National Lipstick Day – Wednesday, July 29, 2020


National Lipstick Day 2020 – Wednesday, July 29! Hold your lips high because it is National Lipstick Day. Each year on the date of 29th July, National lipstick Day is celebrated. It’s a day that works good kind of excuse to encourage women to war the best lipstick shade that suits them or the ones they prefer. Though the day might be a recent invention, truth is lipsticks origin goes a lot way back. Lipstick is the only makeup material that most women can’t go a day without.

It’s like taking a breath for some! It’s hard to blame them, after all, It brings pout their beauty. Not just that lipstick stands as one’s own personal signature. The versatile shades that exist bring out different feelings. We know you would hardly disagree that lipstick is an outfit that gives a complete meaning to what a woman stands for. You cannot go without other jewelry but not without lipstick. We hope that after reading the article you would be motivated enough to boldly wear the lipstick you want in case you are wondering whether it would be silly to celebrate the day.

When is National Lipstick Day 2020?

July 29 is the official celebration date of National Lipstick Day 2020.

National Lipstick Day

History of the Day

It is assumed that cosmetic companies, beauty bloggers, fashionistas as well as bloggers started to celebrate the day almost some decade ago. But it’s been hard to figure out who exactly started the day or where it came from. We think you would agree that it’s a fun holiday even if it’s not legit. So, go boldly with the hue or matter or brand that gives your lips the kind of glow you like to don your lips with. It can be modern hues or traditional old favorites, doesn’t matter as long as you think it brings out your inner mood or personality!

How to Celebrate National Lipstick Day 2020?

  1. Don your lips with a new shade

Its only natural that you have a signature shade that you most prefer. But on this day we think it would be good for you to check out something different. Don the kind of ones you have been hoping for a while now but being a bit self-conscious about.

  1. Video yourself

You have been looking at other girls or women lipstick do-over videos for a long time now. Start to take videos of yourself from now on while wearing your favorite lipstick shade.

  1. Visit diverse lipstick brand stores

You can also visit diverse brand stores to find out your favorite color shade and also to get free lipsticks from those stores. Since on this day, many stores give out free shades of lipsticks

  1. Post on social media sites

Make your celebration grand through portraying your glam, bold, and beautiful version through waring your signature lipstick brand.

Why We Love National Lipstick Day 2020?

We love the day because it celebrates our favorite makeup tool, the one we can’t go a day without doing on!


We surely hope that you would go boldly, unapologetically and uniquely in your life through wearing your favorite lipstick shade.


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