National Garage Sale Day 2023 – Saturday, August 12

National Garage Sale Day 2023 – Saturday, August 12! On Garage Sale Day, which is observed on the second Saturday in August and falls on August 12 this year, visit garage sales in your neighborhood. Yes, these sales are phenomenal and they can definitely help you find the items you’ve been seeking. This includes any furniture, books, decorations, jewelry, kitchen items, electronics, and even additional items that might be required for your daily life. All you have to do is make absolutely sure you aren’t being conned into purchasing something for an absurdly high price. Do you wish to dispose of certain personal property? Use this day to hold a yard sale or garage sale!

When is National Garage Sale Day 2023 USA?

Saturday, August 12 is the official celebration date of Happy National Garage Sale Day 2023 in the United States (U.S.).

National Garage Sale Day 2023
National Garage Sale Day 2023

History Of Garage Sale Day

After witnessing his neighbors arrange garage sales practically every weekend, C. Daniel Rhodes of Alabama in the United States came up with the idea for Garage Sale Day around the year 2001. But first, read this fascinating background of how garage sales got started and how they spread to become so common before you go out and shop at one or hold your own. Rummage sales also recognized as garage sales, were kept in a community nearly every single week in the 1890s. Nevertheless, the sales were organized by religious institutions or other nonprofits with the goal of raising money for those who needed it. By the 1950s and 1960s, these sales became extremely prevalent, and locals who desired to raise money or needed money held yard sales.

This was primarily due to the rise in consumerism that occurred during this time, which led many people to want to get rid of their old household items and replace them with more up-to-date models. So, people began holding garage sales for their neighbors rather than just throwing things away. The first City Wide Garage Sale took place in California in 1990; it is now held twice a year and is widely publicized. In actuality, nearly just about everyone advertises garage sales utilizing advertisements in newspapers, signposts outside of homes, posters, or the internet. Due to this, there have been more garage sales across the nation; it is approximated that 6.5 to 9 million garage sales are held annually in the United States. Understand what that means? You can also possess one of your own!

How to Celebrate Garage Sale Day 2023?

  1. Have a garage sale

Do you have any objects you wish to get rid of? When you can sell them at a garage sale and make money, why toss them away?

  1. Attend a garage sale

Attend a garage sale to mark the occasion; you might be surprised by the unusual items you find there.

  1. Promote the value of garage sales

There is a reason why there are numerous garage sales each year throughout the United States; they benefit individuals in manners that are incomprehensible to us. Highlight the significance of garage sales all day long to ensure that the craze doesn’t ever fade.

Best Tips for Successful Garage Sale

Here is a comprehensive list of 15 tips for you to conduct a successful garage sale-

  1. Select a date and commit to it for your garage sale.

Undoubtedly, if you reside in a sub-division that is planning to host a community garage sale occasion, it would be a wonderful time to organize your garage sale seeing as plenty of customers would already be out and about. However, choose a date and mark it on the calendar regardless of the fact that you might plan to go solo! One of the biggest advantages of holding a garage sale is that it compels you to organize your belongings and provides you a deadline.

  1. Time Management for Garage Sale

Garage selling tends to vary depending on the area.  The morning is usually a peak period. By noon, the number of customers begins to decline, so if necessary, I believe you should think about wrapping up your sale then. When choosing a date for your garage sale, take into account that you’ll probably sell significantly more items if you can hold it over 2 days rather than just one.

  1. Brutally purge the clutter

Remember that clearing out clutter is a major motivation for holding this garage sale. Get started with your throwing things away, the moment you know the date of your sale! You should go through your home right away and remove anything you don’t require or desire. The best part regarding decluttering in preparation for a garage sale is the additional incentive that emerges from realizing every item you get let go of might bring in a little extra cash!

  1. Make a plan.

The more in advance, you can plan, the better it is for you. On the day of the sale, when things can get chaotic, trust us when we say that you will thank yourself. Actually, write descriptions, set prices, and so forth.

