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National High Five Day 2022: When and How to celebrate?


Happy National High Five Day 2022 – Thursday, April 21! You might be wondering or have wondered at one point in your life regarding why everybody is saying up high and high fiving each other all of a sudden! Well, that’s because it’s probably National High Five Day. Haven’t heard about it, then don’t worry! Because we are here to take you through a trip to National High Five Day.

National High Five Day 2022
National High Five Day 2022 – 21st April

The High Five is when you and another person slap hands together over your head. Somehow if you have passed your life without knowing about it, you don’t have to bang your head against a wall now since we have enlightened you!

National High Five Day is a day reserved to give high to everyone you meet on the way whether they are your friends, classmates, random strangers or colleagues doesn’t matter! You can even high-five virtually to someone who might be living far away from where you are! Every year 21st of April is celebrated as the National High Five Day.

When is National High Five Day 2021?

Thursday, 21st April is the official celebration date of National High Five Day 2021 in the United States.

History of National High Five Day

Life can become tiring and really hard to live through the day-to-day drudgery! So, we all deserve to get high five from time to time just for getting out of bed! There is no one solid history of the origin behind the day. However, we are going with the one when Dodgers Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke gave each other a high five in celebration in a basketball match which dates back to 1977.

How to Celebrate National High Five Day 2022?

  1. High Five All The Way

Well, you can start by grinning from your ear to ear and swing your arm forward by smacking the palm of the person in front of you! If you got it right, then there should be a “thwack’ sound due to the friction between your palms! High everyone for every little thing you might have achieved or someone else achieved!

  1. Teach a Kid the art of giving high five

Babies are curious little things by nature. On the National High Five Day, you can teach the baby in your home or neighborhood the art of giving a high five by practicing quite a few times. The smile of the baby will surely warm your heart.

  1. Teach your pet to high five

It would be fun to watch your pet giving you a high five every time you come home. Then what are you waiting for, get to work immediately to teach your pet high five!

  1. Collect donation for cancer fighters

Do you know High five Day was initially developed with the intent to raise awareness for cancer? High Five signifies the courageous fight cancer patients are fighting every day and you can use this day by doing the noble job of collecting as many high five as you get and make donations based on the number of high fives!

Why we are Celebrate National High Five Day?

High Five Day is a reminder that every little success in life deserves a bit of celebration. High five makes us realize that we shouldn’t just get caught up in life’s puzzling tantrums rather we should celebrate the fact that there are problems for you to solve! Last but not least this day brings focus on the plight and courage every cancer patient goes through! So, high all the way to our life should become the viral mantra!

Happy National High Five Day 2020 (Virtual High Five) – #StayHome #StaySafe


By now you must have got the hang of National High Five Day. So, without further ado, high five to you for finishing this article in one sitting!



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