National Pierogi Day 2021: When & How to Celebrate?

National Pierogi Day 2021 – Friday, October 8! National Pierogi Day is an annual event celebrated which falls on date of October 8th for the purpose of honoring a popular type of dumpling across the world. The typical pierogi can be prepared in a number of shapes and what is even more interesting is that they are filled up with numerous ingredients.

Be that as it may, dumplings must be made with unleavened dough, boiled, and then baked or fried as mandatory ingredients. What matters is not how these dumplings are served, the satisfying thing to know is that they are really delicious to the taste buds. How about now we dive into some of the more nuances about this day! Let’s get into celebrating some pierogi’s, shall we?

When is National Pierogi Day 2021 USA?

Friday, October 8 is the official celebration date of Happy National Pierogi Day 2021 in the United States.

The History of The Pierogi

It was the year 2009 when National Pierogi Day was celebrated in this country for the first time. Pierogi is the plural version of the Polish word Pierog. The spelling can be pierogi, pierogi, etc. and it bears the name of varenyky. It is the national dish of Poland and Slovakia. The genesis story of pierogi can be traced back to Marco Polo, who brought it to Italy after returning from China, eventually found its due place in Poland. Immigrants who were from eastern Europe bear the credit of making Pierogi famous in the United States. Though in the US it is considered as a side dish, in many countries it is considered as the main dish.

What Ingredients Are Used for Pierogi?

Well, the origin story of Pierogi doesn’t matter as much as the fact that pierogi contains unleavened dough which is filled with diverse toppings and then baked or fried according to the taste of the individual. Some like their pierogi savory, while some like it sweet. Mashed potatoes, spinach, meats cabbage, fried onions are a must for making savory pierogis! Sweet pierogis are made with raspberries, prunes, apples, jams, plums, strawberries, etc.

How to Celebrate National Pierogi Day 2021?

Pay a visit to the local restaurants yo!

There is almost one hundred percent chance that if you pay a visit to the nearby polish restaurant, you would find they have got pierogi on their menu. They are bound to have diverse varieties of this dish. If you haven’t ever tried it, maybe it is about time you have given this polish dish a chance. And if you are a foodie, maybe try out some different dishes while you are at it.

Become your own chef

All you have got to do is a search over this amazing thing called the internet for the recipe of pierogi, buy the ingredients, and stuff them whatever gives your tastebud the highest level of delight. While you are at it, leave the worry behind whether you are making it in the right or wrong way, because there isn’t anything of such kind!

Share them goodies over social media

You need to celebrate your own making over the social media with the #NatioanlPierogiDay and impress the hell out of your admirers and burn those haters down to the ground where they belong.

Why do we love to celebrate National Pierogi Day 2021?

First of all, pierogis are flexible to the taste of people and can be made with any ingredients one may prefer. Secondly, they can be served with dessert as well. Thirdly, they are small in size and can thus be served as comfort food during a tiring yet busy day. Well, we have given three specific reasons, what more do you need to dive into some good old pierogi, huh?

On the upcoming National Pierogi Day on the 8th of October, let’s have some pierogis with our favorite persons and spread the love, shall we?

National Pierogi Day Dates:

Year Date Day
2021 October 8 Friday
2022 October 8 Saturday
2023 October 8 Sunday
2024 October 8 Tuesday
2025 October 8 Wednesday

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