National Neighbor Day 2023 – Thursday, September 28

National Neighbor Day 2023 – Thursday, September 28! Do you desire to become the neighborhood’s preferred choice? On National Neighbor Day, people are encouraged to honor their neighbors by giving back to the neighborhood, the community, and one another. Strong friendships can frequently result from interactions with neighbors. In many ways, neighbors resemble family.

They are connected to you in a number of ways. Having an excellent neighbor is a privilege, but having a good neighbor yourself is even better. Being a good neighbor is a difficult undertaking, and handshakes between neighbors are necessary for everyone’s benefit. It’s a day to appreciate and honor your kind neighbors. As a result, National Neighbor Day, which takes place on September 28 each year, encourages neighbors to get along.

When is National Good Neighbor Day 2023 USA?

Thursday, September 28 is the official celebration date of Happy National Good Neighbor Day 2023 in the United States (US).

National Good Neighbor Day 2023
National Good Neighbor Day 2023

Brief Illustration of National Neighbor Day

National Neighbor Day/National Good Neighbor Day: Overview

Name of Day National Neighbor Day/National Good Neighbor Day
Created By Becky Mattson
Observed On 28th September

To inspire the neighbors to be kind to one another and foster a trustworthy, amazing, and kind neighborhood.

Celebration Location The US

The “Good Neighbor” Pledge (Excerpt from “National Good Neighbor Day” Website)

I pledge to be a “good neighbor.” With the goal of becoming a more connected and caring community, I will be a person who lives with kindness and concern for my neighbors. I’ll take the first step by connecting with neighbors and introducing myself. I will practice the “good neighbor mindset” to make connections, and invitations, stay aware, and be available to my neighbors. Good neighbors make great neighborhoods.

History of National Good Neighbor Day

In the early 1970s, Becky Mattson of Lakeside, Montana, came up with the idea for National Good Neighbor Day. Every year on the 4th Sunday in September, it was remembered. After that, on September 22, 1978, President Jimmy Carter issued Proclamation 4601 designating September 24, 1978, as National Good Neighbor Day. Jimmy Carter, the president of the United States, issued Proclamation 4601: “As our Nation struggles to build friendship among the peoples of this world, we are mindful that the noblest human concern is a concern for others. Understanding, love, and respect build cohesive families and communities. The same bonds cement our Nation and the nations of the world. For most of us, this sense of community is nurtured and expressed in our neighborhoods where we give each other an opportunity to share and feel part of a larger family…I call upon the people of the United States and interested groups and organizations to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

According to the declaration, the day shall be celebrated with the proper ceremonies and events. Max Baucus, a senator from Montana, proposed a motion that the Senate eventually approved designating September 28 as National Good Neighbor Day. This day was started by Becky Mattson as a method to inspire the neighbors to be kind to one another. Those who live close by are known as neighbors, typically in a property or apartment that is located next door or just down the street. Some of their neighbors quickly develop acquaintances and assist them and stick by them in times of need. If neighbors are proven to be excellent neighbors, as a consequence of that the day of celebration can be held in their honor.

How to Celebrate National Neighbor Day 2023?

  1. Arrange A Gathering

A neighborhood block party on National Neighbor Day is a fantastic idea. Organize a group of your neighbors to plan the biggest little party ever. As a vacation from daily life, this provides your neighbors an opportunity to interact and exchange tales, jokes, and fun. If everything goes well, the neighborhood might start to adopt it as a regular customer!

  1. Place A Flower Arrangement on Their Door.

Anyone’s day can be made brighter with lovely flowers. Choose a bouquet from a nearby flower shop or, if you’ve got plenty, pluck some right from your garden! and place it on your neighbor’s doorstep for them to find. If you are not already familiar with them, drop a kind letter to introduce yourself or to say hi.

  1. Bring Them Home.

Spend time in person with those who are physically dearest to you. You might watch out for one another for years.

  1. Make A Food Purchase Offer to Your Senior Neighbors.

Invite your neighbor to visit the store to pick up supplies for your pantry or other necessities that your senior neighbors may need.

  1. Get Active

Join your neighborhood or condo association and volunteer some of your time to improve the area. Most likely, you’ll meet some friends for life.

  1. Prepare Sweet Treats

Send your neighbors a treat on Good Neighbor Day if you know they enjoy sweets. Make cakes, bars, or cookies that you believe people will enjoy. Deliver the goodies while grinning! Giving your neighbors a nice surprise will make them smile every time they grab for a snack.

  1. Chalk A Positive Message and Place It on The Sidewalk

Over the past several months, we have enjoyed witnessing the vibrant and imaginative chalk paintings all over cities and communities. Use chalk to create a magnificent mural or to write a motivational message to brighten up the area. It’s a fantastic way to support your neighbors during this difficult year!

  1. Give A Brief “Hi” Before Pausing to Talk.

A straightforward talk can often accomplish a lot. When heading to and from your home, try to have lengthier conversations than your regular wave. Spend some time getting acquainted with your neighbor, inquire about their day, and start building a rapport with them. You may even go one step further and invite them over for a meal or some drinks in the near term!

  1. Become Helpful

Perhaps your neighbors require a night off. They will undoubtedly feel grateful if you offer to watch the children. To help your pals, you might also volunteer to walk dogs, water plants, and perform other services.

