National Kiss A Ginger Day 2023 – Thursday, January 12

National Kiss A Ginger Day 2023 – Thursday, January 12! We all dig the red-haired people for their distinctive and eye-catching hair color. Since the majority of the redheads are subjected to taunts and ridicule, we all like their flaming locks. Kiss a Ginger Day is celebrated on January 12th, and it could be an excellent time to our empathy and admiration for them through displaying our affection by kissing. Kiss A Ginger Day is an unusual event observed on the date of January 12 all across the globe. The objective of this festival is to give that important ginger in your life a peck on the forehead or on the cheeks or lips to display the deep affection you feel for them. It’s a very new holiday, having only been observed from the year 2009, which itself is understandable given that only approximately 2 percent of the planet’s population has naturally ginger hair.

Almost all of us craved to have red hair at one point or another in our lives, but since it only happens in 2% of the populace, we resort to hair dyes to mimic the hue. Many people seem to believe having red hair means that you are bound to be Irish, British, or European, but this is not true- since this feature only appears to be prominent among people belonging to this demographic. Red hair was known to occur in Greece and Asia, according to ancient stories and archaeological evidence. Throughout the present era, the feature is most common among people northwest side of Europe. Before you get into the nitty-gritty details about this day, just kiss that ginger girl already.  Red hair is progressively fading over the world, therefore kiss ginger while chance knocks at your door.

When is National Kiss A Ginger Day 2023 USA?

Thursday, January 12 is the official celebration date of Happy National Kiss A Ginger Day 2023 in the United States (U.S).

National Kiss A Ginger Day 2023
National Kiss A Ginger Day 2023

History of Kiss a Ginger Day

Red hair started to expand throughout the Balkans, Central, and Western Europe, and the Baltic states turned out to become the geographical and historical cradle of ginger civilization between 2000 and 1500 BC. Ginger head Day, which happens to be a Dutch summer celebration that commemorates the natural features of red hair that ginger hair colored people are blessed with. It started in the year 2005. Derek Forgie, launched Kiss A Ginger Day in 2009 to oppose ‘Kick A Ginger Day,’ which happens each November. Rihanna dyed her hair with her hairdresser popularly known as Ursula Stephen during the year 2010.

One of the most popular misconceptions is that ginger hair must have originated in the country of Scotland or Ireland. Nevertheless, I believe the majority of them would be startled to find that none of those nations experienced it. Instead, it is thought to have originated in Central Asia. It occurred as a result of an alteration in the MC1R gene, which creates eumelanin, a kind of melanin.

This gene causes not just ginger hair but also freckles and a light complexion when it fails. This is likely to have generated quite a sensation in Asia during that period. Nevertheless, this variation provided a benefit to early humans as they migrated to Europe, a region that is milder heat and reduced light levels.

Their pale skin made more Vitamin D using reduced light levels than that of other population groups. As a result, their bones became thicker, and they were more likely to sustain their lives during childbirth. However, the MC1R gene appears to be backward moving, implying that it flourishes in most traditional and enclosed cultures like Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia’s coasts sides.

Because of this uniqueness, a multitude of legends and folklore regarding redheads arose in the Middle Ages, ranging from the notion that redheads were in cahoots with the wicked Satan to the belief that ginger heads transform into vampires after death.  Lots of misconceptions and assumptions about people with red hair still keep on floating around currently. That’s a possibility since ginger heads account for less than 2 percent of the global populace – ironically there are more dyed red-haired people than original redheads in the world.

How To Celebrate Kiss a Ginger Day 2023


1. Kiss that ginger already- don’t you duh us, for being captain obvious!

If you’re fortunate to the point that you have a precious redhead in your life, then give them a kiss already or two or countless kisses unless they are out of breath!   Alternatively, simply avoid chapped lips. Also, prior to smooching, ensure that you got permission to do so. You would get the innate connotation of the cliché saying- Hell, hath no fury in case you try kissing attempt on ginger without permission.

2. Spread vibes to which she can’t help but tune into!

Well, don’t be a hormonal horny tease, jeez! Now now- don’t you blame it all on the title instead get your 14/7 horny mind out of its gutter state and do something meaningful for a chance, will you! There is a good enough chance you have got redheads in your life who are off-limits for this sort of cheeky antics. So, shouldn’t they be celebrated on this day? Hell no, those beloved ginger heads need to feel cherished for simply existing. So, do something unique for them while you can. If nothing fancy comes into your brain, you can think in simple terms- like filling the whole flat with flowers or doing any funny business that your mind conjures up as long as you feel deep inside it would melt their heart!

3. Watch Movies and Listen to Music by Well-Known Gingers.

So many of our favorite stars- ranging from actors, artists, and musicians happen to be gingers. So, it only seems logical to celebrate this day by tuning into their works as a celebratory scheme, right?   Watch a film or television show starring a redhead you admire, it could be Sophie Turner, Jessica Chastain, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Adams, or Christina Hendricks. Take advantage of the movies, songs, and artwork that ginger people have bestowed upon us and get lost in their world uninvited!

Why did we love to Kiss a Ginger Day?

Red hair retains its color for a longer period of time than other colors. When it fades, it turns silvery-white rather than grey or dreary. Therefore, redheads, in case your mind craves for a different color at one point in your life, you should realize that people would admire you even though you would age for the simple reason that your hair color would still be in a hue that most people can only wish for!

Redheads appear to be significantly less prevalent than blondes, brunettes, and blacks. All thanks to the gene that generates flaming tresses is rare and functions in a backward manner, which means a child with ginger hair needs to have chromone of each parent. Since people these days tend to marry outside their community, gingers are becoming increasingly rare, and the number of redheads continues to shrink. Redheads are one-of-a-kind, and we adore their vibrant hair for their uniqueness and diversity. Redheads deserve to be celebrated if not for other reasons than for the simple reason they were the inspiration behind amazing films, arts, folklores, etc. So, who is excited to celebrate these beautiful gems!

Happy National Kiss a Ginger Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Sayings, Status, Captions 2023:

Kiss a Ginger Day is a chance to kiss someone who has fiery red hair and pale skin. Warm wishes on Kiss a Ginger Day.

Wishing you a very Happy Kiss a Ginger Day. It is time to show our love to the ginger people and spread joy in their lives.

Don’t forget to share the picture of your favorite ginger celebrity and make it a wonderful Kiss a Ginger Day.

There are so many good red-headed singers and the occasion of Kiss a Ginger Day reminds us all to appreciate them. Happy Kiss a Ginger Day.

If there is special ginger in your life then don’t forget to celebrate Kiss a Ginger Day by gifting them a kiss.

National Kiss a Ginger Day Memes

Kiss a Ginger Day gives just another chance to kiss.

Ginger people deserve to be loved like others.

Spread love with kiss. Happy Kiss a Ginger Day.

Kissing a ginger is as sweet as kissing anyone else.

Make it an unforgettable Kiss a Ginger Day.

National Kiss a Ginger Day Jokes

You don’t have to like ginger if you wish to kiss someone who is ginger. Happy Kiss a Ginger Day to everyone.

If you are going to kiss a ginger, you will have face problems of bad breath. Warm wishes on Kiss a Ginger Day.

National Kiss a Ginger Day Captions for Instagram

Make it an unforgettable Kiss a Ginger Day for yourself and for your ginger love.

Wishing a Happy Kiss a Ginger Day. Spread love and happiness by kissing your favorite ginger on this day.

What is the Celebration Date of National Kiss a Ginger Day?

Year Date Day
2022 January 12 Wednesday
2023 January 12 Thursday
2024 January 12 Friday
2025 January 12 Sunday
2026 January 12 Monday

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