National Guacamole Day 2023 – Saturday, September 16

National Guacamole Day 2023 – Saturday, September 16! It is now more than just a side dish. Every year on September 16, we celebrate National Guacamole Day, putting the focus on this delectable green concoction. Avocados, often referred to as “guac,” are used to make guacamole, which is widely recognized for its high nutritional richness and quantity of heart-healthy fats. Avocados are trees that are primarily found in Mexico and Central America. In actuality, avocados are regarded as a fruit! There are countless variations in guacamole preparation.

Onion, garlic, cumin, tomato, cilantro, or even pre-made salsa are used to flavor guacamole. Guacamole is typically eaten with tortilla chips; however, it also goes well with carrot sticks, celery, and corn chips. Guacamole tastes great in salads, on sandwiches, and on hamburgers. Some even incorporate it into smoothies! Therefore, on September 16, eat some guacamole and “Go Green”!

When is National Guacamole Day 2023 USA?

Saturday, September 16 is the official celebration date of Happy National Guacamole Day 2023 in the United States (US).

National Guacamole Day 2023
National Guacamole Day 2023

History of National Guacamole Day

National Guacamole Day is a great reason to eat the greatest of dips, even though the holiday doesn’t precisely appear to have any exceptionally poetic origins. Guacamole, meanwhile, appears to have its roots in the Aztec people prior to the 16th century. Because of the wonderful beneficial properties of the avocado, initial guacamole dishes merely called for mashed avocado, which quickly made them very prominent. Eventually, tomatoes and onions were added, which was a logical progression given that both of those ingredients are native to the Americas. Lime juice, which was originally from the Middle East, however, traveled west with Christopher Columbus and was later introduced.

FAQs About National Guacamole Day

  • What Cities Celebrate National Guacamole Day?

USA and Mexico both of these countries tend to celebrate National Guacamole Day.

  • On what day is National Guacamole Day observed?

Nearly all of the guac-loving citizens of the nation celebrate National Guacamole Day.

  • When Was the First National Guacamole Day?

Regrettably, it has not yet been established when this day officially began.

  • Why is it called guacamole?

The Nahuatl word ahuaca-molli, which combines the words for “avocado” and “sauce” in the Aztec language, served as the inspiration for the Spanish word “guacamole.” Over the past few decades, guacamole has been increasingly prevalent in the United States, with consumption of avocados peaking well before Super Bowl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo.

  • Who invented guacamole first?

The Aztecs of Mexico are thought to have invented guacamole in the 1500s employing the same ingredients we still deeply love. Guacamole is a delicious spicy green spread. They gave it the name ahuaca-mulli, which is Spanish for “avocado sauce” or “avocado mixture.

  • Who Started National Guacamole Day?

Guacamole may have warranted a particular mention on the listing of national culinary holidays, according to a group of guac fans. But nobody has claimed that they started this day.

National Guacamole Day Deals 2023

As National Guacamole Day arrives, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the various Mexican eateries, including Chipotle, El Pollo Loco, Del Taco, Chuy’s, Moe’s, and On the Border. If previous years have been any indication, you’ll notice a lot of advertisements for free sides of guacamole, frequently served with chips when you order entrees.

  • Baja Fresh: For online orders placed in 2021, Baja Fresh provided free guacamole.
  • Carnivale: On National Guacamole Day in 2021, patrons at the Chicago restaurant Carnivale might have guacamole for half off.
  • Chipotle: Customers had the option to add a free side of guacamole to their Chipotle meal the year before.
  • Del Taco: From September 16–19, 2021, customers received a complimentary snack-size bowl of guacamole with just about any buy. In order to be prepared for this year’s deal, install the Del Taco app.
  • Dos Toros: The year before, Dos Toros gave away a complimentary big dollop of chips and guacamole with the order of an entree to honor National Guacamole Day.
  • On The Border: Keep an eye out to see if On the Border announces a promotion on National Guacamole Day in 2021.
  • Qdoba: Guacamole is always available for free in addition to Qdoba orders.
  • Taco Bueno: During the previous year, Taco Bueno included a little portion of chips and guacamole for avocado lovers.
  • Tijuana Flats: During the previous year, Tijuana Flats doubled loyalty members’ rewards for each transaction.
  • Friendly’s: Sign up for Friendly’s BFF program to receive $2 off a Grilled Chicken Avocado Sandwich and fries, or a California Avocado Cobb Salad. The offer is good for current or new BFF members on July 31 to August 8, 2020.

