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December 13 – National Ice Cream Day 2019


Today is National Ice Cream Day! Ice Cream is something special, isn’t it? No matter what is age is, you will just love to have an Ice Cream. Even if you offer Ice Cream to your grandpa, he will love to have it. The logic behind loving Ice Cream is very simple. It’s just a combination of milk, cream, and various flavours. You can choose your desired flavour because Ice Creams are offered in different flavours. So as you love it, that’s why December 13 is celebrated as a national Ice Cream Day. At first, we would like to talk about the history of National Ice cream Day.

When is National Ice Cream Day 2019?

Every year, December 13 is celebrated as a National Ice Cream Day.

National Ice Cream Day History

President Regan was very fond of Ice Creams. So he decided to found a day on which people will have Ice Creams as more as possible. Suddenly he announced December 13 as National Ice Cream Day. From that day, this occasion is celebrated nationally.

How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day 2019?

To be very honest, people celebrate this day according to their wishes. People from many cities celebrate this day in many ways. But there are some common ways of it. So let’s talk about them.

Taste something New

What you normally do on normal days? You go to stores and ask for an Ice Cream. Instead of asking for different flavours you eat what is available. But National Ice Cream day is special. You can check out all the stores, find out the flavours you never tasted before. Once you find them, you can check those. For sure this will give you a new experience.

Make Ice Creams

why don’t you try something new? We are not saying you to make a factory and make Ice Creams on it. That will be a bit costly. But obviously, you can try to make Ice Creams in your home. Can’t you? Yes, you can. The process of making Ice Cream is not that tough also. It’s all about collecting egg, milk, cream, sugar, and the flavourings. You can choose flavours according to your wishes. Once you collect the, just follow a recipe and make it!

Do something for people

Are you a big-hearted person? We think you are. So why don’t you do a bit of volunteer work? Like how about you buy Ice Creams, give a temporary store in a field and distribute them among kids. When kids will have those Ice Creams for free their smiles will make you happy.

Why we Celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

It will make you Happy

Do you know having an Ice Cream increases your happiness? It’s not a joke, you might not trust us, but will trust doctors, right? Okay, then please ask any doctors near to you that, is it true? They will say that the ingredients which are used while making Ice Creams creates a positive impact on our mind and that make us happy. We know without knowing it from a doctor, you won’t trust us. So please ask and get confirmed.

It makes us more Engaging

We remain busy in our day to day life. Because of that, we don’t get enough time to interact with our neighbours. But National Ice Cream day will give you this opportunity to meet with several people.

Conclusion: It’s quite tough for us to conclude this discussion. Because this day deserves a lot of enjoyment. If we want then we can do a lot of things on that day. But it’s up to you how you want to celebrate it!



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