National Egg Day 2022: When & How to Celebrate?

National Egg Day 2022 – Friday, June 3! Well, there is denying the fact that starting from Humpty dumpty to Easter eggs we are pretty much crossed the borderline for being obsessed with eggs. The reason is still a mysterious one at that. In fact, some of the greatest and unsolved mysteries around the world revolve around the egg, for instance- “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” What’s funny is that some vegetarians prefer eating eggs and are happy to label themselves as eggetarians just to avoid confrontation.

National Egg Day 2022
National Egg Day 2022

It’s a known fact that eggs contain high levels of protein, so it’s only natural most of us are suckers for eggs. National Egg Day which is to be celebrated on 3rd June will let eggs finally be able to break out of their shells. Eggs were having a bit of a hard time since some health experts were concerned with the high cholesterol content among eggs.

However, after American Heart Association came to the decision that the people’s health benefits of eggs simply outweigh the concerns. So, feel free to use that cliche phrase- “So how do you like your eggs” with no shame whatsoever on the coming National Eggs Day. Our article here will give you a 360-degree view of the day.

When is National Egg Day 2022 USA?

Friday, June 3 is the official celebration date of Happy National Egg Day 2022 in the United States.

National Egg Day History

Though we haven’t been able to figure out the exact time or reason how the celebratory day came into existence, let’s not shy away from the fact that the celebration is gaining more momentum than the previous year. Eggs have rightly made an inseparable place in man’s heart.

How to Celebrate Happy National Egg Day 2022?

Try something new

Though people, in general, like to consume chicken eggs mainly, there are many other consumable eggs like quail, gull, turkey, pheasant, etc. The taste might be different but you wouldn’t know whether you are goanna appreciate or reject the taste until you have tried it out. So, try out something different this year as a celebration of the day. Trying out duck eggs is a good way to start if our suggestion counts!

Unleash the chef inside you

How about you try to do something different this year. How does the sound of a new recipe with eggs sound to you? If you are interested, then consider trying an egg recipe that has its origin in another culture or country. All you need to do is Google a bit to find a recipe for your liking, capisce?

Celebrate on Social Media

You can also celebrate the day on social media with the hashtag #NationalEggDay to promote awareness and gain momentum for the day by posting pictures of your way of celebrating.

Why we did Love to Celebrate National Egg Day?

Eggs have been playing a significant role for centuries around the world. Eggs are undoubtedly an unstoppable package when it is concerned with the factors of flexibility and top-quality protein serving at a very affordable price range. Not only that, but eggs are also an amazing source of choline, which is very crucial for memory and brain development.

When you’re factoring in ease and great taste, there’s literally no competition. Eggs can be cooked in many ways which is one of the major reasons most people love them. So, it’s clear that we would be fond of a day which helps us to celebrate one of our favorite foods.

National Egg Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Sayings, Status, Captions 2022

Eggs are a rich source of protein, rich in Omega-3, and good for bones and brain health. Wishing you all – a very Happy Egg Day!

When you have egg in your breakfast plate, you know that your day is going to be an awesome one….. Wishing you healthy meals with lots of eggs on World Egg Day.

Let us celebrate World Egg Day by enjoying the amazing dishes cooked using eggs to make it the happiest day of the year…. Tasty eggs make every soul happy and every stomach healthy…. Happy World Egg Day.

World Egg Day is a sweet reminder to each one of us to make sure that we eat eggs in our breakfasts to live healthily and live happily…… Sending you best wishes on World Egg Day.

World Egg Day celebrates the love for eggs and lets us make it a memorable day by enjoying eggs in different forms and dishes for a healthy celebration…. Make it an egglicious day!!!

When you talk about good health and a wholesome diet, you are actually referring to eggs because they truly make a complete and rich diet for each one of us…. Happy World Egg Day.

They make the quickest, tastiest and healthiest breakfast….. They are the cute little eggs that we all love….. Sending my warm wishes to you on World Egg Day.

On World Egg Day, we celebrate the goodness that eggs bring into our lives and the happiness they spread on our faces with their superb taste….. Happy World Egg Day.

The best thing about eggs is that you can cook them the way you want them and experiment with them to create dishes that promise a wholesome meal…. Best wishes on World Egg Day.

Warm wishes on the occasion of National Egg Day to you. Make sure that you include eggs in each and every meal of yours to make it a perfect day.

Wishing a very Happy National Egg Day to you. Where there are eggs on the plate, there is happiness and goodness in life.

On the occasion of National Egg Day, I extend my warm wishes to you. May the goodness of eggs always keep you happy and healthy.

The perfect way to celebrate the occasion of National Egg Day is by indulging in the fantastic taste and health benefits of eggs. Happy National Egg Day.

The good thing about eggs is that you can have them any way you desire to complete your meals in a wholesome way. Warm wishes on National Egg Day to you.

The occasion of National Egg Day reminds all of us to make our lives perfect with the health benefits associated with eggs. Happy National Egg Day.

Eggs are one of the most versatile things to enjoy and that is what makes them so loved and amazing. Wishing a very Happy National Egg Day to you.

Let’s celebrate the day like it’s meant to be as unapologetically as we can and by consuming as much as we can.

What is the celebration date of National Egg Day?

Year Date Day
2022 June 3 Friday
2023 June 3 Saturday
2024 June 3 Monday
2025 June 3 Tuesday
2026 June 3 Wednesday

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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