How to Celebrate National Guacamole Day 2023?

  1. Prepare Fresh Guacamole.

Making your own guacamole at home can help you fully embrace National Guacamole Day. Squeezing every avocado lightly will help you choose ripe ones at the shop. Mature avocados will yield under light pressure. Open your avocados at home, and scoop out the green meat into a bowl after removing the stones. For added flavor, mash with a fork or hand mixer and stir in certain onion or salsa.

  1. Take A Tour of Guacamoles

A guacamole extravaganza is about to begin. On National Guacamole Day, get together with some friends and attempt to visit a minimum of three restaurants. Choose which guacamole you prefer by trying some at each location.

  1. Plan A Guacamole Party

To commemorate National Guacamole Day, host a little gathering at your house with family and close friends. By adorning and donning Central American-inspired costumes, you may pay homage to the roots of guacamole. Naturally, the guacamole distinguished guest will be the focal point of the snacks table. However, it can also be stuffed with a wide range of different goodies from south of the border. Consider offering several quesadillas, taquitos, tostadas, and chips and salsa. Add some flan or churros for a delectable dessert.

  1. Include Guacamole in Your Meals.

You can honor National Guacamole Day by continuing to eat some guacamole, regardless of whether you prepared a few from scratch or purchased some to bring home. However, why end there? National Guacamole Day is your chance to get inventive. Fusion cuisine has been influenced by guacamole all across the globe. Make room in your dinner preparations to include a small amount of guacamole. Put additional guacamole on your chicken or undertake something completely absurd! Who’s up for some mac and cheese with guacamole?

Why We Love National Guacamole Day

Guacamole is another of those cuisines that is simple to love, regardless you prefer it hot or plain. The avocado is full of healthy fats that lower cholesterol, and when it’s crushed, the texture is creamy, enhancing the excellent flavor.  The guacamole was first served as a side dish in Mexico. Guacamole is becoming more and more popular all over the world, but particularly across the US and Canada, because of its delicious flavor and advantageous health properties. Currently, guacamole fusion exists. Check for it on salads, as a sandwich dip, and why not on a pizza!

So many of us likely don’t require a particular justification to consume guacamole. However, the majority of us still link guacamole to Mexican food. Even if there are many creative methods to combine guacamole with other foods, we can be apprehensive about trying those combos at home. Nevertheless, National Guacamole Day is a perfect excuse to enjoy this nutritious, high-vitamin dish, whether you prefer traditional guacamole or are fixated on the turkey and guacamole croissant sandwich.

National Guacamole Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Sayings, Images, Memes, Gif, Status, Captions 2023

“I love those things that make my guilty pleasures but don’t bring any guilt along. Wishing a very Happy National Guacamole Day.”

“The best way to revive many moods is just by adding guacamole to the meals. A very Happy National Guacamole Day to you.”

“When you are confused about what to eat, you know you always have guacamole to keep you sorted. Happy National Guacamole Day to you.”

“Enjoy it as a dip or just make yummy sandwiches with it, there are so many ways to enjoy guacamole. A very Happy National Guacamole Day to all.”

“When health and taste meet, you get the goodness of guacamole added to your lives. Warm wishes on National Guacamole Day to everyone.”

“If you wish to celebrate your life then celebrate it with something as nice as guacamole. Wishing a very Happy National Guacamole Day.”

“On the occasion of National Guacamole Day, I wish that you enjoy the best of the guacamole in different flavours to make this day a celebration of good taste.”

“Warm wishes on National Guacamole Day to you. If you really love guacamole then it is never enough because you always long for more.”

Celebration Dates of National Guacamole Day

Year Date Day
2022 September 16 Friday
2023 September 16 Saturday
2024 September 16 Monday
2025 September 16 Tuesday
2026 September 16 Wednesday

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