National Single Parent Day 2022: When & How to Celebrate?

National Single Parent Day 2022 – Monday, March 21! The annual commemoration of National Single Parents Day is held during the date of March 21. Child rearing in a modern environment is a difficult endeavor in every manner. It is the unique parent’s responsibility to convey the upsides and downsides of life to their children in all walks of life. Consider how difficult it will be for a single parent to raise his or her offspring. It is, obviously, the most difficult responsibility, the act of bearing it all in one shoulder with no support during tiring times!

It is indisputable that recognizing and honoring someone on a specific day is important, especially for days like National Single Parent Day. As a result, National Single Parents Day honors recognizes and appreciates single parents who do everything within their capacity to be there for their children, including their affection, hard work, sacrifice, commitment, and so much more.

During National Single Parents Day on March 21, single parents may take a long break from continually manning the fortress even though they wanted to just lay down! Put your feet up, hire a babysitter, and reflect on everything you do for your kids. If you have non-partner support, spend some additional time to thank them for their assistance. In case you’re not a single parent, express your support for your friends or relatives who are juggling the responsibilities of parenting children on their own.

When is National Single Parent Day 2022 USA?

Monday, March 21 is the official celebration date of Happy National Single Parent Day 2022 in the United States.

National Single Parent Day 2022
National Single Parent Day 2022

History of National Single Parents’ Day

Single Parents’ Day has a long and illustrious history. Janice Moglen authored an article around 1984 with the intent of developing a Single Parent Day, bearing the hope that doing so would attain the same degree of attention as Father’s and Mother’s Days. Janice was adamant about her purpose, and she worked with a group called “Parents Without Partners. ” They banded together to lobby for Single Parents’ Day to be established by states around the country. It’s also worth noting that the day picked is noteworthy.

It also happens to be the birthday of Parents Without Partners, which got launched on March 21st, 1957. When President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5166, declaring the 21st of March, 1984, as Single Parents’ Day, Janice and single parents across the country were ecstatic. Ever since that time, the US, and lots of countries throughout the world, have adopted this date on the calendar to celebrate single parents.

In the past, many of the reasons for being a single parent were connected to sickness, conflict, or pregnancy complications during child delivery; however, this has changed with time. As divorce has become a more popular option for unhappy marriages, lone parents are becoming less likely to be widowers and more likely to be divorcees. Single parenting becomes more challenging after a divorce, as obtaining sole custody and being a single parent frequently necessitates complicated and time-consuming judicial battles.

Despite the fact that many of them have split custody, the tag attached would be that of a single parent! There are different ways to become a single parent, and their frequency has fluctuated throughout time. During the 19th century, single women started to adopt children and rear them by themselves without having children of their own!

How To Celebrate National Single Parent Day 2022?

Provide more love and support to a single parent.

This could be range from a visit to a spa to a batch of baked cookies. Consider many ways to celebrate your dear ones who are nurturing new life on their own. You may even help by babysitting or providing transportation to school!

Put it on the internet

Being a single parent can be excruciating and no laughing matter and they deserve the additional attention that this day provides. If you recognize or have a single parent, celebrate their sacrifice by posting an admiration photo with the caption #NationalSingleParentDay. Share in the spirit of self-love if you’re a single parent- for the sole reason of you being deserving of it!

Be grateful for the people who help you.

Today is a wonderful day to appreciate your tribe for helping you raise your children in case you happen to be a single parent. Although a single parent’s responsibility is enormous, no one accomplishes anything on their own. So, while you try to hold the fortress may be appreciating those who willingly come forward to share some of the weight would be the right thing to do!

Why National Single Parent Day Is Important?

National Single Parent Day commemorates single parents who look after their children without a supportive partner. They go about their daily lives with a smile on their faces, conviction, and fearlessness, despite having a laundry list of duties to complete.

It’s critical that we pay tribute to them anytime possible. In the United States, the approximate number of single parents is 13.6 who are looking after 21 million children. With these astonishing statistics, it’s evident that if you’re not a single parent, you know someone who is. This day is significant since it raises awareness of the plight of so many people across the world not just in America.

What is the celebration date of National Single Parent Day?

Year Date Day
2022 March 21 Monday
2023 March 21 Tuesday
2024 March 21 Thursday
2025 March 21 Friday
2026 March 21 Saturday

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