National Hug Day 2020 – Tuesday, January 21


National Hug Day 2020 – Tuesday, January 21! The Visualize a circumstance that you are damn kind of tensed and you need a bit of support from anyone. Trust me, at that moment only one thing can release all your tension, and that is a hug. Naturally, only a tight hug can make you feel great. A hug from your parents, a hug from your loved ones will make you the happiest person in the world. That’s why January 21 is celebrated as National Hug Day all around the nation.

When is National Hug Day 2020?

January 21 is the official celebration date of “National Hug Day”.

National Hug Day

National Hug Day History:

This Day was founded by Kevin Zaborney in 1986. There is a heart touching story behind it. He suddenly felt that American people feel a bit of embarrassed when it comes to hugging people or in other words he realized that Americans are not okay with showing their emotions publicly. So that’s why he founded this day so that people can hug each other in public and show their emotions.

How to celebrate National Hug Day 2020?

Just hug your loved ones. That feeling can’t be compared with anything else. You don’t need any day for this, but there are some special ways to celebrate this day. So let’s start-

Hug your closest Friends:

If we are not wrong then, you have a lot of friends. But the thing is, all of them are not special. Some of them mean a lot to you. Find them out and hug them tight. They will realize how much special they are to you.

Hug Strangers:

It’s not necessary to hug the people whom you know. You can hug someone who is just totally unknown to you. Why we are saying this? Because this will reduce racism from the world. This will break all the barriers among people. This makes you feel one of the happiest people in the world.

Hug Yourself:

Does it sound a bit of funny? It might, but this works. It’s not necessary to find the loved ones near you. If they are not near you, just hug yourself. Wrap yourself with your hands. This will give you a great feeling. This will help you to love yourself.

Why we Celebrate National Hug Day?

It shares the love. It creates bonding. These are the main reasons for celebrating this day. Let’s discuss the other reasons-

  1. It Builds Trust: Trust is a big word. The trust helps us to rely on people. It helps us to live our lives with enough ease. That trust can be achieved through hugging. When we hug someone, we get close to their hearts. This builds and increases trust. That’s why we celebrate this day.
  2. Improves Health: This is damn true. When we hug someone, this creates a change in our immune system. While hugging, we get emotional, and this improves our blood circulation. We hope you know, improved blood circulation means sound health.
  3. It reduces Fear: Yes, it reduces fear. Imagine you are in a situation where you can’t think about anything because of fear. In that situation, if anyone hugs you, won’t that will reduce your fear? That hug at that moment will be a feelings changer for you.

Conclusion:- Live a happy life, stay calm and have a good bonding with all of your loved ones by doing a hug. So do it and live your life.


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