National Dog Day 2020 – Wednesday, August 26 (Happy Dog Day)


National Dog Day 2020 – Wednesday, August 26! Dogs those four legged friend that is the epitome of loyal friend. We love them with our life and they brighten our day with never fading enthusiasm and support. So, every year to celebrate their presence and recognize their impact on our life, on 26th August each year there is day reserved for our four legged furry friends. It’s also a great way to ring attention to the abuse dogs face by our own kind and discourage such behaviors. The sole purpose behind the celebration of this day is to rescue almost ten thousand dogs per year.

History of the National Dog Day

An expert on pet lifestyle and behavior known as Collen Paige founded the National Dog Day on 26th August each year. This particular date was chosen because she adopted the first dog which was named “Sheltie” on this day. The observation or celebration of this day was done not to just celebrate their presence but also to bring attention to the daily abuse and neglect dog’s faces. The day also wants to end the breed specific legislation and increase the safety of working dogs. The day is against any sort of ban against any dog breed.

How to Celebrate National Dog Day 2020?

National Dog Day 2020

  1. Make a Dogs Day Out

There are many dog-friendly restaurants out there. You can take your dog there and can also visit some exotic place where your dog might enjoy itself. We know that your dog would simply love to spend some quality time with his or her HOOMAN!

  1. Host a party with puppy as the center of attraction

You can arrange a dog party where the invited guest will have to come up with their dogs. The party might contain dog’s favorite playing material like- Frisbee, football etc. You can keep your dog’s favorite foods in there and also arrange entertainment programs where attending dogs will perform their own skillset. Keep the decorum and overall arrangement dog friendly and keep it lit for both humans and their favorite doggos!

  1. Treat Yourself with some Puppy Love

You can simply stay at home with your dog and watch some Netflix and chill. You can enjoy movie or show based on dogs. We are sure your dog will love it.

  1. Celebrate in Social Media Sites

You can show off your way of celebration with pride and bliss in social media sites to encourage the celebration of this day and raise awareness about an important issue.

Why did we love to celebrate National Dog Day 2020?

Dogs are probably the best animal friend human beings ever have and will have. They are a support system in every phase of life. So, by celebrating this day we can fulfill our moral obligation to ring attention to the suffering they face and also celebrate their presence in our life in the best manner possible.


We all should come forward to celebrate the day because we owe this much to our four-legged friend. So, go wild and get creative in your celebration ways and delight your doggo!


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