  1. Accept that not everything at a garage sale will sell equally.

Some things are more well-liked and profitable to sell at a garage sale than others. Anything that is in satisfactory quality will undoubtedly sell more quickly than an item that is damaged. Along with kitchen items, baby and children’s clothing, toys, and gadgets are very popular. Although it can be profitable, adult clothing is not as widely worn as children’s clothing. A garage sale may not be worthwhile in case you lack top-selling items.

  1. Clean up stuffs!

Cleaner, more presentable items tend to sell better. So just go ahead and tidy anything that looks soiled or dated, wash the clothes so they smell new, clean any dishes or vases, and dust any of it that has been in storage for a while. A few buyers can be totally turned off by dirty goods. They might presume that every item is filthy even if they only notice just a few dirty items.

  1. Price Each Item Plainly

Every item’s price must be stated loudly and clearly. Do not force individuals to inquire or simply state, “Best offer.” This will deter many customers since some people find it uncomfortable to inquire about prices or to make an offer. It will be simpler for customers to make purchases if each item has a clearly stated price.

  1. Consider purchasing roughly similar items in bulk

Consider pricing comparable items in bulk to save additional time. Just price comparable things with the same price while bulk pricing, and be sure to specify which objects you mean.

  1. Price It Right.

Pricing is absolutely essential, but then so is pricing correctly. Nobody will purchase if you price your goods too high. By setting prices lower, you will frequently end up making more money. It’s simple to become sentimentally attached to your possessions or to think back on the amount you paid for them and set an absurdly high asking price. Prevent this. Irrespective of whether you genuinely adore it or the amount you compensated for it when you acquired it, it is simply worth what a person is willing to pony up for it. Whatever the kind of unnecessary stuff you’re getting rid of, your garage sale prices should be incredibly low—even lesser than those at thrift shops. Additionally, low prices motivate customers to make larger purchases.

  1. Present Your Items Tastefully and Act Like a Store

More folks will explore and purchase from you if your merchandise is presented nicely. Folks have a hard time finding what they need if everything is pushed on a table, and it also does not appear as attractive. When you arrange it more like a shop, it inspires visitors to stay, browse, and assists them in locating precisely what they’re looking for.

  1. Set up the garage sale. 

All of it ought to be simple to find, then.  Items should be neatly displayed and kept organized. Sort the clothing by size. Everything in the kitchen should be in one place. You would like to make things simple for customers. Label all of it obviously as well.

  1. Give It Your Complete Focus.

Be ready to devote all of your focus to the garage sale as it is taking place. After customers have perused or once you’ve sold a bunch, you’ll stay organized regularly.

  1. Increase Income

A common motivation for holding a garage sale is the desire to earn a little extra money. When you’re just trying to loosen up the budget a little, a garage sale can be useful.

  1. Promote your garage sale   

Advertising is crucial to an effective garage sale, so use photos if you can. People cannot possibly arrive and purchase if they are unaware of it. Display lots of signs, please! Wherever you can, start advertising. Facebook and Craigslist are excellent places to begin. Use websites like Yard Sale Search and Garage Sale Finder as well. They are venues that have already been created to assist you in publicizing your garage sale.

  1. Use photographs in your ads.

Make sure to be very precise in your ads and list all the items you are currently offering. By being precise regarding what you have, you can draw customers who are interested in what you sell. Whenever you can, usually involve images!

Why We Love Garage Sale Day

Due to the fact that used goods are absorbed and reprocessed rather than being disposed of, garage sales are genuinely beneficial to the environment. Not everybody has access to the actual price of items like home furnishings, booklets, clothing and shoes, electronic parts, etc. Garage sales are a bouncing sanctuary for these people. Although some everyday items might well be considered “old” by one family, those who enjoy collecting antiques will find them to be a rare gem.

Celebration Dates of National Garage Sale Day

Year Date Day
2022 August 13 Saturday
2023 August 12 Saturday
2024 August 10 Saturday
2025 August 9 Saturday
2026 August 8 Saturday

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy, and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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