  1. Clear The Neighborhood of Any Trash and Debris

Pick up any garbage or waste scattered about the neighborhood for a short while. Put on some gloves, gather a trash bag, turn on a podcast, and walk down the block collecting whatever you come across. This simple task will benefit all of your neighbors nearby at once!

  1. Leave A Letter with Your Contact Details in Handwriting.

Probably send a written note to a neighbor if you haven’t yet shared contact information in order to start a conversation. Somewhere at end, you can provide your phone number and tell them to call you should they ever need anything. You may also include a spare house key for a neighbor you definitely know in the card.

  1. Deliver Any Extra Garden Products.

Consider giving some of the excess food to your neighbors if your garden has generated extra than you can reasonably consume. If you have any extra fruits or veggies in your garden, drop them off so that they don’t go to ruin and your neighbors can have farm-fresh food.

FAQS About National Neighbor Day

  • Where Is National Good Neighbor Day Celebrated?  

The day is celebrated nationally in all states of the US to build thriving communities.

  • Who Celebrates National Good Neighbor Day Celebrated?

Every year, US citizens observe this national holiday as a way of honoring the good neighbors we already have in our communities. The occasion is ideal for recognizing those who significantly contribute to making towns and localities safer around the country.

  • When Did National Good Neighbor Day First Start?

President Jimmy Carter officially recognized National Good Neighbor Day on September 24 by signing a proclamation on September 22, 1978. The purpose of the holiday is to increase public awareness of the value of good neighbors in fostering mutual understanding and successful local economies.

  • Who Started National Good Neighbor Day?

Since amazing neighborhoods are built by excellent neighbors. Initially, Becky Mattson of Lakeside, Montana came up with the idea for National Good Neighbor Day in the beginning of the 1970s.

  • Is There a Day to Celebrate Neighbors?

Yes, there is a celebratory day for neighbors in the U.S. It’s National Good Neighbor Day on September 28.

  • How Can People Improve Relationships with Their Neighbors?

Respect your neighbors and act with civility. If you encounter them in the hallway, a simple “hello” or “wave” will do. Avoid playing music that is too loud. Wait until you need to talk to them before approaching. Many people find this annoying, therefore they prefer to avoid you.

  • Why Should We Respect Our Neighbors?

When neighbors are friendly and respectful of one another and live close to one another, it can be much more pleasant. Decent neighbors are much less prone to breach your privacy, be boisterous, and generally disrupt your everyday life. Respectable neighbors look out for one another and their properties.

  • How Do You Show Respect to Neighbors?

Introduce yourself to your neighbors and express interest in them. Try to get to know them and get their names. Participate in your community: Participate actively in your community. Help out: Your neighbors will be grateful for any assistance you can provide, so keep an eye out for chances to do so.

  • What are the Hashtags to Use on Social-Media for celebrating National neighborhood Day or National Good Neighbor Day?

You can include the following hashtags on your social media posts to celebrate National Neighborhood Day- #goodneighborday, #nationalgoodneighborday, and #NationalNeighborDay.

Why We Love to Celebrate National Neighbor Day

The nearest relationships we have are with our neighbors, after those with our family and friends. It’s best to refrain from adding pressure to neighborly ties.  National Neighbor Day serves as a reminder to focus on our nearby neighbors and offer assistance when we can. The same will be done for you. Younger generations are taught the value of being good neighbors and giving back to the community on National Neighbor Day.

National Good Neighbor Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, Memes, Gif, Greetings, Sayings, Status, Captions 2023

1. With a good neighborhood and helpful neighbors, you know that you are never alone…. Warm wishes on National Good Neighbor Day to my dearest neighbors.

2. The special occasion of National Good Neighbor reminds us that it is time to thank our wonderful neighbors which make this life so much more fun…. Happy National Good Neighbor Day.

3. A very Happy National Good Neighbor Day to my amazing neighbors who are always there in my good and bad times… Thank you for everything!!!

4. On the occasion of National Good Neighbor Day, I want to extend a warmth thank you to my neighbors who make this house all the more special for me.

5. With the right neighbors by your either side, you are truly the luckiest of all…. Wishing a very Happy National Good Neighbor Day to my neighbors.

6. They can make your sad days happy, they can bring good food to your house, they can make football more fun because they are neighbors who are like the extended family…. Happy National Good Neighbor Day.

7. Wishing a very Happy National Good Neighbor Day to all my neighbours who make each celebration all the more festive…. Thanks a lot for everything!!!

8. A big thank you to my dearest neighbors who have always stood by me in all phases of my life… On National Good Neighbor Day, I want to tell you I am so lucky to have you.

9. The most important people after your family are your neighbours because they are their extended family and I am blessed to have such loving neighbours… Happy National Good Neighbor Day to you.

10. Wishing a very Happy National Good Neighbor Day to my neighbours who truly add more colours to my life and make it a beautiful one!!!

National Good Neighbor Day quotes

“People are almost always better than their neighbors think they are.” ― George Eliot

“If you wish to befriend someone, look for a person who loves first God then themselves. If they love God, they will be able to love their neighbor, too.” ― Peter Deunov

“You’ve made this day a special day, by just your being you. There’s no person in the whole world like you, and I like you just the way you are.” ― Fred Rogers

Celebration Dates of National Neighbor Day

Year Date Day
2022 September 28 Wednesday
2023 September 28 Thursday
2024 September 28 Saturday
2025 September 28 Sunday
2026 September 28 Monday

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