National Fried Chicken Day 2021: History, Celebration, Wishes, Quotes, Images, Free Deals


National Fried Chicken Day 2021 – Tuesday, July 6! What’s that one greasy meal which makes your mouth drool with anticipation at the mere mention of it? Well, we know that it’s none other than delicious fried chicken! We all like to indulge in this guilty pleasure of gorging fried chicken from time to time. It was a very expensive food sold to the rich up until the 2nd world war. After the war, techniques were developed to grow this food on a mass scale and that is why are able to indulge in it in any part of the world any time we want!

So, we are here to hit you with some knowledge regarding National Fried Chicken Day which is observed on the 6th of July each year. So, pat over your belly and ready your napkins, because we know you are going to dive deeper into some juicy fried chicken after you are done with the article.

When is National Fried Chicken Day 2021?

Tuesday, July 6 is the official celebration date of Happy National Fried Chicken Day 2021 in the United States.

National Fried Chicken Day

History of the National Fried Chicken Day

Though we are not sure about how the day was formed. But we can let you know a thing or two about the history of fried chicken. History has it, the fried chicken came to the US through both African immigrants who used to fry chicken which was seasoned, while Scottish immigrants used to fry chicken that was unseasoned. The southern states of America combined the recipe method of both traditions and that is what we all consume these days!

How to Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day 2021?

You have got some options available to you for celebrating National Fried Chicken Day. You can decide to fry the chickeny yourself and also take feedback from your friends and family. You have probably only eaten the fried chicken available in your neighborhood. Well, you can use this day to dwell in a southern restaurant and check out their fried chicken.

You can also show your fried chicken gorging manner on social media sites with the hashtag #NationalFriedChickenDay. You can also arrange a party themed with fried chicken and invited guests may come in chicken costumes. You can arrange crispy fried chicken either homemade or ready-made and have fun with each other.

Why did we Love to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day?

  1. Empowerment history

During the initial days, fried chicken was sold y slaves and thus they were able to generate some cash and were forwarded to the path of financial freedom. So, this day can serve as a reminder to honor the effort of those tormented human beings.

  1. Availability of choice

Fried chicken comes in endless varieties. They can come in the extra-crispy, crispy, regular, or spicy form. So, people can choose the chicken of their own liking on this day and eat it in any manner they deem fit.

National Fried Chicken Day 2021 Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Captions:

Here the below, you will find the best Happy National Fried Chicken Day Sayings, Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, Greetings, Captions & Status for Social Media. Just collect them and share them on social media with the #NationalFriedChickenDay hashtag.

-My wishes to you and your family today, go have a bucket of fried chicken and savor your taste.

-Let’s spice up the day and eat fried chicken.

-You know I don’t want to go to parks or museums, I want to go to KFCs and celebrate this very important day. Wishing everyone a very happy fried chicken day.

-While they are alive they help you wake up, while they are fried they help you fill your tummy. Respect chicken and celebrate the fried chicken day.

– I don’t know how can a day be so yummy, fried chicken day should be celebrated on a mass scale, I wish everyone a very yummy day.

-I wish that you and your family enjoy this very delicious day. Many many yummilicious days to everyone.

– Let’s eat and celebrate the best of this very delicious fried chicken day.

-I would like to meet the inventor of this day, he has given me a day to celebrate for a lifetime. Happy fried chicken day.

Let’s hurry, let’s go to the nearest KFC and just pay our tribute to the chickens who died to fill our tummy. Happy fried chicken day.

-My favorite food is chicken, so today I will celebrate the whole day by just having fried chicken.

-I wish that we all get an unlimited supply of fried chicken throughout our lives.


We know that you are going to eat bellyful of your favorite fried chicken on the coming National Fried Chicken Day. Don’t forget to share your celebratory ways with your friends and acquaintances.


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