National Penguin Day 2022: When & How to Celebrate?

National Penguin Day 2022 – Thursday, January 20! The National Penguin Awareness Day will be observed on the date of January 20, 2022. What’s not to adore regarding penguins.  These inquisitive tiny critters strut around in gorgeous tuxedos! Well as much as we appreciate your celebratory planning of this celebratory animal, but it’s also a wonderful good to reflect on conserving this vulnerable species. Numerous penguin habitats got lost as a consequence of climate change; it is anticipated that 50% of the emperor penguin community will be extinct by the turn of the century. We can begin to assist these species from extinction by concentrating on ecological concerns.

When is National Penguin Day 2022?

Thursday, January 20 is the official celebration date of Happy National Penguin Awareness Day 2022 in the United States.

National Penguin Day

History of National Penguin Day

Johann Reinhold Forster was the person who went to illustrate emperor penguins around 1772 when he observed several ones during James Cook’s journey. Throughout multiple voyages around 1911, Robert F. Scott detected and analyzes the very first breeding nest of emperor penguins, adding to our understanding of this animal. In 2018, more than a million Adélie penguins were discovered on the desolate Danger Islands off the coast of the Antarctic.

A study published in 2018 projected that by 2100, approximately two-thirds of emperor penguin ghettos would have dropped substantially. Gerry Wallace established National Penguin Day during the year 1972 in the state of California. It began when he entered an affair on his wife’s calendar. The next year, World Penguin Day was observed in Ridgecrest, California. Everyone enjoys commemorating a memorable day for the one-of-a-kind bird that brings so much delight simply by virtue of its qualities.

How To Celebrate National Penguin Awareness Day 2022?

Visit them Waddling Creatures, YO!

Well, if you are a sucker for penguins like us then why aren’t you at them zoos and waddling along with those penguins to celebrate the inner penguin already! We know you are one of the chosen ones who know how liberating it can be to just waddle along with no worries in the world!

Watch a movie on penguins.

There are some really good movies, series, and documentaries on that flightless epitome of cuteness and infused with lots of waddling! For instance, we absolutely adore the Penguins of Madagascar, surf’s up happy feet, penguin town, etc.

Discuss global climate happenings with your youngsters.

Children must be educated on these crucial ecological issues simply because we are not a part of nature, we are nature just like all the animals in the world. The more you leave the next generation unattended regarding our role, the more it will get worse eventually. So, do yourself and the coming generation a favor by watching and finding the impacts of nature upon creatures like penguins and such and how we can play a more conscious role for these cute friends of ours.

Fun facts about penguins:

  • Unlike so many birds, which have hollowed bones to aid in takeoff, penguins have sturdy bones to decrease gravity and enable swimming simpler.
  • Penguins do not just dwell in Antarctica; they may also be found in the Galapagos Islands, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, and Chile.
  • Masculine penguins offer lady penguins pebbles as presents in an attempt to attract a partner.

Why do we Love National Penguin Day?

We’re enthralled by these species, doesn’t, matter whether we’re binging a documentary or visiting them in person. The day also illuminates the condition of penguins and educates us on how to save them. According to a recent survey, approximately 70% of emperor penguins may be compelled to locate new breeding grounds by 2100. This day gives us the much-needed scope to look inwards and do something for these flightless friends of ours, otherwise, we might eventually perish since that’s how the ecology works!

National Penguin Awareness Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Sayings, Status, Captions 2022:

Penguins live in beautiful, majestic places and hence they are cute.

Spend your holidays in some islands where you can visit some penguins. These little guys are amazing and they make your day!

Some species of penguins are on the threat of diminishing. They do not have enough food to thrive.

Why real penguins? A penguin picture can also make us smile all winter along.

The climate pollution is a big threat to penguins’ survival. Let’s make awareness on this day for Penguins.

Penguins are adorable and we need them to survive. Penguin awareness day.

Penguins are your soul inspires. Let’s love them and keep them for generations.

Learn more about Penguin’s habitat and wish them to survive till the earth does.

What is the Celebration Date of National Penguin Day?

Year Date Day
2021 January 20 Wednesday
2022 January 20 Thursday
2023 January 20 Friday
2024 January 20 Saturday

General Disclaimer: Every year, the United States celebrated over 1,600 National Days. So, Don’t miss a single Celebration Day. Chill, Enjoy and Celebrate Every Day with National Day Time!

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