National Receptionists Day 2020 – Wednesday, May 13


National Receptionists Day 2020 – Wednesday, May 13! Who is the first person to greet all your incoming guests, clients, or customers in your office? Who makes your appointment for you and calls you to give you a reminder when the time is near? and Who does the necessary paperwork needed to make the activities of the office run smoothly? We all know the answer to these questions, don’t we? Receptionists are the person whose work ensures that the office runs smoothly. Still, these people are overworked and underappreciated in most offices!

National Receptionists Day

So, at the upcoming National Receptionists Day, it is our chance to show these men and women their effort is appreciated, recognized, encouraged, and rewarded. National Receptionist Day this year falls on 13th May. It’s a day that is designed to promote the level of professionalism and pride among those who work in such positions.

National Receptionists Day History

The Day was founded by National Receptionists Association. The main purpose which worked as the inspiration for establishing this day as a celebratory cause was to recognize the effort receptionist handle on a day to day basis. It also works as a cause for boosting the mood and pride among receptionists about the work they do.

How to Celebrate National Receptionists Day 2020?

You can take the below-mentioned ideas to celebrate the day.

Decorate their desk

All you have got to do is collect some balloons, bright streamers, confetti and some hanging lanterns. Call out your party planning employees to come to the office half-hour early and don the desk of your receptionist in celebratory attire. Customizing the decoration according to the receptionist’s style will surely bring a smile to his or her face.

Invite all the employees

Since the day is celebrated to recognize and reward the receptionists for the work they put in, everyone at the office must join in on the celebration. Most of the time their work goes unnoticed or underappreciated, so if everyone joins in on the celebratory bandwagon, it will surely make the receptionist feel glad.

Express your appreciation in writing

Put out how much you value and appreciate their work in a thank you note. Making it personal will do a lot more than you think.

Reward them with what they want

Give them a reward-it can be some gifts, a vacation trip or anything that they truly want.

Why did we Love to Celebrate National Receptionists Day

The receptionist performs a lot of works in a single day. They constantly juggle the entire office, set appointments, and keep a record of the filings and myriad of other official tasks. They get so used to the drill expected by their office that many times they seem like mind readers as they finish the task even before asking. So, this day is a wonderful opportunity to show our appreciation to these people who are like the muscles of the office.

National Receptionists Day Dates:

Day Date Year
Wednesday May 13 2020
Wednesday May 12 2021
Wednesday May 11 2022
Wednesday May 10 2023
Wednesday May 8 2024


Receptionists are undoubtedly a vital part of the office and let’s come forward on the upcoming National Receptionist Day to show them how much they are appreciated.


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