National Pancake Day 2021 (IHOP) – Tuesday, February 16


National Pancake Day 2021 (IHOP) – Tuesday, February 16! Yummy… That’s what comes instantly to your mind when you think about pancakes, right? The mere mention of the word makes your taste-bud drool with saliva for having a bite, we know. Well if you heard it or not, there is a day to celebrate this amazing food item.

In fact, people’s fascination with this food is so much that National Pancake Day is celebrated twice a year. Yeah, you heard that right! The date generally changes depending on the country but in the USA it is generally celebrated on September 26th.

When is National Pancake Day 2021 in the United States?

This year National Pancake Day (IHOP) is the Official celebration Date is 16th February 2021.

National Pancake Day

National Pancake Day History:

The exact date hasn’t been found. Pancakes are being made around the world for hundreds of years now. The origin of the food dates back to 30,000 years! It was eve made during the existence of Ancient Greece. It can be found in almost most of the countries through the name might vary in different countries.

How to Celebrate National Pancake Day 2021?

Create Pancakes of your own liking

On the internet, you will find tons of recipes. Choose one that catches your attention. Go to the nearby grocery store and buy the necessary ingredients. Come home and make those delicious munchkins!

Invite your friends for a get-together

Invite your friend’s over to your place and celebrate together by sharing each other’s homemade pancakes. Or you can to the nearby market or stall that sells readymade pancakes. It will become an occasion for getting together, laughter, and belly satisfaction for sure if not much!

Take a vacation and visit countries that make Pancakes:

You will be able to kill two birds with a single stone! One of your minds will get a break from your busy life for visiting an exotic place and all in all you will be told how pancakes from other countries are different from yours!

Gift pancakes to Loved Ones:

Give pancakes as a gift to your loved ones. This will make them feel valued and it can become a lifelong tradition if you all decide to continue!

Why we celebrate National Pancake Day?

Pancakes surely boost happiness around! It will the tummy happy and brighten the mood of the one who will be blessed enough to eat it! Pancakes can be shared with anybody at any place! They are so sweet and savory that makes the mouth drool with anticipation just by thinking.

Moreover, pancakes can be converted into different forms according to ones won liking with diverse flavors! You can even make pancakes by putting chocolate chips inside them and who wouldn’t love chocolate-filled pancakes!!

Conclusion: Also known as Johnnycakes, griddle cakes or hotcakes, the mind-blowing food is just what you need when you are on the move or when your tummy feels sad! In fact, for the last few years, the national day is celebrated on such a viral scale that it was trending on Twitter. Let’s keep up the good work by making, sharing and eating these delicious munchkins!


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