunshine of our lives and we pray for your happiness and success every day.”

“Wishing a very Happy Daughters Day to my dearest niece who is so close to my heart. Thanks for giving me such beautiful memories to cherish for life.”

“There is just one thing that I know when it comes to you and that is loving you and pampering you beyond conditions. Happy Daughters Day to my sweetest niece.”

“Your cute little naught acts have always brought me happiness and smiles. With lots of love, wishing a very Happy Daughters Day to my niece.”

“The love, respect and care you have always shown towards me, I really haven’t missed having a daughter because I have you. A very Happy Daughters Day to you.”

“Wishing a very Happy Daughters Day to my niece. You have taught me what is it like having a daughter in life.”

“With lots of love, I wish a very Happy Daughters Day to my niece who has always been the cute little sweetheart of my life. Always keep smiling.”

“On the occasion of Daughters Day, I pray to God to always bless you with smiles and success in life. Warm wishes on Daughters Day to my dearest niece.”

“You are not just my niece but you are my daughter and I am truly blessed to have you in my life. May all the sorrows in your life end and you are left just with smiles. Happy Daughters Day.”

Best Happy National Daughters Day 2022 Wishes Messages from Father and Mother

  1. You are one of the most beautiful gifts this world has given me!
  2. I pray that I’m a good example for you to follow in my footsteps
  3. Happy Daughters Day My Girl! You have made me a proud father/mother! I wish you eternal blessings and prosperity!
  4. Your mother is your biggest fan, your greatest ally, and your defender until the end.
  5. Treasure your past memories, present moments, and future hopes!
  6. Your smile makes me smile, your laugh makes me laugh, and your happiness gives me joy.
  7. You are like a flower. You fill the world with beauty, but be careful not to attract what stings.
  8. You are your father’s angel
  9. My dear, it’s you who has brightened up our lives. You are the answer to our prayers. Live happy forever!
  10. Dear daughter, you are the princess of your father and mother. We wish you a prosperous and happier life.
  11. I wish for you to always find joy and peace and happiness. Happy Daughter’s Day!
  12. May you find a man who will treat you like a treasure he has always looked for.
  13. Though the world will try to break you down, I pray you will always have the strength to look up.
  14. With every passing day try to be beautiful from the inside, as you do from the outside. We will always be praying for your success and prosperity.
  15. I wish you the greatest things in life.  If you dream it and strive for it, my daughter, you can achieve it.
  16. I wish you always find love and respect everywhere in your life. Long live my daughter!
  17. Pursue every dream that you dream of, and you will find the ones that were meant to come true.
  18. My daughter, you are no less than a son. May you succeed in every sphere of your life.
  19. Whenever I am depressed, my daughter, I just think of you, because your smiling face brightens up my life.
  20. I wish for you to always find truth and happiness. Happy Daughters’ Day!

Top 10 best Inspirational Cute National Daughters Day Quotes for Instagram Captions & FB Status 2022:

  1. To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter. Euripides
  2. Honor your daughters. They are honorable. Malala Yousafzai
  3. A daughter is the most beautiful gift this world has to give. Laurel Atherton
  4. A daughter will follow in her mom’s footsteps so make sure to set a good example. Elizabeth George
  5. Our daughters are the most precious of our treasures, the dearest possessions of our homes, and the objects of our most watchful love. Margaret E. Sangster
  6. One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten is my daughter. Ace Frehley
  7. Honor your daughters. They are honorable. Malala Yousafzai
  8. A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. Anonymous
  9. To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter. Euripides
  10. Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be. Clementine  Paddleford

Celebration Dates of National Daughters Day:

Year Date Day
2022 September 25 Sunday
2023 September 25 Monday
2024 September 25 Wednesday
2025 September 25 Thursday
2026 September 25 Friday

We hope this day serves as a reminder not to take our daughter for granted and make this world a safer and loving place for the wonderful gift which they are.

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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