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National Pharmacist Day 2021 – When, Why & How to Celebrate?


National Pharmacist Day 2021 – Tuesday, January 12! Whenever we get sick we take the help of doctors. After that, doctors suggest us to take various kinds of medicines. Do we know by whom these medicines are made? Yes, these medicines are made by pharmacists. It’s not very easy to become a pharmacist. They study hard, do a lot of research and then they produce a medicine! So don’t you think, they deserve a bit of special respect? Obviously, they do, that’s why January 12 is celebrated as the National Pharmacist Day.

National Pharmacist Day History

To be very honest, there is no specific history of this day. We researched a lot and managed to know that, a group of pharmacists founded this day just to show respect to all the pharmacists living around the nation. Once the day was founded it was celebrated by showing proper respect to the ones for whom we use to take perfect medicines.

How to Celebrate National Pharmacist Day 2021?

You might be a bit of confused? I mean, you might be thinking about how you should celebrate this day. But trust me, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is just think about the hard work of the pharmacist and try to make this day special for them. So let’s find out what to do on this day-

  1. Thank a pharmacist: When you get recovered from a disease you always thanked doctors, right? But most probably you never thanked a pharmacist. So do it on this 12th January. It’s not that tough to find out a pharmacist. You might get them near your home or you can go to a research lab of a pharmacy. Once you find them thank them from the core of your heart.
  2. Do a Post on Social Networking Sites: If you just can’t find them physically, there is another way. Write down a special post on this day and post it on every single social networking site. By the way, try to find out some pharmacists and add them to your account. So, once you post about them they find it and become happy.
  3. Share a photo of a pharmacist you know: We every single individual know a lot of doctors. But we don’t know pharmacists in that way. So let’s make them famous. I mean, find out a pharmacist and click a picture with him/her. After that post it on social networking sites.

Why we Celebrate National Pharmacist Day?

We celebrate on this day just to make this day special for them. So let’s discuss more reasons for celebrating this day.

  • To Show Respect: Obviously, they deserve a lot of respect. But we actually don’t even remember them. That’s why this day is celebrated nationwide so that we can show respect the entire pharmacist around the nation.
  • Important for Economy: This profession is too much important for our economy. A huge amount of working hours remain unused because of employee sickness. So these employees remain well just because of the medicines produced by the pharmacists.
  • They can give us health advice: Pharmacists also can give us health advice. They can suggest to us about the best use of medicine or they can share how to take medicine for getting the best benefit out of it.

Conclusion: So that’s what we think about National Pharmacist Day. We hope that from now each of us will realize the importance of every single pharmacist.



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