National Police Woman Day 2023 – Tuesday, September 12

National Police Woman Day 2023 – Tuesday, September 12! Every year on September 12, National Police Woman Day is observed. The day honors and recognizes the efforts of female police officers who uphold the law across the nation. Currently, women make up only 10% of the police department in the U. S.  By enticing a greater portion of women to join the force, National Police Woman Day seeks to address this issue. Events and campaigns are planned to encourage more women to work in police enforcement. The day aims for a future in which there will be more women in law enforcement agencies in addition to showing gratitude to current police. Women’s education and independence are linked, and Scholar provides a list of the finest women’s scholarships available worldwide.

When is National Police Woman Day 2023 USA?

Tuesday, September 12 is the official celebration date of Happy National Police Woman Day 2023 in the United States (US).

National Police Woman Day 2023
National Police Woman Day 2023

History Of National Police Woman Day

Marie Owens was probably the first policewoman in the United States. In 1891, she was employed by the Chicago Police Department. Before this, police matrons were not an uncommon sight in New York City prisons, but they lacked Owens’ power to make arrests. The first American-born female police officer in the country, Alice Wells was appointed by the Los Angeles police department around 1910. Unlike Wells, Owens was a Canadian citizen.

The first police matrons were employed by New York City in 1854 to search and watch over female detainees, however, they were unlicensed civilians. Women took a liking to the task, and many of them began submitting applications for positions in the same field around the country. The Los Angeles Police Department hired Alice Wells as its first consistently graded policewoman around 1910. Matrons had a reputation for being unfeminine and dim until she came along.

Wells, a social worker, and college graduate started seeking out a job as a police officer. She quickly rose to prominence in the national push to increase the number of women employed by police forces. Nevertheless, that did not occur, and quotas were used to hire women. This indicates that they frequently encountered prejudice, quiet disdain, workplace sexism, and other double standards. To achieve equality of labor in police agencies, various legal battles were undertaken.

How To Celebrate National Police Woman Day 2023?

  1. Thank the police officer

National Police Woman Day is a day set aside to celebrate the contributions of women to the police. Appreciate a police officer by sending a note or mentioning them on social media.

  1. Create Awareness

For women to play a more equal part in law enforcement, more work needs to be done. This is another way to mark the day. The more we are collectively aware of the basic human decency that regardless of sex we shouldn’t undervalue somebody, the better it will be for all of us!

  1. Support Women in Local Law Enforcement

On National Police Woman Day, it’s a terrific idea to spread awareness about the advantages of having women in law enforcement, take part in fundraisers and community activities, and learn more about these issues. Show the women in law enforcement how much you value them by participating in an event, organizing one, or making a donation.

  1. Study up on the role of women in law enforcement.

Visit the International Association of Women Police webpage. This organization campaigns for a bigger place for women in law enforcement. Learn how you can promote the employment of women in law enforcement.

  1. Share on Social Media

You can bring more awareness and gather momentum for this vital celebratory by sharing insights on this day containing the hashtag #NationalPoliceWomanDay!

 Why We Love National Police Woman Day

  • Women were underrepresented in the police force for a very long period of time. During this celebratory day people get exposed to the progress and growth that is happening due to the involvement of women in the workforce!
  • Police officers uphold the law and ensure that we feel secure in our neighborhoods. On National Police Woman Day, we should recognize these accomplishments and show our appreciation for them.
  • Only 10% of all police officers in America are women. Self-analysis of this gender inequality is encouraged on National Police Woman Day in an effort to create a more equitable society.

National Police Woman Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings, Sayings, Images, Memes, Gif, Status, Captions 2023

Happy National Police Women’s Day to everyone. Let us thank all the female police officers who are doing a wonderful job by serving our country.

If there is rightly enforced law in the country then our women police officers deserve half the credit for it. Warm wishes on National Police Women’s Day.

Wishing everyone on the occasion of National Police Women’s Day. We are really blessed to have such strong and motivated force of women police officers in our country.

Let us thank and salute the women police officers of our country who are always there fulfilling their duties. Happy National Police Women’s Day.

On the occasion of National Police Women’s Day, we thank our women police officers for their flawless and motivating services towards our country and our countrymen.

We know that we are safe because we have our incredible women police officers taking care of the law. Happy National Police Women’s Day.

The occasion of National Police Women’s Day reminds us that it is because of our women police officers that we are safe and secure. Warm wishes on this day.

“The motto of the police force is ‘to protect and serve.’ It’s a motto that doesn’t just apply to the men and women in uniform, but to the entire community.” – Chief of Police Cathy Lanier

“We are the women behind the badge, the women who keep our communities safe. We are mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters. We are strong. We are brave. We are proud.” – Sergeant Kimberly Munley, Texas

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” – John F. Kennedy

“I am proud to be a police officer. It is a calling like no other.” – Constable Amanda Rebecca Todd, Canada

Celebration Dates of National Police Woman Day

Year Date Day
2022 September 12 Monday
2023 September 12 Tuesday
2024 September 12 Thursday
2025 September 12 Friday
2026 September 12 Saturday

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