National Doctors Day – Monday, March 30, 2020


National Doctors Day – Monday, March 30, 2020! The Doctor’s Day is a holiday which is celebrated on the 30th of March in the United States and the 1st of July in India, in Cuba on 3rd December. The idea initially came from the need to honor doctors do for humanity. It is the hard work, commitment, dedication, patience that helps us sustain life on earth.

The value and service they provide to human as a whole is simply incomparable. This day is a day of remembrance, gratitude, and ode to doctors worldwide for everything they do for us during the worst moment of our health.

When is National Doctors Day 2020 in the USA?

30th March 2020 is the Official Celebration Date of National Doctor’s Day in the United States and many more countries. This year, the Doctor’s day is a very special celebration day for the world, because of the Coronavirus Attack. Nowadays, the Doctor’s are the best solder in the world. So, respect them and share a post on social media with #DoctorsDay hashtag.

National Doctors Day

History of National Doctor’s Day:

The origin of the highly celebrated day can be traced back to 30th March on 1933. The first observance was in the area of Winder, Georgia. The celebratory day was initiated by Eudora Brown Almond. She was a prominent Georgian Doctor. She wanted to honor and recognize the contribution doctors make in our lives.

So, she decide d to celebrate the day by sending greeting cards to all of the doctors she knew and place flowers on the grave of the deceased doctors. The flowers she placed on the graves were red carnations and that tradition is still going on. The reason behind choosing 30th March particularly was because that was the day when Dr. Crawford W. Long used an ether anesthetic for the first time during surgery in 1842. The day got the official holiday status in the year 1991.

How to celebrate National Doctors’ Day 2020?

Express your token of gratitude by thanking

You can recognize the hard work and patience doctors put into their work by sending appreciation card or email. You can also donate to the local Medical Centre. As a community, you can also arrange a yearly event to give awards to the local doctors for everything they do for us. This surely will make them feel valuable and happy knowing the fact that their contribution is appreciated.

Schedule that much needed regular Check-Up:

A regular visit to your doctor can help you keep your body in check and also find issues with your body in advance in case they happen to arise. Avoiding your doctor can e=only worsen the situation. So, be a conscious human being and take the initiative to schedule regular monthly or weekly visits to your doctor.

Stay healthy and place red carnation over the grave of the deceased Doctors:

Believe it or not, more than anybody else your doctor wants you to remain healthy and functioning. So, do regular exercise, eat healthy foods and sleep sufficiently. You can also express your gratitude by honoring the tradition of placing red carnation over the graves of the doctors who passed away after rendering their valuable service.

Why we celebrate Happy National Doctors Day?

Honestly saying that’s just a silly thing to explore. The amount of time a doctor simply spends in a lifetime behind patients and the guts it takes to do surgery is something that’s scary and unimaginable to any normal human being.

Doctors are our superhero without capes who not only relieves physical pain but also provide us mental assistance to issues that really matter. Their resilience, patience, guts, sympathy, dedication, craft and many other qualities that put them on the high pedestal. So, we should celebrate the day to honor everything they do for us.


So, the next time you visit your doctor make sure to smile and say kind words of appreciation. Gratitude and kindness make the heart melt and it surely would make our everyday angel-like doctors happy. So, let’s make gratitude the attitude.


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