National Plant a Flower Day 2023: When & How to Celebrate?

National Plant a Flower Day 2023 – March 12! Each year on March 12, National Plant Flower Day is observed. Flowers make us an immeasurably nicer and happier bunch—we’re not sure about you! We adore the way they naturally blossom without any prompting. It would be wise to adopt the flower’s way of life! They not only make us happy but there’s also a flower for almost every mood. Whenever words fail us, flowers are the perfect way to convey grief, love, thanks, or admiration. Therefore, on National Plant a Flower Day, let’s share the love by planting extra flowers.

When is National Plant a Flower Day 2023?

Sunday, March 12 is the official celebration date of Happy National Plant a Flower Day 2023 in the United States (US).

National Plant a Flower Day 2023
National Plant a Flower Day 2023

History of National Plant a Flower Day

Since flowers first emerged during the Cretaceous epoch more than 145 million years ago, they have completely altered the earth’s surface. In the absence of flowers, the world was covered in ferns and conifers, a never-ending sea of verdant paradise. Flowers rapidly evolved due to the invasion of insects and dinosaurs. A number of the plant families we are familiar with nowadays were created as a result of the increase in plant variety and color. The persistence of flowering plants is essential. These are sources of food that give both humans and animals what they require in order to thrive.

Flowers, above all else, have a positive character that appeals to the mind. Most flowers only bloom for a brief time, typically in the spring or early summer. Handful things can match the splendor of flowers in full bloom, despite their brief lifespan. Maybe the mystical connotations associated with flowers in different world civilizations were motivated by their fleeting yet unparalleled beauty. Flowers have remained associated with specific tales and symbols throughout civilizations. Their vulnerability has come to stand for either new birth or death. They also occasionally stand in for gods and goddesses. There is no doubt, however, that a flower in full bloom is a worldwide symbol of happiness.

A novel idea centered on flowers gained popularity in Europe in the late 1800s. These beautiful flowers were adopted as a symbol for people’s emotions. The unspoken was put into words by using floral arrangements as communication. Communication would soon be made simpler by codebooks that could translate the floral language. A field clover, for instance, might have indicated, “When will I be able to see you again?” A red rose petal signified “Absolutely.” Flowers in green color meant the recipient’s heart was built of stone!

How to Celebrate National Plant a Flower Day 2023?

Here are some ideas for how to enjoy this exciting day.

  • Help out at nurseries.

During National Plant a Flower Day, community gardens which hold special activities welcome volunteers. Find nearby nurseries and take part in the activities. On this particular day, you can indeed plan some games and test them by the party planner. Better yet, host your own gathering in your lawn. Give out flowers to visitors as a party favor and encourage them to seed a flower prior to actually departing.

  • Boost your interior design

Get some colorful, fresh flowers to add to your home’s decor. Flowers may provide color and a wonderful aroma to your home’s decor in tiny quantities. It promotes mental and spiritual harmony. Furthermore, you can make someone feel real adored by sending flowers to them.

  • Share on Social Media

Dress to impress for a day of sunshine, take lots of photos, and post them online with the hashtags #PlantaflowerDay, #roses, and #flowers.

  • Get a potted flower for yourself.

Look out the grocery store or perhaps the neighborhood nursery. Since I know you’ll ultimately plant it, it’s not really cheating. At least you’re giving it attention! Do you really need persuading to buy a plant when you are perusing a blog on gardening?

  • Your flower garden needs a plan.

Perennials and annuals can both be grown. Plant some seeds, bulbs, or tubers. Make a flowerbed with several blossoms in the same color combinations. There are countless ways to honor the magnificent blossoms of life.

  • With a friend, divide a packet of flower seeds.

Send some seeds over the mail or deliver some in person. Ensure that they are packaged securely to avoid crushing!

  • Share the love. 

If your neighbors enjoy gardening, plant a flower and drop it off as a sweet surprise. Let your kids decorate the pot or do that yourself as a nice touch.

When is National Plant-a-Flower Day?

Annual Plant-a- Flower Day is an annual celebration which is marked on March 12th. Choose just several blooms you like and start producing them to be prepared for the arrival of spring! Get outside, spend time with your loved ones enjoying the sunshine, and plant something lovely that will bloom within a few months. Anybody can enjoy this occasion, whether they are young or elderly.

The Significance of National Plant a Flower Day

A significant holiday that honors gardening’s beauty and advantages is National Plant a Flower Day. In addition to being an enjoyable and soothing hobby, gardening has many positive effects on both mental and physical well-being. It offers a means of interacting with nature, lowering stress levels, and enhancing general wellbeing. By lowering pollutants and supplying habitat for wildlife, planting flowers as well as other plants can also assist to enhance the ecosystem. 

Some amazing facts about National Plant a Flower Day

  • Flowers can help people focus better at work, and both trees and flowers create oxygen, which is beneficial for everyone.
  • The plants that grow the fastest include cosmos, marigolds, cornflowers, and many more.
  • Bamboo is reputed to be the most profitable plant to cultivate.
  • It is established that there are over than 400,000 varieties of flowering plants worldwide.
  • Tomatoes constitute one of the most popular plants that grow in vegetable gardens.

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