National Nude Day 2021: When & How to Celebrate?


National Nude Day 2021 – Wednesday, July 14! The “National Nude Day” – if you are shocked to hear such a day exists, then we are going to take you on a shock trip! Because we are here to hit you with everything you got to know about this wonderfully weird celebratory day! National Nude Day is celebrated on the 14th of July around the world. Almost every person who loves being comfortable in their own skin celebrates this day. People just take off their clothes and voila, they feel free! The day is celebrated not just for the fact of being of free.

One of the major reasons for celebrating this day is to provide a mettle to the idea that the human body is beautiful by default and clothes to tend to obstruct naturism. No matter what sort of nakedness people like to enjoy depending on their personality, they can all choose to celebrate National Nude Day in their own spontaneous ways.

When is National Nude Day 2021?

Wednesday, July 14 is the official celebration date of Happy National Nude Day 2021.

National Nude Day 2021

History of National Nude Day:

The founder of National Nude Day is unknown. However, it is assumed that the day was first started in New Zealand during the early 2000s, and then it started to spread around the world after gaining momentum.

How to Celebrate National Nude Day 2021?

  1. Join a local nude club

If there is any nude club within your neighborhood and you don’t mind baring it all, then go ahead and join a club to have comfortable fun!

  1. Expand your idea about naturism and social taboo

Days like this is a perfect opportunity for you to brush up on your skill about naturism and illogical social taboos. It would give you clarity and you would feel wiser than before while a debate on this topic arises!

  1. Get sun-kissed and practice a bit of heliotherapy

Sun has healing elements in its rays if it is done within the right proportion. So, why not take a chance by putting yourself out there in your naked glory and refresh your body and mind along the process!

  1. Go on adventure

You can also choose to go on in an adventure whether be it hiking, taking a stroll in the woods or visiting some natural habitat. Whatever, your destination might be for being nude, don’t forget to make sure that the place supports nudism on that day. One more thing don’t forget to take the necessary precautions like taking the sunblock, tent, and other things that you might need for the adventure.

  1. Social media sharing

Make sure to preach by posting your picture with the hashtag of the #NationaNudeDay to grow acceptance and break the taboo, if you feel like it should be!

Why the people celebrate National Nude Day?

Because it feels great to be free from clothes and also it is beneficial for the body if you are a follower of naturism. Being nude increases blood circulation and maintains the natural flow of vitamin D in the body. Just think about taking a shower for a moment, it feels liberating and good in the body, wouldn’t you agree?


We hope you enjoyed the article and have been able to resonate with what national nude day stands for. Now that you are on board, then without further ado, get naked, won’t you?


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