National Popcorn Day 2020 – Sunday, January 19


National Popcorn Day 2020 – Sunday, January 19! It’s quite common to eat popcorn while watching movies, games and even while dating! That doesn’t mean this craze just started today.

It is heard that popcorn used to be famous for over 5000 years! Though in those days, people used to eat popcorn in different situations No matter what, this food is loved by all generations. That’s why January 19 is celebrated as national popcorn day in the USA.

When is National Popcorn Day 2020?

January 19 is the official celebrated as Happy National Popcorn Day.

National Popcorn Day

History of National Popcorn Day

To be very honest, we didn’t find any specific history behind this. But it is heard that the day was founded because of the super bowl. That’s because millions of Americans used to eat popcorn while watching that show. That’s how the journey of this day started.

How to Celebrate National Popcorn Day 2020?

If you want to make this day special then you have to do a few things. So let’s discuss it-

Make Jewellery:

You can do something crazy on this day. How about if you make a necklace of popcorn and give it to your dearest ones as a gift. It might sound a bit of funny. But you can trust us. People, who will get it as a gift, will just love it.

Watch Movies and eat Popcorn:

It might be the most common way to celebrate this day. But as it is something which all of us enjoy a lot, then nothing is wrong about doing this you can ask all of your friends and colleagues and arrange a movie night. While watching a movie you can eat popcorn!

Do some Charity:

Yes, you can do that. You will find a lot of people who don’t get food on a regular base. So why don’t you share popcorns to all those people? At least poor people will get benefited because of this day.

Why we celebrate National Popcorn Day?

This day is something special to all the popcorn lovers. You can eat as many popcorns as possible. You can share popcorns with your friends and family. These are the main reasons. Let’s find out other reasons for loving this day-

Easy to Make:

Think about every other food. You have to take so much hassle for making those. Now think about popcorn. It’s damn easy to make. Not only have that, but it’s also just super-fast too make. If you compare the making time of this food then you will realize it takes a short amount of time.

It has nutrition Ingredients:

Would that be possible for you to ask any doctor about the nutrition ingredients of popcorns? You will be amazed to hear that, how much good this food is for your health. Popcorn will improve your health will help you to live a healthy life.

Create Memories:

just think that you are eating popcorns in the evening with your girlfriend. Isn’t it is nice? It is. Not only this, when you will do many special things on this special day, it will create many memories. Those memories will ensure that whenever you get sad, you will be able to remember those and smile a bit.

Conclusion: This food is not new. From the very beginning, popcorn is considered as one of the favorite food of people and until now people love it. So if you can especially celebrate this day then you will be able to create some memories for sure.


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