National Freedom Day 2022 – Tuesday, February 1


National Freedom Day 2022 – Saturday, February 1! ‘Freedom’ it’s a word that allows a citizen to take free air in his/her own country. The taste of freedom can’t be compared with anything else. Yes, once upon a time the United States was ruled by some else. But finally, we got independence and that’s why February 1 is celebrated as National Freedom Day in the whole United States.

When is National Freedom Day 2022 In United States?

1st February is the official celebration date of Freedom Day 2022.

National Freedom Day

National Freedom Day History

The journey of this day was started by President Abraham Lincoln. In 1947, both of the houses of the USA congress decided to celebrate 1st February as their National freedom day. Finally, in 1948, the law to celebrate this was officially signed. That’s the history behind this very special day.

How to celebrate National Freedom Day 2022?

This day is not like other celebration days to the American’s. We celebrate this day, in several ways. Let’s find out how you can celebrate this day-

Share your thoughts on Social Media:

Nowadays we share everything on social networking sites. No matter what we do, what we eat, we share every single thing. So when it comes to our National Freedom Day, we can uphold our national ideology through social networking sites. We can share status, in which we will describe our thoughts about our country. We can share some quotes. In a word, let’s just make the best use of social networking sites on this freedom day.

Read a Book:

Do you know how many books are written on our National freedom day? Trust us, the amount is many. So you can read all the books which are written in our national history. Once you will read all those books, you will realise what is the actual meaning of loving a country. You can read a biography of any of the presidents of the USA, who worked hard for the welfare of the USA.

Arrange a Group Discussion:

To be very honest, if you search then you will find so many peoples who know a lot about our country. Who knows the history of our National Freedom Day. So you can knock all of them, then you can invite them to your house. Once they come to your house, start a group discussion. This kind of group discussion will make you know about some facts which you never knew.

Why we celebrate National Freedom Day?

  1. It creates a Bonding: This day creates a chance to come near to each other. We remain busy in our personal life. But on this day, we come near to each other. This thing happens just because of this day. So that’s why we celebrate this day.
  2. It reminds our History: We have a history that is full of dedication. Right now, we are the best economic power of the entire world. But this position came because of the hard work of so many people. Somehow we used to forget those people’s efforts. This day reminds us of their hard work.
  3. It reminds us of the meaning of Freedom: Today we can say whatever we want. We can do whatever we want. But let’s say, if you didn’t get the freedom, then that won’t be possible. We might have to live by being a slave of others. So our National freedom day reminds us that, we are free now. That’s why we love this day.


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